Sales Management Software Features Your CRM Should Have

Published on November 24, 2020
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3 min read

Sales management software in the form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions has gained much importance as they help your sales team become more efficient in increasing your profits and in reducing costs. It does this by eliminating repetitive tasks in your day to day processes while showing you a clear picture of your progress towards your goals.

Recent statistics state that CRM software generates 87% improvement in sales, team productivity by 34%, and 73% improvement in business efficiency. This means that implementing CRM in your business enables you to visualize the accomplishment of your key performance indicators as well as an effective way to boost your sales and productivity.

Indeed, this modern management system has been proven to be beneficial and effective for a lot of different businesses. But this caused many businesses to look for a reliable service provider. To help you with this, we gathered some of the most important features you should check before you subscribe to a certain service provider.

Here are the sales management software features your CRM should have:

Sales Pipeline Builder

Most sales teams are overloaded with potential customers, deals, and customer information which could sometimes be extra difficult to track. This is where the Sales Pipeline does its wonders. The Sales Pipeline is a necessary tool that tracks the sales cycle of your customers. Meaning, it is an organized way of visualizing your customer’s journey from being a lead to becoming an actual paying customer.

It is a set of stages that customers move through as they advance from a lead to a paying customer. And once each stage that you set is completed, the prospect will automatically advance to the next stage. Put simply, the sales pipeline is what defines your customer’s experience. And it also prevents your team from being blind to the progress of your sales process.

Yes, the fact still remains that we can build a Sales Pipeline using traditional methods like Excel and Spreadsheets. But, if your business has a complex sales process that requires extensive contact management, things could highly get out of hand. Thus, for security reasons, it is better to use a CRM that is capable to build a sales pipeline for better efficiency and convenience.

And CRM systems like Saphyte can easily help you build your sales pipeline tailored to your existing business model. Also, it can easily automate tasks and provide you real-time realistic and accurate data to keep you on top of your game.

Team Management

We know for a fact that cloud-based CRM analyzes customer interactions and gathers customer data to improve customer satisfaction. It also empowers your customer support and service teams while they do their respective jobs.

But while your teams are activated and become more effective with their tasks, you will need a management tool that will enable them to solidify their teamwork while doing their own functions. Why? Because nothing beats the element of proper management and solid teamwork in achieving success.

Especially because you will have a constant flow of customer data, marketing campaigns, and other relevant data, going in and out of your sales process daily. And if you don’t have any means to manage your teams properly, they will become disorganized and incoherent. That is why in choosing a CRM provider for your sales management software needs, it needs to have a reliable management system.

Fortunately, systems like Saphyte are equipped with team workspace and integration features so that you don’t need to have other systems just to manage your teams. Instead, you will only need Saphyte to do everything for you. The system can integrate all 3rd party or external applications you need into the system for easier access and better functionality.

Aside from this, Saphyte’s CRM tools enable you to set-up your organizational system into the software. This allows you to designate roles and assign tasks depending on their role in the system. This feature prevents common misunderstandings between teams, inconsistency in data, and lets you save a significant amount of time in handling your business.

Having a proper team management system will result in a productive sales team that has one common goal – to increase sales.

Sales Forecasting

Having the ability to know the future is the dream of many entrepreneurs and business owners. Why? Because it helps their business stay afloat no matter what the future holds. That is why good sales management systems should not only be concerned with current sales processes but should also be concerned with future sales projection. And with the increasing competition in the market, businesses need reliable insights, accurate projections, and contingency plans in order to stay competitive.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go looking for it anywhere because Saphyte CRM is equipped with a Sales Forecasting feature. This feature estimates future sales to help you visualize possibilities that would help you make intelligent and strategic business decisions. The system does that by giving you accurate and realistic forecasting – all to help you prevent future mistakes and avoid any unnecessary business pitfalls.

Aside from this, Saphyte has a Sales Intelligence feature that collates all data related to your client or customer. From basic contact information, queries, and even phone calls, these collated data help your team come up with strategies to improve your sales. It also analyzes all of your past performances and identifies shortcomings to make your business competitive in the market.

More Reasons to Choose Saphyte

All the previously mentioned features and functions of a sales management CRM software can be found in Saphyte. But these sales management features of Saphyte can be used and set with a user-friendly and customizable sales dashboard. This is because Saphyte knows the importance of having a clean and user-friendly dashboard in improving your team’s productivity.

With Saphyte, you have the freedom to customize and personalize the look of your dashboard to match your business brand or to meet your preference. Also, you can set the analytics that you like to see at first glance using a drag and drop functionality. With this, you will have a clear one-page overview of all the data and information that you want to know right away. So, all data about your sales process, email marketing campaigns, customer information, and many more will be displayed on a single page.

Moreover, Saphyte offers these services at a significantly lower cost. By choosing Saphyte, you will have a CRM and Sales Management software packed into a single software. This makes Saphyte an essential business solution to help you stay competitive in the business world and have the best ROI available.

So, take advantage of Saphyte today and enjoy its free trial for a whole month. Our awesome team is always available 24/7 to cater to all your needs.

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