How to Gain More Leads as an Automotive Company Using CRM

Published on April 13, 2021
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Don’t get stuck up with old methods of selling cars. There’s actually a better way of doing it, and that’s by using a CRM.

Major car companies are already starting to embrace the technology. And many customers commend these companies for their “excellent service.”

So how can a CRM help your automotive company? How does it help you gain more leads?

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a type of software developed to help users manage their customer relationships. It stands for Customer Relationship Management and, as the name suggests, promotes better, long-lasting business relationships between companies and their customers.

How does it do it? Simple. Using the technology, the company is empowered to interact with customers with personalization. Meaning, any act done by the company is designed to meet the customer’s individual requirements, which generally ends up with a satisfied customer.

How is CRM used in the Automotive industry?

Below, we’re going to explore the following ways CRMs are used in the automotive industry:

Blogging to generate leads

Engaging leads on social media

Creating email campaigns

Timely follow-ups

Blogging to Generate Leads

Blogging can be used to forward engaging content that directly addresses the needs and interests of prospects or leads. By running a proper SEO strategy, any lead that comes across your site or webpage on the search engine results page (SERP) may eventually convert into a customer upon getting the information he or she needs.

A CRM can be used to design the landing page to prompt website visitors to fill out a form with their information which will be used by your sales team to further deepen the conversation with the prospect, supplying them with more information that they might need.

Check out how you can do that here:

This is infinitely better than any old method of generating leads. Not only does it not require more manpower, but it can also be more effective compared to an annoying

Engaging Leads on Social Media

Social media sites are one of the most effective platforms for companies to promote their brand or business right now. Over 50% of people on the planet right now are connected to a social media platform, making them your potential customer.

So how should you engage them? Well, it depends on your sales goals. But for starters, follow the 70/30 rule— that’s 70% reposts from other sites (car magazines, news organizations, or other relevant content that may interest your prospects) and 30% your original work.

Remember to spark a conversation— especially if your goal is to boost your brand awareness. But carefully consider how your posts would impact your brand image.

Creating Email Campaigns

Most car companies are already doing this so this may not be entirely new. But that’s the exact reason why you should do this— it’s been effective for some and it may be effective for you.

Sending out email campaigns can give you as much as $44 in ROI per dollar spent. And when readers are engaged by your content via email, there’s a high chance that they will soon turn into customers.

email delivery

Check out this link to learn how you can effortlessly run email campaigns using CRM.

Timely Follow-Ups

Prompt follow-ups are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT when converting prospects into customers. And CRMs are an easy way to do this. The technology will help you visualize your prospects’ buyer’s journey and remind you when to engage with them. Some CRMs also have automation features that let you configure the software to run tasks for you— as if you’ve got a personal assistant for free and with zero human error at that!

Overall, using a CRM is a surefire way to generate more leads. They help you get leads through your blogs, on social media, and even convert leads into customers using an effective drip email campaign. They can also help you conduct timely follow-ups to secure those sweet deals, all without having to hire more manpower. Check out how you can start your CRM journey below.


If you’re an automotive company and wish to start your CRM journey, get started here.

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