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Easy Step-by-Step CRM Migration Strategy Guide

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Businesses are constantly monitoring and improving customer interaction with existing and potential customers. Most of the time, businesses use CRM tools to dedicate to improving the overall customer relationships of their business.

One of the reasons businesses invest in a CRM is that the system can help them gather data from their communication channels for real-time analysis. At the same time, aid them in mining customer information and user preferences for fair analysis on how to meet the ever-changing customer demands.

A customer relationship management (CRM) software is an investment that any existing business should consider acquiring to assure success for their sales team. The high ROI are a result of great customer experiences and a successful effort to accommodate the changing needs of customers. And it all starts with a great contact management tool.

However, the real challenge comes into light when you plan to move from one CRM system to another or perhaps start from scratch. A successful data migration can be time-consuming and would depend on the data load that you have.

The significance of CRM data migration activities is mostly unnoticed, and consequences are most likely to happen at the later part of the project and most especially when it is too late. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your data migration process.

How Smooth Should Your CRM Data Migration Be?

Data migration is not a simple task as it appears to be. It may look like a cakewalk but the misconception steps out of the door the moment you get right into the process. The parallel holds true for CRM data migration as there’s more than what meets the eye.

Now that it is established, it is important to have some ground rules as to how your data migration process should be. Also, you need to shift any traces of data to your new system while ensuring that the integrity and accuracy of the data is not lost during the process.

Remember that the success of your email marketing campaign, social media tracking, and your overall sales process relies heavily on data accuracy. In order to assure a painless CRM migration, you need to set ground rules for your team. So, here is a step-by-step CRM migration strategy guide that you can easily follow through.

Client List Cleansing

Before going further with data migration, it is highly recommended that you carry out a data cleansing activity to certify that the data being migrated is accurate and are the ones you actually need.

A CRM system revolves around good quality data, and while this part might be time-consuming, it will be extremely beneficial for you in the long-term. Your provider can help you at this stage; however, the goal is to eliminate the duplicates in your data and ensure data accuracy.

Find your Scope

Before migrating any contact information data, you need to determine the scope of the data being migrated to outline exactly what you need and don’t need to be migrated into the new system. Remember, not all data is required to be moved into your new system. You, your CRM solution provider and your sales team need to work together to define a solid scope.

Having a definite data scope reduces your CRM storage and can save you plenty of time later on. Always consider that the number of contacts you have in your database will add up over time so only migrating the contacts you need will save you in the long-term.

Again, your provider should work with you and recommend any cost-effective storage methods that suit your needs in the present and the future. Or perhaps choose a provider that has flexible cloud storage plans that comes along with their subscription.  

Map your Data all Out

Once you have a clear scope of your data you want to migrate, the next step you need to make is to map your data to the new system. The best method for this is to actually have a half-day onsite meeting with your key stakeholders, go through which data are to be migrated, and show where the data will be mapped to and how it would look like. This is to ensure that you are all in the same page.

If your data map is effective, it will show you the connections and relationships between your data sources, so any potential problems will be more noticeable when you look at the map. Data mapping also makes better data analysis and even more accurate because it reduces the risk of omissions, mistakes, and duplication. So be thorough with your mapping strategy.

Migrate your Data 

Once you have a clear data scope, data, and have a clear map outline, then you can begin with the actual migration process. This is a technical activity and may involve several tools to ensure that the data you’ve collected from different sources and formats are safely migrated to the new system.

This may also take more time as it depends on the load of data you have. If you’re having second thoughts of this process, you may go through everything for the second time, or seek help from the provider.


During this part, you can check what has, or has not, been migrated. As massive quantities of data were migrated, you need to know whether they were successful or not. The reporting process will outline which data is expected to be migrated.

The process also includes outlining the quantities and details of the migration, so that once the process is complete, reports can be reread to guarantee that the migration was indeed a success.

During this stage, the reporting will show successes, failures, and any partial migrations. Failures or partial migrations are usually caused by poor quality data or incorrect data. However, this is unlikely to occur if your data cleansing has been thorough from the start.

