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Published on September 14, 2020
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The mobile app industry is slowly shaping the way we communicate and do business nowadays. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives and of our routines. Smartphones are the first ones we see in the morning and the last thing we see before we go to sleep. 

Mobile apps made our lives easier and if not, better. Everything is accessible from social media, communications, productivity, shopping, and even banking. You can have access to almost anything you need within your fingertips.

That is why the CRM market is catching on with the trend. There are 48% of mobile CRM users access the app through a smartphone and another 45% of users access the app through their tablets.

What is a Mobile CRM app?

A mobile customer relationship management (CRM) app is a type of CRM platform that delivers a full CRM privileges, features, and access on smartphones, tables and other Internet-enabled mobile devices. The application is designed to enable your sales, marketing, and customer service team to have access and to manage vital customer information in real time. 

How can a mobile CRM app help the retail sector?

CRM tools are known for providing ways in managing customer interaction, streamlining your sales process, and eventually improving customer service and loyalty.

Customer relationship management tools are vital for businesses – specifically businesses under the retail industry. Whether you’re a retailer in a small business or looking forward to expanding your brand – this piece of application is a great investment.

Reportedly, 65% of businesses with mobile-access CRM’s has reached their sales quota. This goes to show that having a CRM for your business creates a leverage for your retail business. But, how can a mobile CRM app help your retail business? Here’s how.

Better Ways to Identify and Act on Opportunities

A CRM’s most prevailing feature is its ability to handle a large capacity of data that you can access within your fingertips. Yet the contact management functionality of a CRM platform is often underused.

Having a tool that can manage, collate, and process customer information allows you to gain insights and leverage in dealing with your potential and existing customers. When you have the accurate insights within your grasp, you can find better ways to identify and act on opportunities to sell and develop deeper customer satisfaction.

Clean and Consistent Reports

Making intelligent and data-driven decisions are extremely difficult, only when your data is impossible to interpret. A CRM can simplify complex data interpretation into pieces, organized graphic, and real-time reporting materials.  With the tools and functionality etched to the system, you can ensure that your team will not only have access to the data that matters, but that they can also make data driven decisions for your business and keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, modern CRM systems can integrate with other types of software and platforms. This allows you to work more productively without moving from one application to another. Thus, ultimately minimizing the number of software or application to manage and logins to remember for your mobile salespeople, and eventually cutting down on hours of potentially unnecessary administrative work.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Data breaches are a major source of worry and anxiety for most businesses. Securing a large amount of private information about your products, your team, and your consumers. It’s imperative to understand and prioritize data security, most especially we live in an era where most systems and applications now operate from cloud-based platforms.

Having a secured data environment allows you to be more confident in moving with your data with the impending fear of data loss and breach. 

Increase and Improve Communication

Efficiency is one of the most common benefits of CRM systems. When your team has access to real-time interaction with key stakeholders (customers), you are also giving your team the boost that they need.

Most CRMs come with their own built-in chat apps and other customer service management features. The convenience of real-time scheduling also keeps your remote workers accountable and gives them more insights into how other team members spend their time.

When your line of communication is seamless and efficient, you’ll have effective workflows that significantly saves time for you and your employees. The more you allot your time for productive and efficient ways, expect revenues to rise.

Why Saphyte mobile CRM platform is the best option?

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM that helps you streamline all of your retail activities and integrate them into one powerful platform. Saphyte has sales and marketing tools designed to improve business efficiency and productivity. Tools for email marketing, sales management, marketing campaigns, marketing campaigns, and social media campaigns.

The mobile platform helps you manage your customer data, conduct your marketing tactics and strategy, and identify opportunities for the long haul. But what sets a mobile platform like Saphyte apart? Here are some of them.

Scalable and flexible and the platform grows with your business

Do have any additional modules, tools, or custom processes that you want to incorporate with the system? With Saphyte’s mobile application, you can customize the application according to your needs. This way, the application can grow along with your business and can be tailored according to your business processes.

Client Management Module

Saphyte’s Client Management module, allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your contacts database. You and your team can have access to tools that helps you categorize and group your leads, prospects and clients into segments. Along with that, you can also categorize each contact into its status and sub-status.

The client management module also consists of other task management tools and documentation features that allows your teams to organize their tasks, client notes before doing phone calls and their notes before onboarding your clients.

On top with that, Saphyte’s Client Management module is built with an auto data importation and exportation, and a duplicate sensitivity function. This allows users to seamlessly import and export their data into the system without worrying about duplicate information. The platform itself has the ability to identify duplicate contact information and prompts you for an action.

Sales Management Module

Saphyte mobile is built with all the tools you need to manage your sales activities. The application is built with tools to make your sales campaigns easier and seamless, like sales pipelines, deals management, lead scoring, sales forecasting, sales intelligence, and many more.

You can also start ditching calculating your lead scores and other insights manually, Saphyte can do that for you. All you need to do is to continually feed the system with the information it needs and it’ll do the rest for you. Easy, streamline, and convenient – at your fingertips.

Marketing Modules

Marketing is an essential role for your business. With Saphyte’s mobile CRM Marketing module you can fast-track your marketing strategies conveniently and easily. The module is built with tools like campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing, product catalogs, email template maker, form builders and more.

There are other tools like email senders and trackers, bulk emails, and social media integration tools. Your marketing team can have access to these tools even without the access of a desktop computer.

Customizable Multiple Dashboards

Saphyte CRM system has customizable dashboards that your team can easily set up. All you need is to drag and drop the widgets that you need and label them accordingly. The purpose of the dashboard is to give you a one-page overview of the information you need regarding your client, sales, marketing, and support management.

When your whole business has access to crucial insights, you can be able to respond proactively and accordingly to trends and changing customer behavior.

Conclusive Thoughts

Finding a mobile CRM app that fits to your business can be challenging. But, always choose the one that can adapt to your business and your sector.

With that, choose Saphyte. Because, Saphyte adapts to you; you do not adapt to Saphyte. Furthermore, Saphyte has amazing pay-as-you-go subscription plans.

With no extra or hidden charges, no set-up fees, and inclusive of a free demo and product training. On top of that is Saphyte’s 24/7 customer service availability.

The retail industry is a fast-paced industry, don’t fall behind just because you have not partnered with the right tool. Whether you’re a small business or an expanding enterprise, having a mobile CRM is the best investment you can make.

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