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How to Create A Remote Workforce

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Imagine having the ability to maintain a flexible work ethic as well as having your productivity boosted, all from the comfort of your home office or favorite coffee spot. Imagine bridging hundreds of miles in distances just by using face time or other video conferencing tools.

Thanks to modernization and systemic advancements, businesses are now capable of successfully managing their remote employees, in their own homes, from any country across the globe like they used to do face-to-face. In the US alone, around 36.2 million Americans expect to be working remotely by 2025.

Knowing how to create and work in a successful remote workforce is a special skill that all managers and employees alike should learn. Keep reading if you intend on further building your business and its success for the year 2021.

What you should know:

Employees who work from home report higher productivity

Communication using tools built for remote work is essential for success

The overall quality of work is increased when teams are able to seamlessly collaborate

Remote working allows  employees to have a more flexible lifestyle

It also promotes safety from the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the need to conduct regular checks for transmission

Why Should I Create A Remote Workforce?

Creating a remote workforce allows you to have a more diverse pool of talents and skills and more productive employees. They’re also cheaper to operate and safer too during the pandemic.

To start, you need to understand that it is only a matter of time before your business is bound to need a remote workforce. As a business owner, you should already know that your employees can work from remote areas. What this generally means is that you need to find the silver lining between having an employee work with you in person, or having your employee work on their own.

Here are a few of the benefits to having a remote team:

Wider Recruit Range

What this simply means is that you can hire employees from a far wider radius. Although it might be a hassle as you will be managing them from out of the city, you’re providing individuals the opportunity to employment during an incredibly sensitive time. You’re also less likely to need additional office space to cater to these added resources.

With the Saphyte ecosystem, teams from around the world can have access to a centralized database that gets updated in real-time
Hiring Skilled Employees

Another plus to consider is that thanks to a wider range of employment, you are bound to encounter highly skilled and talented individuals, providing you a winning asset to your virtual team.

Boosting Employee Productivity

Whilst not all individuals possess the discipline for this type of working environment, some thrive by having access to high levels of flexibility. The flexibility of time needed to accomplish tasks may be a new responsibility to some, and the ability to manage and track their work schedules will allow them to do their work while they are in their best mental state.

The Saphyte Ecosystem allows you to manage your team members and departments
Building The Best Remote Operating Team

To build a remote team, one must consider dedication, competence, communication skills, and reliability on the part of the employees.

It is important to acknowledge that an in-office team and a remote one require a variety of different skills and strengths. Whilst some individuals prefer the surrounds of an office and being surrounded by team members, others are better versed at operating on their own time schedules. The success of your business is going to depend on whether you can build the best team of remote workers possible.

When picking out employees, you should consider the following factors:

Dedication And Competence

While work from home is something that a lot of employees prefer, regardless of the work setup, your team has to be dedicated to their work. Being dedicated would mean that they will push through with their work as much and as best as they can. Your team also has to be versed with how they deliver their results. There is no point in having a dedicated employee if they are not able to adhere to timelines and create satisfactory results.

Great Communication Skills

All businesses require thorough communication—being able to communicate with your co-workers would not only boost work production, but it can also improve your relationships with one another. Individuals who are group players possess great ability to work as part of a team whilst still operating in silo. Softwares built for remote teams also feature communication tools or collaboration tools that make collaborating with teams from miles away a lot easier.

Trustworthy And Reliable

It is difficult to run a team that you don’t even trust—unlike working in the office, you won’t be able to monitor them as much as you want. This is why you should find workers that you can trust completely, as well as making sure that you can rely on them when the workload starts to get frantic. There are, however, tools that you can utilize, such as CRM systems, that allow you to track performance and delivery, even out of office proximity.


Understanding how to create a remote workforce is the beginning of a successful business. Thriving on such a concept would not only boost your work productivity but can also improve the quality of work. Create and manage remote teams now and boost your chances of success.

Contact our support team now to learn more about creating the best remote workforce possible.

How to Avoid Losing Leads

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Imagine getting leads using your lead generation techniques and imagine actually turning them into customers? While this may sound easy on paper, it’s actually a struggle that most businesses can identify with.

Losing leads is a difficult challenge to overcome. That’s because most businesses don’t know what to do to sustain the interest of their leads.

