Sales Intelligence Software That Will Make You Successful In 2021

Published on February 5, 2021
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2 min read

Garnering data about your sales would usually be considered to be a tedious task many, many years ago. Imagine having the leisure of getting insight about your business’s target accounts as well as a whole variety of different aspects that come with it. Data collection and analysis has never been this easy, and it’s all thanks to the help of modern technology.

Even with the ongoing pandemic, sales intelligence tools have always been the most accurate and effective method for getting necessary information, an example of which would be buying signals. How do sales intelligence software work and how can they benefit the growth of your business in 2021?

What you should know:

The software accurately garners reliable data points

It promotes efficiency and effectiveness of decision making

It allows for different sales teams of your company to flourish

It improves success with selling to existing customers

It eases the usual workload

The Risks Of Relying On Sales Intelligence Software

To start, sales reps have been worrying about the potential for security breaches that could leak contact information. It was also found out that a certain portion of data being collected by the software is unnecessary and irrelevant.

However, thanks to recent advances in cybersecurity, there should be no more problems regarding the leakage of your precious data.

There have also been major changes in more popular sales intelligence platforms, like in Saphyte, which allows the software to discern useless data from otherwise good data. Saphyte was designed with the intent to aid the growth and acceleration of a business—something for you to consider if you aim to become successful with your business.

The Top Sales Intelligence Software

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Salespeople find that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is effective at what it does since it’s known to be the most openly reliable and effective sales intelligence tool out in the market. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any worries regarding its reliability since there are more than 500 million users who put their trust in the system.

Saphyte – Our company brings the most out of any of CRM in the market. With its easy to use interface, you are given the convenience of browsing sales intelligence as well as the bonus of adaptability that comes with Saphyte’s software. Throughout the analysis processes, you might find yourself having difficulty accessing its features, however, thanks to Saphyte’s 24/7 support, you are given the freedom to work at any given time.

ZoomInfo – This sales intelligence company boasts of its ability to help ease efforts in a lead generation thanks to its comprehensive database that gives you the most accurate view on customers and prospects alike. Despite its many similarities among different companies, ZoomInfo is considered to have the most reliability when it comes to finding the ideal customer profile.

Hubspot Sales Hub – Improve your business now with the aid of Hubspot Sales Hub—an easy to use CRM that is as powerful as they come in the open market. You also have the leisure to access Hubspot’s amazing customer experience with its assistance with creating strategies, fulfilling services, as well as effective software.


Sales intelligence software is a great option for any company to have to easily boost their revenue—something that can be done by strictly following the trends as well as other reliable benchmarks. Enjoy the leisure of monitoring secure and free intent data with the aid of Saphyte.

Find convenience by contacting our support team now for more information regarding the benefits and many utilities that come with Saphyte.

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