If there are errors after the migration, then you need to list out your migrations, remediate, and re-migrate the data. If you have to repeat the process, then do so. Skipping unsuccessful data migrations could cost you a fortune in the future.


Choosing the right CRM for your data migration is a big step to take. As any other aspect in your small business or enterprise, a CRM platform is an investment and should not be taken lightly. With Saphyte, we understand that your investment should be worth it.

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM tool that helps you streamline your corporate processes, sales cycle, and marketing activities from email marketing to other sales campaign activities, and fit them into a single powerful platform.

Saphyte has sales and marketing modules designed and built to improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. The system also has other functions and tools that can help you build better customer experiences through impressive customer interaction activities (phone calls, email blasts, etc.) and leads you to build customer satisfaction.

The platform can help you manage vital customer information, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, and identify business opportunities built for the long haul. Saphyte’s features are built for scalability and flexibility. Thus, allowing growth to come easily for your business in the feature. A system built to grow with you and your business.

Saphyte is on a pay-as-you-go subscription plan and is a cloud-based CRM. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a browser. Saphyte’s subscription plans are complete with a free demo and one-on-one product training.

No set-up fees, no installation fees, no hidden or extra charges, and 24/7 expert customer support availability. Let us help you get started with your CRM journey. Contact us now for a free demo. Or start your trial period now.

Easy CRM Migration Tips to Follow before Migrating to a CRM

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Transitioning from manual to a semi-automated process is a big occasion. The excitement of looking for new and better ways to improve your business process will always be there. So does anxiety too. Data migration is a complicated process, and the possibility of something going terribly wrong is unsettling. That is why choosing amongst the best migration tools is important.

One of the best tools to support your transition and create a better data map is perhaps the CRM software.

CRM systems are built to support multiple users and store hundreds of contact records that need to be transferred without any possible loss. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can also function as your all-around contact management tool.  The tool can also be used for your further streamline your sales process of your sales team and create better customer interaction interesting and effective.

The worry and anxiety of CRM data migration will always be there. To ease it up, here are some easy CRM migration tips to follow before the big step.

Choose between a Cloud-based or On-site System

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs are investing in automation technology is a trend nowadays. Whether it’s a CRM software, an email marketing platform, or any productivity tools. While reliable tools are now easy to find, businesses face a purchasing dilemma that cannot be avoided: are they going to opt for a cloud-based or an on-premise system?

If you want your team to be more mobile and effective, then choose a cloud-based system. Cloud-based systems provide you with more flexibility and can enable you to move effortlessly between from one phase to another during your sales cycle.  

Leverage Migration Tools for Automation

One of the common questions about CRM migration is: can the entire process be automated? This would depend on a lot of factors; however, every bit of automation is more than welcome.

Not only can CRM move amounts of your data faster and with ease, but they also cost significantly less than hiring consultants. Furthermore, you should be cautious with your choice of a migration tool. The process of switching to a CRM demands duplicate checking, plenty of audits and testing, so be sure that the platform of your choice covers it all. 

Include the Sales Team

Remember that your sales team are the forerunners of your business. As forerunners, they are the ones who will be using the software. So, you have to involve their input before going forward with the migration.

Though this decision comes straight from the top, it’s actually your dedicated staff that should hold the majority of the deciding vote. Your sales reps are will be using the platform on a daily basis, and having the tools that will make their daily tasks easier can be a big help in optimizing their performance.

Why you should migrate with Saphyte CRM?

Saphyte is a CRM platform that helps businesses and their sales team streamline all of their corporate activities and integrate them into one powerful platform. Saphyte has sales and marketing tools designed to improve business efficiency and productivity.

The software helps you manage your customer data, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, and identify opportunities for the long haul. Besides that, here are some amazing advantages when you choose to migrate with Saphyte.

Saphyte has central communication tools fit for your sales team

Uncoordinated business processes can cause a lot of unnecessary aggravation and more time is wasted. Keeping everyone on the same page and on the loop makes them better informed and be equipped with up-to-date information. This will eventually reduce the risk of meaningless errors that can make your business look unprofessional.