What’s more, activating cold leads is a crucial part of the sales process as they can significantly contribute to the business’s growth. If a business continues to lose leads, its sales may remain stagnant, and the business may suffer negative cash outflow.

So how can you avoid losing leads?

What you should know:

The first five minutes is crucial in securing leads, use CRM systems to automate this process for efficiency

A simple sales process allows sales teams to track and monitor leads effectively

Focusing on HOT leads is better than dividing your attention to all leads equally

3 Tips to Avoid Losing Leads

To avoid losing leads, check out these three tips that successful companies follow:

Timely Communication is Key

The first five minutes are the most important part period when contacting a lead, according to a Harvard Business Review study. The study observed a 400% increase in lead response when a lead is engaged within the first five minutes upon contact.

That means salespeople must be able to send an email, make a phone call, or send whatever is needed to be sent to elicit a response from a lead. According to experts, sending a welcome email is the best way to engage leads.

A welcome email should have a brief description of the brand identity: what do you do and what value can you give to the target recipient.

It should also encourage leads to make a purchase. This can be done by giving them a WELCOME discount voucher, a cash voucher, or a freebie, among others.

Sending a WELCOME EMAIL can be done manually. But it is best to AUTOMATE this process.

Saphyte lets you automate the sending of emails to welcome leads

With the use of CRMs like Saphyte, you can configure the system to send a WELCOME EMAIL to leads that perform specific tasks like filling out a form, subscribing to the company newsletter, or downloading a lead magnet.

Simplify the Sales Process

As a customer, nothing irks you more than a sales process that’s messy and delayed. But simplifying the sales process is more of a benefit to the sales team than the customer.

A simple sales process allows the sales team to qualify leads (cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads), keep track and monitor them, and perform the appropriate task to ensure the sales funnel is flowing smoothly.

Using technologies like Saphyte can help you visualize your sales pipeline, get detailed information about your leads, and perform specific actions (manually and automatically) to encourage leads to explore more about your business, check out your products and services, and make the first purchase.

Saphye allows you to customize or use system email templates to quickly craft an email for specific leads

Sending cold leads FOLLOW UP EMAILS can help reintroduce them to your business and inform them about the benefits of your products and services, encouraging them to make the first purchase.

Focus on HOT Leads

While it is encouraged to focus on ALL leads, a company can only do so much when it comes to communicating with leads. This part of the sales process can be quite expensive to do too, especially when you have to do this MANUALLY.

So it is recommended to focus on hot leads than on anything else. If possible, remove all the DEAD LEADS in your sales funnel so you can focus on those that are more likely to convert.

CRMs like Saphyte let you know your leads at a deeper level

Using CRM systems like Saphyte lets you get more detailed information about your leads, like what company they’re working for, what departments they work in, or even personal information like hobbies, income, interests, etc.

Once a lead makes a purchase, don’t forget to give after-sales support. Improving the customer experience is crucial in determining whether a customer will make a purchase from you again.


To avoid losing leads, send emails promptly, use technologies like Saphyte for efficiency, simplify your sales process, and focus on leads that matter.

Ensure success in sales in 2021 by following these guidelines to sales in 2021.

Start your digital transformation journey with us so you can avoid losing leads and get more sales conversions.

For more information about Saphyte, contact our support team now.

The Rise of Saphyte Amidst All CRM Providers in Dubai

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Dubai has the highest population in the United Arab Emirates. And in terms of economy, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. The government’s decision to diversify financial sources such as tourism and technology led them to this continued success. It is now home to service industries such as information technology and electronic commerce.

With the rise of technology and enterprise, CRM providers in Dubai have increased as well.  They provide reliable day to day business solutions for both small and large business. CRM has allowed companies of different industries to improve customer satisfaction, marketing campaigns, sales processes, and more. This is why more and more businesses seek the help of CRM providers. 

One of the notable CRM providers in Dubai nowadays is Saphyte by Loyica. Saphyte is the first locally made CRM software and has been the best among the others in the entire UAE. This year, despite the pandemic, Saphyte has risen amidst the other CRM Providers in Dubai and UAE through reliable and affordable products and services. 

Saphyte Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Saphyte was launched in 2017 with the goal of enabling businesses to gain more customer engagements to achieve their target growth and success. It is made and registered in the United Arab Emirates but is set to be a revolutionary technology for SMEs all over the globe – not just in Dubai or UAE alone.

