How to Generate Sales Using Websites in UAE

Published on October 20, 2022
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UAE’s online shoppers are expected to spend more in 2022. Read on to find out how you can reach and capture these shoppers using your websites.

The UAE’s eCommerce market size has been forecast to grow from US$10 billion in 2021 to US$17 billion in 2025. This is further strengthened by a recent report which reveals that 74% of the country’s online shoppers expect to spend more online in 2022.

Why is this important to businesses and how can businesses take advantage of this growth?

Understanding Online Consumer Behavior

Consumers online often behave differently than traditional, physical store buyers. So what are the things that online consumers in the UAE look for in businesses? And what makes them stay?

1.   Strong brand presence

Since the pandemic, 73% of UAE consumers say they are shopping more online compared to pre-pandemic years. This means that a strong brand presence is necessary to reach these customers and get them to visit your online store.

Here’s how you can create a long-lasting brand impression.

2.   Fast delivery

Among the online shoppers surveyed, 39% of them indicated that they want products delivered the next day or even quicker, and around 20% want their products delivered to them the same day they order them. Online businesses need to work out a logistical chain that allows them to deliver their products quickly.

3.   More options

Eighty-nine percent of online shoppers in the UAE also claimed that they had purchased a product online from another country in 2021. This means that online businesses need to expand the options they offer to online consumers as much as possible, and offer products not yet sold locally.

Generating Sales Using Websites

But how do websites factor into the equation? Well, websites work as the business’s main online front. On the website, a business can serve as an information hub for its products and services, integrate important brand elements, and facilitate online transactions such as online purchases made by website visitors.

Businesses can also use their websites as a lead generation machine, by using a software that automatically prompts website visitors to fill out a form. Data gathered from this form can then be used to further personalize the business’s interactions with the target customer.

It’s important to note, however, that websites are not the only way to reach and engage online consumers. Social media platforms also work well for some businesses and have been known to boost brand awareness and drive sales.

Upgrade Your Website Now

Your website can be a good avenue to tell your story as a brand and persuade customers why they should choose you. But the best thing about websites is that they’re flexible. You can adjust the way they look and what customers can do while navigating through them.

This presents plenty of sales opportunities for businesses, such as automating the process of collecting customer information or sending a personalized product catalog depending on the information they’ve typed in. Overall, this helps fast-track the sales process and increase your chances of closing sales or deals.

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