A primary example of this is multiple calls from the same company. This happens when one of your leads is contacted twice by the same company but with different agents. This can make your organization seem disorganized and can annoy potential customers off.

A CRM system like Saphyte can help you avoid this type of situation by storing all of your related information and sharing information across your team. So, everyone will be informed about the progress of your sales with no redundant work.

Also, Saphyte has a Sales Hierarchy feature where your sales managers can assign different leads or prospects to your sales team. This will help your sales reps focus more on their tasks and easier for them as they move along the sales pipeline. The more focused your team is, the more they can build customer satisfaction.

Saphyte has Deals and Sales Management Tools

Saphyte is built Client Management and Sales Management tools to help you build an accurate and reliable base of customer information. These tools allow you to effortlessly organize, segment, and categorize all your contact information, check and reply to emails, schedule meetings, manage your team’s tasks, and manage your companies and deals – without leaving the platform.

Saphyte has productivity tools

To be productive and effective without having to spend so much is a dream come true. This is where the need for task automation comes into play. By automating your repetitive and manual tasks, you can change the way you do your business – and all for the better.

Saphyte can help you automate most of your manual processes. From workflow processes, to lead generation, automated email sending, and to automated email replies. You can now ditch some of your manual processes like manually scoring your leads, processing data, making a product catalog from scratch, sending emails individually, and so on.

Saphyte’s advantages don’t just end there. You can make personalized emails for your existing customers, create workflows that work around your business, and track emails you’ve sent to your clients. Every feature that your sales team could only dream of.

Saphyte has accurate Sales Intelligence and Sales Forecasting Tools

Business decisions are crucial in stabilizing your bottom line. However, creating such decisions is difficult and it does not involve guesswork. It involves processing reliable data. Sure, your separate Excel or Google sheets may work for a while, but effective business decisions involve accurate data – and doing it the old-fashioned way will never work.

Saphyte can revolutionize and equip your business better for the future through its Sales Forecasting and Sales Intelligence tools. These tools can help you create data-driven and intelligent business decisions for you and your business.

The Sales Intelligence tool can help you gather and organize all information in regard to a client. Saphyte’s system in return then processes said information, automatically analyzing your collated data, and creates easy-to-understand visuals for reporting. The graphs are helpful when you need to adjust some of your strategies in order to improve your sales and marketing process.

Sales Forecasting is a tool you can use to create an accurate estimate of your future sales. This tool can take more time because you have to build imperative and precise data first. Hence, the reason why you should start investing in a productive CRM at an early convenience.

As you go further, Saphyte CRM can give you an accurate forecasting insight. This, in turn, can help you create keen business decisions, and mitigate your future losses. The better decisions you make along your sales cycle, the faster you can improve your business’s sales performance.


Lastly, Saphyte CRM is an inexpensive and non-complicated option for a CRM migration solution. Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM SaaS web platform. You don’t need to install the platform into your local computer. Hence, saving you from investing in new storage equipment and hiring IT personnel. All you need is a browser and a reliable Internet connection.

Furthermore, Saphyte has pay-as-you-go subscription monthly plans. No lock-in period. Cancel anytime. Every subscription plan is complete with a free demo and product training. No set-up fees, no extra or hidden charges, and 24/7 customer support availability. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, the right CRM migration tool is always crucial. So contact us for a free demo. Or start your trial period starting today with this CRM system Dubai. For free.

Saphyte: Your Partner in CRM Website Integration

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In a constantly advancing world, many people have become keener in using and applying technology in almost every aspect of their lives. From buying food and things online to communicating with our relatives and friends worldwide through social media, technology has influenced how we live our lives today.

Now that we are in a pandemic, businesses are thriving by launching their physical business and services to the online world. Through online marketing campaigns, they can now easily reach potential customers – those which they cannot reach in a traditional marketing strategy. 