The software is a cloud-based CRM that analyzes all customer interactions and automatically converts them into important data that can be stored and accessed anytime and anywhere. This is because Saphyte is also a centralized storage platform for all of your customer’s data. 

The centralized storage will allow you to access all of your customer’s information, manage all contact information, store certain data types like phone calls, and many more. All of these features are integrated within Saphyte’s CRM system to help you create more meaningful customer experiences.

What Makes Saphyte Better in Many Ways

Saphyte, compared to the other providers, is equipped with a lot of important tools sales, marketing, team management, customer service, and more. These tools will help in managing all of your business processes easily and with convenience.

The system is fit for all types of businesses but it is best for both growing and small businesses. This is because Saphyte provides a robust CRM solution with a lot of important tools at an impressively affordable price. Thus, growing businesses will have the means to compete with big and established businesses with the help of Saphyte. Plus, Saphyte is flexible and is able to accommodate you and your growing business needs. So as your company grows, Saphyte CRM grows with you. 

Saphyte is also designed to be user-friendly and equipped with drag-and-drop functionality to help those entrepreneurs who are a bit unfamiliar with the technology. It is also designed this way to give more convenience while using the product. With this, you can easily maneuver within the system and access all its tools.

These functions of Saphyte are already impressive. But to give you more reasons why Saphyte is better in many ways, here are some of its added features and functions that explain why Saphyte is a rising CRM provider amidst all CRM providers in Dubai.

Customization and Unlimited Dashboards

Aside from the previously mentioned features, Saphyte values your existing processes and thoughts on how a business solution should be able to be customized. Meaning, Saphyte provides a CRM solution that can be customized according to your own preferences or existing business processes. 

The system can adapt even if you have additional modules, processes, workflow, and more. It can be also personalized depending on the user’s preferences. And you can not find this level of customization in the other CRM providers, it is only found here in Saphyte. The best thing with customization is that it allows your team to see pertinent information relevant to the goals you’ve set. This will help them focus more on these goals, increasing the probability of success. Since different departments have different goals, these departments can also customize their dashboards according to their targets. This allows each of your departments to focus on their own tasks contributing to the success of your business as a whole.

Aside from that, Saphyte CRM tools enable you to have unlimited dashboards. So, you can put one, two, or even multiple dashboards to get all the analytics you need once you open your CRM. With the highest level of customization compared to other providers plus the provision of unlimited dashboards, you will have all you need to keep your business running by only using a single system.

Workflow Automation

The traditional way of running a business requires manual work. That is why employees of these companies are burdened with repetitive tasks that require a lot of time and effort, such as email marketing. But with Saphyte CRM, these tasks can be easily automated. With workflow automation, you will be able to increase your business’ productivity, efficiency, and stability.

Although the word “Automation” seems such a complicated task that only IT specialists can do, this is not true. Workflow Automation with Saphyte CRM system is easy. The system was built to be user-friendly. So once you’ve determined which task to automate, you can easily drag and drop, click and connect the nodes and elements in your workflow sheet. This will create a seamless workflow that connects one step of the task to another. 

Having this efficient workflow will allow your business to run smoothly. Since the automated process ensures all processes are performed identically, the output has no room for errors. This results in a higher quality of output. And on the other hand, your employees can focus on tasks that require human analysis, creativity, and intelligence. They will be able to focus on other important tasks instead of being stuck up with repetitive tasks. 

Sales and Marketing Tools

Saphyte CRM is not only concerned with how you organize tasks. It is all the more concerned with how you increase your sales, which is an important factor for the business’ success. Saphyte CRM is equipped with Sales and Marketing tools that are helpful for your sales reps and the rest of the sales team. 

To improve your sales, you must have good marketing strategies even in the field. This is why Saphyte CRM has developed its own mobile CRM. Having a mobile CRM allows your sales reps to have all the information they need in the palm of their hand. With the assistance of this CRM tool, they can get and provide accurate and efficient information from and with their clients.

Furthermore, this software solution allows you to establish a sales cycle that will help you convert potential clients to paying customers. This is important because it allows you to objectively evaluate your sales efforts. You will know if your sales reps or email marketing went well. With this evaluation, you can pinpoint which sales efforts you need to improve and which ones need to keep on doing. 


