Published on December 22, 2020
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Sales processes are among the most important parts of a business. These processes are responsible for keeping the cash flowing in through sales revenues. Without sales processes, businesses will experience difficulties in running day-to-day operations and growing the business overall.

Sales processes, like generating leads, converting leads into customers, and conducting after-sales operations, are often done manually. Some don’t have formal sales processes at all — which may cause them to perform poorly. In fact, according to statistics, around 48% of businesses with no formal sales processes (and no automation at all) are greatly underperforming.

This is the reason why a formal sales process (plus automation) is needed to get your business moving. It is essential, especially for those businesses that seek to grow in a short amount of time. Here’s how automation and sales processes can assist you in elevating your business.

Benefits of Sales Automation

Speaking of “automation,” it’s been a buzzword of late. Gone are the days where automation is linked to robotics alone. Automation now refers to the streamlining of tasks and operations in any business or industry structure. This is achieved by automating them, thereby reducing or completely eliminating manual processes all together.

For example, manual data entries can be completely replaced and automated using a software that can gather and organize data from customers themselves. Or the manual sending of emails at specified times can now be automated by an email marketing software that will deploy emails as scheduled.

Here are more illustrative examples of how sales automation can benefit your organization:

Reduces costs and makes you more efficient

As you can see, automation is the future — it can help you save time, energy, or even costs from running your operations manually. Now the time and energy previously spent on manually collecting data from leads can be allocated into more productive activities like strategizing, building relatable content for leads and customers, or other tasks that can’t be completely automated yet.

Tasks that require manpower will be less demanding with automation, too. With sales automation, there’s no need to hire more employees to do tasks that sales automation software can do. It’s a win win for your teams and your bottom line.

Fosters meaningful relationships

Sales automation can also increase the effectiveness of your engagement with leads and customers. In short, it can help build meaningful relationships with your potential and existing customers, all with minimal effort. As explained above, sales automation can help you foster these relationships by sending engaging content through emails.

Sales automation systems can help you send these emails regularly, as scheduled, with less human intervention. That means no more checking of time and date, manual entry of email addresses, and manual personalization of messages when deploying this content. All of these tasks can be automated by email marketing software or even broader technologies like CRM software.

Closes deals quickly and grows your sales

CRMs that enable sales automation can also speed up the completion of your sales teams’ tasks, enhance your sales team productivity, and grow your sales overall. With tools like lead scoring and sales pipelines, sales teams are updated with real-time data on the developments of their leads and customers.

Lead scoring, for example, helps sales teams to determine which lead to focus on. The system marks which lead is “hot” and which is not. Sales pipelines also help sales teams monitor the customer journey and assess when to intervene and what kind of action to take inorder to expedite the closing of the deal.

Overall, with automation like this, sales teams are able to channel their energy into more productive aspects of their work — all it takes is one glance at the data organized by the CRM.

Value in a Business

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the reason why sales automation is important in a business setting is that: it is imperative for a business to be able to adapt to the changes in the business environment.

With the ongoing crisis, disruptions seem to be the only norm we can rely on these days. These disruptions have changed the way customers interact with businesses. Today, more and more customers prefer businesses that provide personalization and a smooth digital experience.

With all these changes, gathering data from your customers is now vital so you can determine which changes to apply to your business that suit your customers’ needs and preferences. Tools like CRMs can help you with this by automating the collection of data and organizing the data in a way that you’re able to make quick business decisions that are data-driven and do not just rely purely on assumptions.

With a CRM, you can guarantee that the changes that will apply to your business— and will affect your customers— bring about benefits to both. As the world looms into uncertainty, data helps you feel reassured that your marketing positioning, your product pricing, and all other important business decisions are backed-up and supported by your customers through their feedback.

For more information on how a CRM software can help you adapt to the ongoing disruptions, feel free to contact our support team at Saphyte.

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