Businesses engaging with customers online can also save a lot of time, and this will not just benefit them, but also their customers who will be enjoying speed and convenience. The growing commerce online has allowed businesses to easily achieve higher customer satisfaction and grow their business.

Growing Your Business

These days, there is a huge influx of potential customers all around the globe and your business needs to keep up in handling customer data, phone calls, sales lead, email marketing, contact management, and customer service. If you have a small business, startup, or even an eCommerce website, what you need for your continuous business growth is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Saphyte.

But before we introduce to you Saphyte, let us first define what customer relationship management (CRM) is.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management or CRM helps boost your business growth by gathering customer interactions and organizing the gathered data in one place. Customer relationship management software like Zoho, Saphyte, and Hubspot allows you to access the customer information you need to potentially grow your business. Whether you have a small business, startup, or an online shop, you need to integrate CRM into your website or social media platforms to maximize business growth.

What is Saphyte and why do you need it?

Saphyte, just like any other CRM software, keeps track of all the customer’s data and activities in your CRM integrated website, social media platforms, e-mails, and other channels and gathers them into one powerful platform. All of your customer’s interactions from different channels gathered in one place. It makes you handle your business easier without having to commission someone to manage all these things. Now if you are just starting with your business, this would tremendously help you both in managing finances and handling your business.

With all the customer data gathered in one place, it gives assistance to building a better workflow to skyrocket sales lead and customer retention. These CRM features can greatly help your business to increase customer satisfaction and build significant and lasting business relationships.

What gives Saphyte the upper hand?

We know that there are lots of other companies that offer customer relationship management (CRM) tools and promise great returns for your investment to them. But what gives Saphyte a few steps ahead?

Here are some reasons why Saphyte is the right customer relationship management system for you.

Saphyte Grows with You

Saphyte is designed to go beyond the limits of software and systems. It was carefully developed to adapt to the unique needs of businesses in several industries. So as your business grows, Saphyte grows with you. 

It can also easily be customized to adapt according to your business needs so you can take care of yourself while Saphyte takes care of your business.

Awesome Scalability

Talk about maximizing potential. Saphyte offers scalability and flexibility that not only fits your business needs but also takes your business to greater heights. As your business grows, you can comfortably customize Saphyte using third-party integration or even unique customization to perfectly fit your unique business processes and operations.

So, it’s not just customer data gathering, you can also do contact management, customer support, sales team management, and so much more. Unleash the full potential of this CRM system. It is an all-in-one user-friendly system that can be used in almost every sector. 

No set-up fees

Yes, you heard that right! This is the sign that you have been looking for. Unlike other platforms, Saphyte doesn’t have any hidden charges. So, you can now stop doubting if this is the right CRM solutions partner or CRM software for your business.

With Saphyte, you can simply sign-up, select the number of users, complete your purchase, and use the system right away. Your investment in Saphyte will never go in vain, it will go back to you manifolds.

Unlimited Data Storage

Nowadays, having a large amount of storage is paramount. With the influx of consumers in the virtual world, businesses need to establish a large amount of storage to store their business procedures, contact information, and other necessary data to keep up with the ever-expanding number of consumers. But you don’t need to worry because, with Saphyte, you have access to unlimited data storage. Your data storage is also processed in real-time.

Customizable multiple dashboards

Saphyte’s user-friendly dashboard gives you an overview of all the information of your customers and your business. And with Saphyte, you can also add in your dashboard other necessary information that you need like marketing, sales pipeline, customer interaction history, and many more so you can have a one-page overview of your business.

You can do this customization by using Saphyte’s drag-and-drop functionality to move the widgets according to your preferences. This way, the information that you will see will perfectly fit your preferences.


If you want to establish a good customer-business relationship and if you want to integrate Saphyte in all of your social media platforms or have an integrated CRM website, you can never go wrong with Saphyte.

By using Saphyte, we are confident that your business will grow and you can easily reach your business goals to achieve the best customer management reputation.

Saphyte is not just a system or software. It is your friend, your business partner, and your adviser as you continue to seek greatness in your business.

