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Sales Management Software Features You Should Check

Published on October 22, 2020
3 min read
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3 min read

Management systems in the form of CRM software are popping out everywhere nowadays. These systems have gained much importance as they help your sales team become more efficient in reducing costs and increasing your profits. The software does these by eliminating admin tasks while showing you a clear picture of your progress towards your goals.

According to recent statistics, CRM software can boost sales by 29%, productivity by 34%, and forecast accuracy by 42%. This means that having a CRM platform that enables you to visualize the accomplishment of your key performance indicators is an effective way to boost your sales and productivity. 

Indeed, Sales Management Software has been proven to be beneficial to businesses. As a result, many businesses both small and large scale are looking for a reliable service provider. So, allow me to share with you some sales management software features you should check in a CRM brand before you subscribe to its services. 

Sales Team Management

For most businesses, nothing beats the element of teamwork and management in achieving success. You can never succeed if your team is disorganized and incoherent. Especially since, customer data, marketing campaigns, etc., go in and out of your sales process on a daily basis. That is why the first feature you need to check in your sales management software is its management system.

Fortunately, CRM tools are equipped with workspace and integration systems. The CRM software incorporates external applications into the system for easy access and better functionality. For example, it syncs your sales team’s schedule with Google Calendar or iCalendar. CRM tools also allow you to set-up your organizational system into the software. So, you can designate roles and easily assign tasks depending on their role in the system. This organization system prevents misunderstandings and saves you a significant amount of time.

The result of having good Sales Team Management is that your team can spend more time doing productive tasks that will lead to an increase in revenue. Namely, improving customer experience, marketing, planning, etc. For example, in email marketing, your team will have more time to personalize your approach instead of sending out robotic templates. This will improve customer interaction and thus, increase customer satisfaction. 

Also, with cloud-based CRM, your customer support can easily accommodate customer queries in real-time because all your customer information is also integrated into the system. This integration and organization will greatly contribute to your sales and will help you achieve your business goals.

Sales Pipeline

In the business world, people often talk about Sales Pipelines. This is because a sales pipeline is an important tool that helps sales teams keep track of how well their sales processes work. The sales pipeline is an organized way of illustrating your potential customer’s journey from being a lead to becoming an actual customer. 

A lot of sales teams are burdened with multiple sales prospects, deals, and contact information which could be difficult to track. Thus, having a sales pipeline is a vital software feature they should have. This feature prevents you from becoming blind to what is going on with your sales processes. 

Although you can build a Sales Pipeline using spreadsheets, if you have complex sales cycles and you’re managing multiple contacts, things could easily get out of hand. Thus, it is better to use CRM for efficiency and convenience. CRM solutions like Saphyte, can easily automate tasks, provide accurate and realistic data in real-time to keep you on top of your game. 

Sales Intelligence and Forecasting

Good sales management is not only concerned with current sales processes but is also concerned with future sales projection. With the increasing competition, businesses need to have good insights, projections, and contingency plans in order to survive. And this is achievable only through efficient sales data management. 

CRM systems, like Saphyte, have Sales Intelligence and Forecasting features. Sales Intelligence is significant for sales teams because it collates all information related to a client or customer. With this information, your team can come up with strategies to improve your sales. Moreover, this feature can also store previous sales data into the system via cloud-based CRM. This enables your sales team to analyze past performances and identify shortcomings to improve your competitiveness in the market. 

Not only that—Sales Forecasting is also a feature you can avail of for business growth. It estimates future sales and helps prevent mistakes to avoid any business pitfalls. Because of the system’s high accuracy and realistic forecasting, you can visualize possibilities that would help you make intelligent business decisions. This feature available in Saphyte CRM helps you operate not only in your current situation but also in the future. 

Customizable Sales Dashboard

With all these features, people might say that having a Sales Management Software CRM is complicated. But this is not true because a good CRM software is equipped with a user-friendly, customizable sales dashboard. This feature is helpful in improving your team’s productivity, so it is vital that you should check if this is included in your Sales Management Software. 

In Saphyte CRM, you can set the analytics that you would like to see at first glance. You have the freedom to personalize the look of your dashboard to match your business branding and preferences. And, depending on your business goals, you can drag and drop widgets that would suit your monitoring preferences. This allows you to have a one-page overview of all the information that you want to know right away. 

Also, you can create multiple dashboards for different teams. We understand that each team has different micro-goals that are different from the others. So, for the Sales team, you can have a Sales dashboard, and the same applies to your Marketing team and the Customer support team. Thus, all of your teams will be able to focus on their individual goals independently. 


The bottom line is that, to stay competitive in the business world, a CRM system has become essential. If you still do not have one, it is time for you to consider having a CRM that best suits your needs. You have to make sure and check the features enumerated in this article. This is because having these features allow you to have the best ROI available. 

Saphyte CRM is one of these. Other than all the features mentioned, Saphyte offers these services at a lower cost. It boasts its ability to adapt to any existing business processes and help established or growing businesses achieve success.

Try Saphyte today and enjoy a whole month of a free trial. Our awesome team of experts is 24/7 available to cater to all your needs.

October 22, 2020