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Published on November 5, 2020
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Many people from all walks of life were looking forward to the new beginnings brought about by the year 2020. A lot of plans were brought forth—from plans of personal growth, travel plans with loved ones to business ventures, and many more. New ideas were generated and ideas from the previous years were also revamped – as it was thought to become relevant for business big or small. To sum it up, the year was supposed to bring us happiness and success in our business and to ourselves. 

But as the year 2020 slowly unraveled to be a historic year, not because of positive breakthroughs in any field, but because the world went haywire. It started from conflagrations, foreign political strife, extensive effects of global warming: intense typhoons and scorching weather, and now with the on-going pandemic. Some businesses have succumbed to the harsh reality. Companies have retrenched employees to stay afloat. Some have given up and filed for bankruptcy. And the worst of all, the world market became incapacitated. The pandemic, for one, has been the cause of all this. 

A lot of small-scale businesses like pop-up shops and small retail shops have been compelled to switch and have a remote work set-up. To help you stay afloat and to fully rise above these circumstances, Saphyte will equip you with all the right CRM tools and provide effective small business sales tips. With this, Saphyte will pave a way for you to achieve your business goals. 

Small Business? Great solutions with Saphyte CRM

The usage of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been long known to help expedite the business process without affecting the business model. Along these lines, customer’s contact information databases can be obtained one click away instantaneous by Small businesses.

Our CRM attributes a good deal of tools to aid you in increasing your business’ productivity, efficiency, and in reaching your target sales. A CRM solution like Saphyte gives you the luxury and convenience of letting you handle simple yet meaningful tasks. These tasks include establishing your sales process and sales cycle, analyzing customer information to potentially increase customer satisfaction, maximizing customer experiences, and implementing marketing campaigns. 

Online Platform Integration made Simple

With the new normal, times have changed and everyone is advised to stay at home. With that, the usage of the internet has played a great part in getting connected with the rest of the world. It gives way to a huge pool of potential clients waiting to be acquired by your sales team. 

You can now amplify your sales target to higher heights by integrating your social media platforms into your CRM system. Now, tracking the progress of your social media campaigns and closing sales deals can be done easily. 

In addition to that, you can also integrate various business emails from different platforms into the system. With this, getting in touch with customers through email will be easier than ever. Consequently, small business owners’ time management will become more optimized in terms of overseeing future and current clients. 

Magnify Business Customer Relationship 

A solid foundation in business relations with customers is the key to any successful business out there. Communicating and listening to customer’s comments and answering appropriately is one of the weapons you can use to further up your customer experiences. With Saphyte CRM software, you can easily connect to your customers and provide the best customer service anywhere across the world in real-time. 

Aside from this, Saphyte’s Contact Management feature gathers all of your customer’s basic contact information and all customer interactions in your platforms – that includes phone calls. With this, you can further improve and provide the best customer service to all of your customers. Thus, this will enable you to unlock a new way to promote your brand or business.

With the best customer service, there will be a high probability of retaining existing clients and making them become loyal to you. Achieving all these will be almost impossible with the use of traditional methods. But with Saphyte, everyone in your team has access to pertinent data to significantly improve your customer service. 

Your team will have rich and consistent data with Saphyte. That is because it stores all your data into one centralized location. Now you can effectively respond to customer queries and resolve problems promptly and appropriately. 

Use of Product Catalogue Feature

No one can resist consistency and striking product and service presentations to meticulous customers. But you don’t have to sweat it because Saphyte’s Product Catalogue feature helps you merge all of your products into a single catalog. 

Now you can classify and make universal sales product or service information across all of your sales channels. This will benefit businesses – especially those with fewer employees. This will also ensure that all of your customers will receive uniform data about your products across all sales channels. 

Now, these CRM features ensure your customers get consistent data about your products. 

Modern Solution in Marketing 

A good marketing strategy is needed when it comes to closing deals to help increase sales and revenue. With this fact, you can now upgrade your marketing strategy with Saphyte. The system will equip you with all the needed tools to help you with making successful marketing strategies. 

Saphyte will equip you with topflight and quality templates to help strategically boost your email marketing approach. It enables you to send a single to thousands of emails and select which email address will be the sender to your recipients. Now, this CRM feature has proven to be useful and suitable for small businesses. 

Segregated Access by Roles

Accessing your much-needed work anytime and anywhere is just one of the countless benefits of a remote work set-up. You can be hired or you can hire professionals from different fields in just a click. But managing remote working employees and scattered team members can be difficult at times. Luckily, with Saphyte CRM, managing all of your employees will be easy.

Aside from that, Saphyte provides real-time information task logs on any system changes. Now your team can easily steer away from data errors and conflicts while doing their work simultaneously. Aside from this, you will have the authority and power to assign and manage the roles of different teams and team members using the predetermined roles in the system. Consequently, the roles carry corresponding access to and restrictions from their respective businesses. 

Furthermore, Saphyte provides smooth workflows and real-time data activity or changes in the system. So, your team can easily avoid any conflicts of data whenever they do their respective jobs. This will maximize teamwork in your business and will definitely increase efficiency and productivity.


There is no doubt that Saphyte’s cloud-based CRM is the best tool for small and growing businesses to reach greater heights in sales, customer service, and many other aspects. Now that we are facing uncertain times, it is good to be certain with one thing that can help you stay afloat despite trying times. Thus, if you want to survive and at the same grow your company, partner up with Saphyte.

If you have queries, our team is available 24/7 to cater to you. Saphyte also offers (1) month free trial and a free demo with no additional charges. Using Saphyte as your official CRM partner will surely give you a trouble-free life in operating your business.

November 5, 2020