Sign up for a free trial today or you may contact our experts to have a free product demo. Start your journey with us by choosing Saphyte as your CRM partner.

Saphyte: USPs and CRM Price

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Businesses nowadays are going on a digital transformation since it tends to be more effective in achieving higher sales rates, increased brand awareness, and it also allows you to provide better customer experience. Almost every consumer is staying on the internet and digital marketers are leveraging on this advantage.

When you are already investing a lot with how you run your business in the digital marketing realm, having a grasp of advanced-technological tools will surely benefit your company. One of these tools is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

You might have heard or research what a CRM software is since it continually increases its popularity and its main goal is to help you increase your sales rate and help you have a higher rate of customer retention.

CRM tools consist of sales, marketing, and customer support functions. You can use all of these tools in just one platform. With that, it hastens your business processes and lessens your operational costs.

How does a CRM system work?

· It streamlines business processes.

· It gives better visualization of the customer’s journey.

· It provides a secure and centralized database.

· It improves team collaboration.

· It personalizes the customer experience.

Introducing Saphyte 

Saphyte was created way back in 2017 with the idea of being able to help businesses achieve their target sales and with that, customer retention is a must. Before it was launched, it underwent a lot of testing and adjustments until it was ready to be deployed.

It has sales and marketing tools that will help you manage customer data, create marketing strategies, and recognize opportunities in real-time. Saphyte focuses on helping you with your sales team and marketing efforts – giving you a boost in efficiency and productivity.

This CRM technology will also help you provide better customer interactions to enhance customer satisfaction. With its CRM tools, it will help you boost customer retention rates. 

Saphyte is empowered to be competitive in the global market. It can support almost all sectors since it is flexible and scalable. The system adapts to what kind of business you have – its duty is to make adjustments as to how you want the system to be.

Saphyte’s Unique Selling Proposition

Small businesses and even big companies are already putting their interest in Saphyte because of how it stands out from other CRM systems. Here are Saphyte’s USPs that will make you want to know Saphyte more:

It is scalable and flexible.

You do not have to worry if Saphyte can accommodate the day-to-day processes of your business.  The system is designed to adapt to you. If you want to have additional modules, functionalities, or custom processes, Saphyte can be customized according to your needs.

You do not have to change from one CRM platform to another thinking that new business processes can’t be accommodated in the system. Even if you started small and eventually grow, the system will grow along with you.

Saphyte is the first-ever locally-developed CRM solution in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is known for being always the first in creating disruptive technologies and having to develop the first-ever local CRM in the region will be eye-catching and makes you think how powerful it can be.

Saphyte is bound to help SMEs and even big companies. It can do great wonders and hasten up their growth and success in no time.

It has no set-up fees and hidden charges.

Saphyte aims to be transparent with its users. You do not have to pay for any set-up fees. All you have to do is sign up, select how many users will use the system, complete your purchase and you can start using the system right away. 

The take-away is that if you have paid five users and only four of them are actively using the system, Saphyte will only bill you for the four users. It will inform you who is actively using the system and who is not. This is how transparent Saphyte is.

Customizable Multiple Dashboards

This is a special feature of Saphyte that makes it stand out from other CRM platforms. You can create a one-page summary of all the information you want to know – may it be from your sales and marketing team efforts, marketing campaigns results, and support management.

With Saphyte’s drag and drop functionality, you can choose different widgets easily and create what is inside your dashboard.

Saphyte CRM Price

Saphyte has different types of business plans. You can choose either from the starter, basic, advanced, or enterprise plan depending on how many functionalities your company needs. It also offers a 30-day trial period so that you can navigate the system well without paying any fees.

  1. Starter

This plan is free but it has basic functionalities. It has client and sales management tools and some of the administrative tools.

2. Basic

With this business plan, you will be paying $15 per user per month. Same as the starter pack, you can have access to the functionalities of client and sales management and administrative tools. You can also use marketing campaigns.

This basic plan will also give you access to the team and workspace tools and predefined reports.

