Saphyte Systems: Threading Customer Relations into a Single Web

Published on March 23, 2022
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Meta Description: Society constantly uses one metaphor: the world is like a giant spider web. Learn how Saphyte CRM can help you thread customer relations within a single web.

Social Media: Interconnection is the new in! Learn how a single CRM software, like Saphyte, can help you weave an interconnected and seemingly complicated web of connections without putting too much effort!

Society constantly uses one metaphor: the world is like a giant spider web. Each thread consists of human bonds, trust forged by relationships, and joint enterprise. In a world full of exchanges, connections are bound to meet one way or another. At present, businesses find that connecting or striving for connection is not enough.

To survive and sustain customers and make their internal stakeholders happy and effective, businesses must promote, manage, curate, and even champion true interconnectivity. But, what’s up with the hype of interconnection, and why not just stick with plain old connectivity?

Interconnection goes Beyond the Potential of Connectivity

What sets interconnection apart from connectivity is that it directly, privately, and securely exchanges data and usually involves software or IT strategy to carry out the exchange. In contrast, connectivity requires only two people connecting by phone or other communication modes and typically ties people to a physical space and a finite number of people.

Interconnection involves many people collaborating on a complete network through a seemingly universal connection; therefore, interconnectivity connects everyone and everything, communication, and collaboration seamlessly and in real-time. With interconnectivity at reach, businesses must adapt to tech to interconnect with their customers and employees.

Getting the Tech that Brings Interconnectivity for your Business

…should be your first on your list moving forward this 2022. With plenty of productivity systems in the market, it’s easy to get lost. It’s like searching for the best chocolate, and there are plenty of the “best chocolates” to choose from the whole aisle. Choosing the one that works for you and with you is the best choice you have to make.

Here at Saphyte, we believe that interconnectivity breeds collaboration, communication, and even digitalization at full scale. Saphyte’stools features allow you to connect your data management, sales, marketing, and admin. The greatest catch? All of these modules are packed in a single software. Here are some modules that can help you create a seamless experience for your business and your customers.

Introducing: Saphyte and its Modules

At Saphyte, we highlight and value how vital and integrated a business’ departments and setup create an impactful customer experience. That is where sales stem from and reoccur. So here are Saphyte’s modules and tools that you can benefit from.

Sales Module

Manage, engage and manage leads on a seamless customer journey to becoming customers, and at the same time, put your clients and employees on board with Saphyte’s Sales Module.

Saphyte’s system is specifically engineered to be a powerhouse in gathering customer data and information with less manual work. The system does this by automating the workflows that your business currently runs on. Saphyte’s sales module design provides its users with accurate forecasts to help them produce informed, strategic, and data-driven decisions without manual calculations.

Saphyte’s system can help you streamline your sales cycle, resulting in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helping everyone in the team reach quotas faster. Users can automate their sales processes with Saphyte. Sales teams and your business can now reduce production costs and increase overall revenue.

Saphyte’s sales management software can also help businesses boost their effectiveness by improving their sales techniques and speeding up transactions with proper use. Thus, resulting in increased overall profit.

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Marketing Module

Redefine your business’ customer experience and better understand your marketing campaigns. Saphyte is designed to eliminate manual work processes using its intelligent workflow technology. Your marketing team can have less work now that their manual processes are off the plate, such as asking leads and customers for information or sending mass emails and surveys for promotion.

With most of your team’s time and energy saved, they can redirect their efforts into strategizing how to close deals and engage your customers further. Hence, boosting customer engagements and adding more value to your business and bottom line.

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Teams Module

Saphyte’s Team and Workspace tools allow users to enjoy increased team visibility and better breakdown of tasks. Saphyte envisions and subscribes to the thought that better team coordination translates to a better customer experience – which is the most integral part of interconnecting with your customers.

Saphyte’s system facilitates a positive team culture through role-based access that allows different departments to share data remotely. With this CRM software, your team members can also better understand the other areas of your organization and seamlessly collaborate using the data displayed in the system.

Saphyte CRM is a GDPR-compliant system and can quickly provide you with the tools needed to comply with data protection laws. With the CRM software, users can automate sending notifications to their leads, informing them that they would like to store data or even provide them with the option to manage email communication preferences and set up rules to update their personal information.

Since data concerning your customers are stored in the system, sales reps can use them as a reference to analyze customers’ needs and anticipate their problems immediately. Thus, leading to direct and more personalized customer service, eventually leading to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Connect Module

With the Connect module, your business can engage with your customers without putting in too much effort. Saphyte believes that satisfied customers correlate with business success.

Modern-day consumers have higher expectations from businesses when it comes to customer service. To guarantee your customer’s satisfaction, Saphyte’s connect module can help your sales reps provide a more precise and personalized service using the data gathered and organized from each customer.

The CRM system provides you with all the information related to the entire sales cycle of your customer. Knowing customer interactions and their history can help your team solve their issues immediately compared to the slow and inefficient process of contacting your colleagues for answers and getting back to your customers while you look for solutions.

Saphyte’s Connect tools and features can help your team improve the overall sales experience for both the customer and the company’s sales representative.

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Key Takeaway

As businesses march on the last leg of the first quarter in 2022, it’s best to have a tool that can help you thread stronger relations with your customer. With Saphyte, you can do much more than weave tasks and connections into a single web. This 2022, you don’t have to walk on threads that snap easily. With Saphyte, you can easily create interconnections within your business and even outside it. Want to know how you can develop interconnections within your business and scale your processes? Book a demo today, and our ecosystem experts will show you the way.

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