Sales is more than just Data and How a CRM Suite Helps

Published on January 5, 2021
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Hate it or love it, sales are vital for growing your business. This is especially true for budding entrepreneurs. Without experience in sales, you’ll find it hard to gain clients or investors you need to endure in today’s competitive marketplace.

Speaking of a competitive marketplace, sales are now driven by data. In fact, findings of a Forrester study states that 44% of B2C marketers are using big data and analytics to improve customer responsiveness.

The study also states that 36% of the same demographics are dynamically using analytics and data mining to gather greater insights to plan more relationship-driven sales strategies.

How Data is changing the way businesses do Sales?

Traditionally, sales is an intuition-driven profession. Sales rely mostly on data-driven insights and research on customer behaviors. This allows your sales reps or sales teams to feel out each prospect’s interest and determine whether they’re the perfect customer.

With the world continually evolving and technology intervening, data has changed the way everyone deals with their marketing and sales. It has shaped small businesses and sales leaders into becoming more empathetic and more interactive towards their customers.

Why Sales is more than just data now?

Thinking that data are just mere numbers that represent your customer behaviors, preferences, and metrics for customer interactions is not seeing its full potential.

Sales has gone way past data and crunching numbers, so to speak. Now, sales involve actionable and intuition-driven insights.

These insights allow marketing and sales teams to predict purchases, study customer behavior, and appreciate customers buying their product or service. Data connects to the human experience, it helps businesses create buyer personas, which in turn, creates better sales and marketing strategies and highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

Example of a Customizable Dashboard in Saphyte

How a CRM suite helps businesses in processing data?

Businesses have turned to technologies to make their workload more efficient and effective. However, when it comes to handling and processing data, spreadsheets are the worst. It’s hard to keep them up-to-date, also they are hard to interpret, and be kept in sync with your team.

Email clients can also work at your disadvantage. They can hide important customer information hides in your inboxes. Sticky notes from your PC can also be the worst and get lost along the process.

Whilst all of these technologies can help you at the start, in the long run, they are proven to be unsustainable. This is where CRM systems come into the picture. CRM tools can do so much more for your business other than data analysis. Here are some of the benefits of a CRM suite.

Consolidate all your data into one easy-to-access location.

Automate manual business processes, so you can sell more and faster.

Stay focused on your customer’s interest and behavior.

Keep your customers engaged with your product or service.

Helps you know what’s working, and stop investing in what’s not.

Helps customer support in personalizing the customer experience.

Customer service representatives can consolidate all customer communications and solve customer issues faster.

Why Saphyte CRM Solutions is the Ideal Data Managing Software Partner?

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM software developed locally in Dubai. The system supports businesses in streamlining their corporate activities, sales processes, and support sales teams with cross-selling by integrating them into a single platform.

This contact management software is built with sales and marketing tools, sales pipelines, and lead gathering and management tools designed to improve your business’s efficiency and productivity when it comes to sales.

Saphyte can push your business forward by storing important contact information, managing your customer data, nurturing leads, conducting marketing tactics and strategies, and identifying opportunities for the long haul.

Here are some of the prominent features of Saphyte CRM to help you empower your sales teams and strategies

Data Storage Made Simple and Seamless

Saphyte has made data storage and lead management simpler and better for its users. With tools like Sync and Saphyte Scan you are set for the future.

Sync is a plugin tool that you can install on your browser that allows you to collect information from your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. All you have to do is install the plugin tool, log in using your Saphyte account, go to your prospects’ LinkedIn profile and just click Sync.

The tool will automatically detect important fields (name, position, contact number, email, etc.) and sync them to the CRM.

Scan is Saphyte’s mobile app feature. The process is simple: install the app, log in to the app using your Saphyte account, tap on Scan, get those business cards you have on hand, scan the card, and save the info.

Both features have the capability to mitigate data entry errors and make data storage more effective. Also keeping your data in a secured environment for your future needs.

Workflow Automation that Automates your Marketing

You can now remove tedious and monotonous admin tasks from your sales process by automating them with Saphyte’s Workflows. This feature allows you to set up, automate, and run your sales processes on their own and mitigating some of your sales legwork.

This allows you to free up some loads from your sales rep’s plate and allocate more time in building and nurturing customer relations that cultivate customer satisfaction and better customer experience.

Workflows are also built with a user-friendly interface. All you have to do is drag and drop the nodes, click and connect nodes and elements on your workflow sheet, and let the system build and work on your process seamlessly.

Saphyte’s Workflow Automation Feature

Create Lead Generation Machines with Landing Page Builder

Sales leaders all over the world are using landing pages for their campaigns and have seen a 55% increase in their leads.

With Saphyte, you can build actual landing pages for your campaigns, even if you have no prior technical experience. There are templates readily available for your usage. All you have to do is choose the template you like, edit and tailor the content according to your brand requirements, drag-and-drop important elements, and push the landing page for live.

Create Better Sales Hierarchy with Sales Pipelines

Saphyte’s sales pipelines allow you to set up the points of your sales and personalize them according to your unique business requirements or deals. Sales pipelines can also be convenient for your cross-selling and other sales campaign activities.

You can monitor the progress of your deals, customer responses, and customer journey through the simplified sales pipeline.

Making sure that no hot leads slip through the cracks.

Subscription plans that fit all type of Budget

Saphyte has pay-as-you-go subscription payment plans and is a cloud-based CRM. No more investing in storage equipment and memory disks. All you need is a Saphyte account, a browser, and a stable Internet connection.

Saphyte’s subscription plans are inclusive of a free demo. We also waive set-up fees, extra or hidden charges, or maintenance fees, and provide a 24/7 expert customer support availability for local businesses in Dubai.

Enhance your business today with a CRM suite that works and adjusts according to your business’ needs. Check out Saphyte and book a free demo with us or start your free trial now. 

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