3. Advanced

In the advanced plan, you will be paying $50 per user per month. It has the same functionalities with the basic plan but there are more added tools with it. The administrative tools are on a complete set and you can use email marketing with it too.

4. Enterprise

With the enterprise plan, you will be paying $99 per user per month. All of the functionalities from client management, sales, and marketing management, administrative, team and workspace, reports, client portal, and PSP integrations are accessible.

Saphyte provides support from the basic up to the enterprise plan. Once you purchase from Saphyte, it will give you all the support until you can navigate the system very well.

Who can take advantage of Saphyte?

Since Saphyte is flexible and scalable, almost every sector can be supported by it. Here are five sectors that are proven to benefit from the said CRM solution:


Saphyte has multiple tools that help retail companies to operate seamlessly. It has sales, marketing, customer support, inventory, and quotation management that are essential in managing a retail company.

Real Estate

With Saphyte’s Lead and Client Management tools, any real estate company can enhance its customer relationships and deals management. 

Since those are the things that make up most of how to do business in the real estate sector, Saphyte provides the necessary tools that include lead scoring, timely follow-up using task management, email marketing, etc. that are important in doing the day-to-day processes of a real estate company.


Saphyte can generate standard workflows for a trading business especially in sales, marketing, and customer support areas. It also provides tools to measure the growth and success of a business through the usage of customer-related information that is readily available in the system.


Saphyte can accommodate a large amount of data and can adapt to the fast-growing database of an insurance company. It can organize different information and processes to minimize repetitive tasks. 

Form building, contact information management, lead management, policy management, commission structuring, custom reporting, and other insurance-related processes can be done automatically in Saphyte enabling insurance companies to focus on more important tasks.


Educational companies like training centers have thousands of different potential customers’ or information. Through Saphyte, you can categories each individual if they are potential enrollees or if they are already existing ones.

Saphyte can help in managing students and assign them to different instructors for specific courses or subjects. Saphyte can also help in managing the schedule of activities for each student.


You can invest with Saphyte and choose from one plan to another once your business will grow. The CRM price for this system is worth it and no single dollar from your resources will be wasted. Growth and success are an assurance with Saphyte and they are all about transparency with their users.

Helpful Tips For CRM Migration

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Knowing how to migrate your CRM could be a very challenging task whether you are switching from one CRM software to another or you are upgrading your old CRM software.

Most CRM systems nowadays allow you to export data from the application, although you can import data from there, many steps are still required to make a smooth transition. The implementation of the solution does not have to be overwhelming. There are helpful tools and functionalities, and experts available who can help you have a less tedious and chaotic transition.

Why businesses migrate from one CRM to another?

Today, every business acknowledges the significance of optimizing the business processes that is why CRM data migration often turns up at the top of every company’s agenda. These businesses migrate from one CRM to another to look for the best tools for their business processes or perhaps that their current CRM solution is high-maintenance but low-performing. Lack of software integration with third-party marketing services, third-party sales, and data loss are also some factors that cause firms to switch.

Losing all customer data and information you have in your current CRM is a great loss. CRM migrations are not as simple as records transfer, but rather a complex process of migrating data and its internal relations. Different firms have a diverse type of connection with each other or probably no direct correlation at all. CRM is a complex process that requires a lot of preparation, analysis, and planning to ensure that no data is lost during the migration process.

In this era, as businesses race to the top, it is a need to monitor customer relationships. CRM helps gather data from a vast array of communication platforms with real-time analysis. It also helps in digging out user preferences and gives you an idea of how to meet customer expectations.

Why do you need to migrate to a new CRM?

The CRM migration process is a difficult process that needs a significant amount of time and attention. Below are six common reasons why companies switch from one CRM to another.

