How to Build Customer Relationships Through Automated Workflows

Published on July 24, 2022
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Many businesses invest in growing relationships with their customers as a key to success. Find out how automated workflows can significantly improve this approach, which is a crucial strategy during the pandemic.

Companies study the way markets work to keep sales coming in. They study their product, their service, and their competition, and they look for ways to improve their value proposition.

But many experts have found in the past few years that the key to growing a business is to keep customers happy and build their loyalty through different sales strategies.

When growing relationships is fundamental, what are the key tips that businesses should keep in mind? Here are five tips for you to ponder:

Automate your workflows


The first and most important thing to remember when growing a business is to find resources that can give you maximum value at a low price. This can take the form of quality raw materials, a dedicated workforce, and tools.

Tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwares can be designed and built to perform human tasks even without human intervention.

They can be used to email thousands of leads, send content to thousands of newsletter subscribers, and can even perform calculations for you. More than that, CRM software can also be used to gather data so users can make data-driven decisions.

Choose software that best suits your needs

But of course, when getting software it has to have features that are suited to your needs. Many software companies claim that they can do this or that. But the truth is, the best way to know if it can do what your business needs to do is to get a proper demo.

That’s where you’ll know if the software is user-friendly and if it’s flexible enough to adapt to your needs as a business.

It’s hard to choose the right CRM for you. But when looking for features, it’s best to look for the following:

Sales and marketing-ready

Data protection and security



Allows for team collaboration and coordination


Provide valuable content

Businesses must establish brand awareness and build customer loyalty along the way. The best way to do this is to provide valuable information and content to attract leads. (Read more: 3 Tips to Maximize Your Return on Content)

Post them on your website, get them out on social media, and be credible enough to be used as a source material for other content. This way, you can pique customers’ interest and get them hooked to your content.

This approach also helps establish credibility on your part, which lets you stand out among the competition.

Invest in email marketing

Now, with automation, this can be done even without a dedicated workforce. You can send emails to target recipients automatically using CRM software. (Read more: 6 Tips and Trends to Improve Your Emails and Make Them Work)

You can also filter who gets to receive your content using the software. Email marketing works even until now. With active email users forecast to reach 4.3 billion by 2023, email marketing will continue to grow in potential as a sales channel.

So it’s no surprise that email marketing has helped generate $38 for every $1 spent for many businesses. That’s around 3800% ROI!

Make sure to be consistent with your branding

While managing many sales and marketing channels, it’s important to remain consistent with your brand identity.

Your image, tone, tagline, and every other thing that reminds customers of your brand should be similar and consistent on your social media, on your website, on apps, on landing pages, and every other touch point where you and your customers interact.

This way, you will leave a strong impression and reminder to your potential and existing customers. So that whenever a need arises, you’ll be on top of their mind.


Growing relationships is hard, especially when you do it manually. But it can be your key to success. With the help of automated workflows and CRM software, building customer loyalty has never been easier.

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