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Published on August 2, 2022
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3 min read

Running a business is like clockwork. Everything must be on time. Every tick and move must be accurate for the business to put things on time. 

With this ever-present demand, companies must maximize the time available to upscale their business. And having the ability to manage your business’ time accordingly is an integral part of that success.

Time management is essential for companies, no matter the size, as it prioritizes work tasks and achieves goals quicker. When companies better manage their time, they’ll be able to take on new opportunities and sustainably grow their business.

However, managing time without the tool to make it possible is like putting half your business on the ground. Hence, businesses and companies look for productivity software or similar solutions to carry out their daily tasks. But, the market for software solutions is ridden with over competition. Some, if not most, companies in the market overpromise and overcharge. 

Is that true? Yes

Some software solutions like CRM are only suitable for a certain level in your company, but as you grow, you’re stuck with outdated software. Getting stuck and not being able to scale up when it comes to productivity can mean a dead end for your business.

Saphyte CRM: The Be-all and End-all CRM Software Solution

Choosing a CRM software or any productivity software that caters to your sales, marketing, sales, and connection needs is made easy with Saphyte. 

Saphyte is a MENA grown, cloud-based, centralized, and cutting-edge CRM platform designed and engineered to scale and sustain your business with its list of flexible features and modules. 

In collaboration with ecosystem experts and process engineers, this CRM system is made to adapt to the unique needs of its users as their business grows. The platform is packed with features and tools that mitigate business risks and human errors, lower operation costs, sustain your sales and marketing operations through automation and innovative tools, and encourage employee productivity. 

Here are some of the modules Saphyte has built just for you!


Enjoy increased team visibility and a better breakdown of your tasks with Saphyte’s Team and Workspace tools. With Saphyte’s Team Module, your team can efficiently track and monitor your individual customer’s journey with the system’s visual representations.

In return, your employees will be able to provide the service required at each stage of the customer’s journey, thus enhancing the customer’s experience at the end of the day.

With this module, you can foster a positive team culture through sharing data remotely and role-based access. Teams can also better understand the other areas in the organization and seamlessly collaborate using the data displayed in the system.

Since Saphyte is a cloud-based system, it’s perfect for a hybrid work system. All your team needs are internet access, and you can get your work done anywhere. Saphyte ensures that all the tools you need to cultivate meaningful business relationships with your clients are available on the web or mobile. 


Saphyte’s Sales Module is an excellent tool to gather customer data and information with less manual work. The module does this by automating the workflows that you currently have on your business. Saphyte can also provide accurate forecasts to help your sales team make informed, strategic decisions without manual calculations.

By having all the data stored in one place, your Sales Team will understand each customer profile and what product they are interested in purchasing. Doing so will shorten the duration of calls and enable your sales reps to serve your customers using a more personalized and timely approach.

This sales management software can also boost the effectiveness of your organization’s sales techniques and speed up its operations with proper use. Thus, resulting in increased overall profit.


Big data can help you make data-driven decisions rather than relying on intuition. Saphyte’s Marketing module redefines your customer experience and enables you to understand your marketing campaigns better. Having Saphyte as the repository of your data, you can efficiently filter relevant data that can help you answer questions about your KPIs, plan your next marketing strategy, and adjust your following tactics.

Saphyte enables your business to eliminate manual work processes using intelligent workflow technology. Teams now have less work that their manual processes – such as asking leads and customers for information or sending mass emails for promotion— are eliminated. With the time and energy saved, teams can shift their efforts into strategizing how to close deals and engage their customers further. 

Saphyte sees the need and values your time and your customer’s time. Hence, Saphyte is packed with automated labels, customizable email templates, quotes, invoices, newsletters, and more — making it easier for you to reply to your customers quickly.


Engaging with customers takes plenty of effort and grace. With Saphyte, you can keep your customers constantly involved with your whole sales process, but with minimal effort.

Consumers have constant higher expectations from businesses when it comes to service. To assure customer satisfaction, Saphyte helps sales representatives deliver a more direct and personalized service using the data gathered and organized from each customer.

The system’s functionalities also improve the overall sales experience for both the customer and the company’s sales representative. By providing you with all the information related to the entire sales cycle of your customer. Knowing customer interactions and history can help you solve their issues immediately compared to the slow and inefficient process of contacting your colleagues for answers and getting back to your customers while you seek solutions.

No Catch, Just a Pure and Straightforward System to Help you Spend Time Accordingly

With Saphyte, you can access all of these tools for USD99 a month. No implementation fees, no cap, and no hidden costs. Our customer service is free and is open 24/7. Saphyte helps you scale up and grow in the competitive corporate landscape without setbacks, roadblocks, or additional costs.
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