The CRM migration process is a strenuous process that requires an appropriate amount of time and attention. Here are 5 main reasons why companies decide to migrate from one CRM to another:

1.       Lack of Configurability and Scalability

2.       Declining User Adoption Rates

3.       Escalating Costs of Supporting the Application & Users

4.      Limited Access Methods

5.       Lack of Cloud Integrations

You need to migrate your existing data instead of starting with a clean slate is obviously because your client information database is the main reason for your firm’s success and losing those precious information means losing your existing and prospective customers.

It is also unwise to keep the data in a cloud because it could not be easily accessed. If so, you have to dig for it somewhere in the archive. With a CRM system, you can easily access reliable insights if you already incorporated the previous data into the analysis.

Why should you switch to a new CRM solution?

The two main points to consider when switching over to a new CRM solution are the data structure and the customer information and sales process data itself.

The sales process data includes all customers’ data like their contact information, demographic data, preferences, and style, tracked phone calls, and more. It also consists of purchases history, sales cycle, updates, marketing campaign outcomes, employee information, customer service information, and social media insights.

When we say “data structure”, it refers to how you organize, handle, modify, and store client information and sales data. Unorganized data is considered worthless that is why it is important that you migrate data structure as well. You have to adjust your current data structure as it is impossible to migrate it without any changes.

What to do before CRM Migration?

You need to make a strategic plan ahead and prepare for the migration process properly. Here are the things you need to before CRM Migration:

1.      Inform Stakeholders For CRM Migration                              

Before anything else, you should arrange a meeting to bring together both CRM end users and the stakeholders. By this, you can easily set a clear vision of what to expect with the new CRM system. Discuss why you need to migrate to a new system and what needs to be improved, what data should be kept, and what should be deleted.

2.      Compare CRM Systems                                                        

Identify what type of data and fields you can use in the target CRM. Go through your current CRM system and examine whether all types of data can be transferred into the new one. Make sure the new CRM system can be customized if you have customized fields to make the migration successful.

3.      Examine the Data and Remove Duplicates

Analyzing what data your legacy CRM contains, its type and format, its organization, and what CRM data needs to be migrated. This is the step when you have to get rid of any repeating data is the most important step. After doing those, design a data map to help you easily track what data goes where.

4.      Make a Backup

CRM data is essential for your business that is why you should make sure that no data is lost during the migration process. You should create a backup in case something goes wrong and you can rest assured that you would not lose any CRM data. If you switch to a new CRM system from a different company, make sure that they back up your previous data. 

5.      Customize The Target CRM company

To make data migration from customized fields possible, you should customize the target CRM system. You can just get rid of the fields that you would not be using anymore.

6.      Establish a Migration Script Or Tool

The most technical part of the whole migration process is establishing the migration script or tool that does the entire job for you. We strongly advise you to choose a company that provides this service except if you have a CRM data migration expert in your team. The coding should be perfect because a single mistake in the code would ruin everything. 

7.      Do Prior Test Before Migration

Every newly created tool should undergo testing first and CRM migration tools are no exception to it. Do a test by transferring some pieces of data to see if the tool properly works the way it should and how you expect it to perform. By doing this, you can check whether you have prepared your data and structured it properly. You can also know if some data gets lost, or the format is not compatible with the target CRM by running a prior test.

Helpful Tips during CRM Migration

CRM migration could be a very meticulous process and it can be easy to get overwhelmed with it. Below are 4 useful tips for CRM migration you can do to solve some migration issues:

1.      Pay Close Attention to Customized Fields

Whenever a customized field in your legacy system was utilized more than once, you should get rid of it. Ensure that you know how to customize your target CRM, what specific fields you need and what data should be in it.

2.      Watch over Attachments

Make sure to migrate CRM with attachments properly. Gather all attachments from different folders in one core location. You have to decide where to store these attachments may it be locally or in the cloud.

3.      Verify Everything

Make sure to double-check and verify what data you migrate. This is very important especially when you want to transfer data from one CRM system to another or a spreadsheet.

4.      Opt for a Reliable Specialist

Even though it might be a bit costly, CRM customization and data migration should be much preferably done by a CRM specialist or not done at all. These precious data are very sensitive that is why it should be done by an expert who knows every way around the complex process.