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How CRM Helps in Sales Increase and Customer Satisfaction

Published on October 15, 2020
4 min read
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4 min read

Sales is the lifeblood that flows throughout any business, whether small businesses or large enterprises. Without a stable sales process, your business can be in a compromising position. One that you should avoid at all costs.

In order to build a stable business, you need to increase your sales numbers and guarantee customer satisfaction. This is why as a business owner; you need to continuously look for ways to improve your marketing strategy and enhance customer relations to warrant steady business.

For business owners to build a relationship with their potential customers, they need a strong customer base. To build a strong and steadfast customer base, they need to gather information and customer intelligence. Reliable knowledge of your customer base leads to a better understanding of your customer’s point of view.

As such, in a business setting understanding the importance of building a relationship with your potential and existing customers should always be a priority. Your relations with your customers don’t end by closing that deal, rather, it is a lifetime commitment. But, how exactly can sales teams create extensive customer knowledge and be able to increase sales on a day-to-day basis? The answer is by using a customer relationship management (CRM) software.

A contact management tool like a CRM software can streamline your corporate activities. From your marketing, sales, lead generation, and customer service activities, CRM tools can help you reduce the cost of sales, increase your employee’s productivity, find the right customers, build more sustainable customer relationships and customer base, offer better customer service, and boost customer retention.

A CRM software is built with different tools that you can use to effectively pitch your products or services, cross-sell, and nail your email marketing campaigns. A CRM system gives your sales and marketing teams the leverage they need in order to build and maintain momentum with your sales processes. 

Choose a CRM system like Saphyte to boost sales and increase your bottom line

Implementing the use of a CRM technology is a proven method. With that, you might want to look at Saphyte CRM software. Here are some proven ways of how CRM helps in sales increase and customer satisfaction. Here are the greatest advantages of Saphyte.

Saphyte as your Lead Generation Partner

Saphyte is more than just your ordinary CRM tool. The system is mainly built to help your team generate and nurture leads. The developers envisioned that a solid base of customer information is the start of a great sales and marketing campaign.

With Saphyte, generating leads is easy. You just have to integrate your social media accounts into Saphyte’s system. Any entry of information made through your social media platforms is automatically sent to the CRM’s database.

You can also gather data is through Form Builders. All you need to do is to create lead capturing forms that you can use on your websites. The form then captures any type of contact information you need and the moment the form detects an entry, it’ll automatically send the data into the system.

Furthermore, Saphyte has just released a new plug-in tool called Sync. Sync is a plugin that you can add to your browser and use it to gather contact information from LinkedIn profiles. Just like taking a screenshot of your leads, but with the upside of not having to manually type it into the system.

This feature can eliminate manual data entry, streamline your lead generation activities, and can make your data syncing and gathering more accurate, efficient, and effective. With Saphyte’s lead generation features, you can build a better, strong, accurate, and reliable source of central data for your customer interaction purposes.  

Saphyte as your Deals and Sales Management Partner

Saphyte has Client Management and Sales Management tools to help you build an accurate and reliable base of customer information. These tools allow you to flawlessly and effortlessly organize and categorize all your contact information, schedule meetings, manage your team’s tasks, check and reply to emails, and manage your companies and deals – all while using the platform.

Saphyte CRM’s client management tools can help you organize, categorize, and update your data without switching from one platform window to another. An organized data allows your sales team to be more equipped and prepared during their phone calls or email interactions with your potential customers and ultimately close more deals as they move along the pipeline.

Speaking of pipelines, it is also imperative to have your data on a visual sales pipeline. So, you and your team can run effective and productive sales campaigns. The sales pipeline is its much-needed direction in order to achieve their sales goals.

When you have a confident team and have access to a visual roadmap, they can also close more deals for you. By equipping them with the right modules and tools without having to switch from one window to another allows your team to be effective, productive, and motivated to achieve their sales goals.

Saphyte as your central communication platform for your Sales Team

If your business processes are not coordinated, it may cause a lot of unnecessary aggravation and more time is wasted. Having everyone on the same page and on the loop keeps them informed with up-to-date information, and eventually reduce the risk of meaningless slip-ups that can make your business look unprofessional.

A primary example of this, if one of your leads is contacted twice by the same company. This can make your organization seem disorganized and can irk your customer off. A CRM system can help you avoid this type of circumstances by storing all of your related information and share it across your team, so everyone will be informed about the progress of your sales with no redundant work expended.

Saphyte as your productivity partner

To be productive and effective in our sales campaigns is always a top priority. This is where the need for task automation comes into the scene. Automating repetitive and manual tasks can change the way you do your business process – and all for the better.

Saphyte can automate most of your manual processes. Ranging from work processes, to lead generation, and to automated email replies. You can now start ditching some of your manual processes like manually scoring your leads, making a product catalog from scratch, sending emails individually, and so on.

Saphyte doesn’t just stop there. You can send out scheduled emails, make personalized emails for your existing customers, create workflows that work around your sales and business process, and track emails you’ve sent to your clients. 

Saphyte lessens the user’s journey from one software to another because you can find features you need within Saphyte’s system. Hence, this can save you more time to do more of your revenue-driven and campaign activities.

With automated processes, your sales team can now spend more time creating better customer experiences and focus more on building customer satisfaction.

Saphyte your partner in making crucial business decisions

Business decisions are necessary and crucial in stabilizing your sales and bottom line. However, creating such a decision can be difficult and it does not involve guesswork. More so, it is even more difficult if you have a flawed and distributed source of data.

Sure, separate Excel or Google sheets can work for a while, but business growth requires more astute and accurate data – and the old-fashioned way will never work.

With Saphyte you can revolutionize and equip your business better for the future with its Sales Forecasting and Sales Intelligence tools to help you in making data-driven and intellectual business decisions for you and your business.

The Sales Intelligence tool gathers and organizes all information in regard to a client. The system in return then processes said information, automatically analyzes your collated data, and creates easy-to-understand visuals for reporting. These visuals are helpful when you need to adjust and do in order to improve your sales and marketing strategies. 

The Sales Forecasting is a tool you can use to create an almost accurate approximation of your future sales. This tool may take more time because you have to build important and precise data first. Hence, the reason why you should invest in a productive CRM at an early convenience.

As you go further, Saphyte’s system can give you realistic forecasting insights, help you create smart business decisions, and mitigate future losses. The better decisions you make along your sales cycle, the faster you can improve your business’s performance.


So that is how CRM helps in sales increase and customer satisfaction for your business. Lastly, Saphyte has an inexpensive and non-complicated option for a cloud-based CRM software. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a browser.

Saphyte has pay-as-you-go subscription plans, inclusive of free demo and product training. No set-up fees, no extra or hidden charges, and 24/7 expert customer service availability.

Increase your sales and boost your bottom line with Saphyte today. Contact us now for a free demo. Or start your free trial period starting today.

October 15, 2020