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Why Your Sales Team Need a Mobile CRM

Published on May 20, 2020
2 min read
Icon Saphyte Team
2 min read

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are proven to help companies fast-track their business processes. This platform allowed businesses to handle thousands of data, track and shorten sales cycles, manage marketing campaigns, and provide better customer support.

But traditionally, CRM software were only accessible on desktop computers. Once you are away with your desktops, you will not be capable of accessing real-time data when you need one on the spot.

This is a common problem between sales team members who are always on the field since the information from the CRM system is their key in getting leads and even close more deals. Once they are disconnected from the CRM from their desktop, they cannot maximize their effectiveness.

Because of this, Mobile Customer Relationship Management was created to maximize the efficiency of your CRM system anytime and anywhere. Mobile CRM is the same as other apps for IOS and Android devices that can be easily downloaded from the App Store.

Since the sales team are always on the go, the mobile CRM is a powerful mobile tool – having access to customer data in real-time and overseeing the sales cycle where ever your sales reps are will be advantageous on their part.

How Mobile CRM Works

Having a mobile strategy especially now that competition is tight in the marketing niche is an edge for your sales force. Here are what mobile CRM can offer and how it boosts the success of your sales team:

1. Provide Access 24/7

You do not have to worry if you forgot a piece of certain information about your customer – with just one scroll or tap from your mobile devices, you can have access to it through the mobile CRM app. As long as you have a mobile internet connection, data from your CRM is within your reach.

Contact information, the result of lead scoring, stage of the sales cycle, and many more can be easily known in the mobile CRM application. Easy-to-access and organized information hasten sales processes all the more.

2. Increase Productivity

With mobile CRM, you can create your to-do lists. You can schedule appointments, track certain activities, follow up certain customers, or even sending emails will be easier. This will not only save you time but also effort.

The features and functionalities of a mobile CRM let you focus on more goal-driven tasks and less manual work.

3. Boost Sales

When your sales team have an easy-to-access data, they will have less time searching for the information they need in closing a deal. This will give them more time to interact with their leads and prospects and get higher chances of winning deals.

They do not have to track down contact information, recall conversations from their clients, or even scan emails that they think might help them to interact better with their customers. Since mobile CRM does all these things, the sales rep can focus more on what they do – which is selling your products and services.

A study created by Innoppl has shown that companies who use mobile CRM have a 65% rate of achieved quotas compared to those who are non-mobile CRM users that has a 22% rate in achieving their sales target.

4. Enhance Collaboration

With the help of mobile CRM, you can synchronize all the activities of your sales team. Since it keeps tabs of the sales cycle, interactions with clients and activities of sales reps, everyone in your sales team will be on one page.

This will enable them to collaborate and create strategies to achieve better results and reach their goals faster as a team.


Mobile CRM is an effective tool once properly utilized – not just by your sales team but even everyone in your company can benefit from what it offers. It can help you retain more customers and cut down expenses. Mobile CRM app like Saphyte has sales, marketing, and customer service tools that are efficient for your business processes and will readily help jumpstart your success and growth. Once you already have a workspace on Saphyte, you can download the mobile app version of it directly to your mobile devices.

August 16, 2020