Having all these features made Saphyte the number one CRM provider not just in Dubai, but the entire United Arab Emirates. But in addition to all of these, Saphyte CRM has a very affordable price. Other CRM systems in the market would cost you a lot, but Saphyte has the best tools for a lower price. So if you haven’t tried using a CRM system and you are curious about it, you can try Saphyte because of its affordability. 

So, if you have not experienced what Saphyte can do for your business yet, contact us now and take advantage of its impressive tools. Our sales reps are available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Easy Hacks on How to Use a CRM System Effectively

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Organizations depend on the business relationships in order to convert prospective leads into paying and loyal customers and deliver great customer satisfaction. For small businesses and medium enterprises, building an effective sales process often has to depend on collecting customer data from different sources – manually.

As a business, having a tool like a customer relationship management (CRM) software can be a great lifesaver. These platforms help businesses track crucial data, such as how customer engagements are going, and the potential customers you’re reaching out to. A CRM can help you sort through rigorous customer data in innovative and powerful ways. Furthermore, CRM systems can help you create business decisions from helping you predict customer needs, to making your sales process more streamlined, and to developing partnerships through the features offered.

CRM is often built with extensive capabilities that offices don’t fully utilize to the best of their ability, which can lead to an inefficient system. Don’t waste your time dealing with multiple platforms. Work your way to the top with the use of your CRM as effectively as possible.

CRM systems can help you to come up with innovative solutions to process vital customer information, making said information available throughout your organizations, and ensuring that your team is in the loop of the best practices in using the software and is comfortable using it at the same time.

So how can you use your CRM effectively and efficiently? Here are some basic hacks on how to use a CRM system effectively for your business.

Contextualize Your Outreach

Did you know that the feeling of neglect is the main reason customers switch away from subscribing to products and services? Other studies state that 90 percent of clients are willing to pay more for a business that has better customer service. These facts lead to the same assumption: consumers want your full attention to their specific needs and wants.

This is where CRM data comes in handy. The platform can assist you in building tailored offers, which in turn can help you track consumer website behavior. As a salesperson, you can have access and be able to explore the browsing history of your clients individually, which gives you leeway to customize an offer they can’t resist during phone calls.

Furthermore, you can improve customer sales outreach through automated emails. Whenever your leads visit your webpage the CRM will automatically send them a follow-up email or an invitation to check out another piece of content about your product or service.

The best thing about this concept is that it doesn’t bother your prospects, on a B2B perspective. Due to the fact that they are the ones who took the initial contact and you are only using the chance to contextualize your outreach.

Be Aggressive and Uncompromising

Your sales team should be persistent and pushy in order to achieve their sales goals. However, there is always a chance that they’ll forget something, most especially if they’re doing things at once and manually.

They may forget to call a prospect on time or mix offers sent to different clients. This can create unnecessary disasters for you and can affect your sales goals along the way.

CRM has built-in tools that can remind your team of important meetings and their conversation history with your contacts. This feature can help you reach out to the prospect on time or remind you if you forget something in the process. You can schedule events and meetings, manage your tasks, and send the right message at just about the right time.

Reduce Data Entry Activities

A recent study states that manual data entry is the primary CRM adoption challenge. It just takes a lot of time that sales reps could otherwise dedicate to their real job, and that is reaching out to potential clients and making lucrative business deals.

Fortunately, CRMs have features that can automatically do analytics and reports and reduce your need for manual data entry and data processing. There are all sorts of charts that can grow and progress automatically in real-time.

With this advantage, your sales representatives will always have access to accurate and up-to-date information. This will allow them to act faster and precisely, and be able to customize their tactics to fit the needs of every prospect.

Utilize Marketing Content to Approach Client

Did you know that 93 percent of consumers want brands or businesses to share interesting things with them? However, a big portion of sales reps can’t see the potential of marketing content in approaching their clients.

This can pose different problems in the future. Quality content has the potential to strengthen your relations with your prospects and take them deeper into your sales funnel. What does this have to do with a CRM? Well, a CRM allows businesses to store important contact information and handle marketing content very easily.

With a CRM software, you can index and sort files by businesses, types, keywords, or any other feature for that matter. This makes it easier to execute your email marketing campaigns since most of your contacts are segmented at this point. The software acts as your contact management tool where you can find vital information quickly and use it to rightfully address your potential clients on a day-to-day basis.

Focus on your Highest-Performing Channels

Each business uses different kinds of sales and communication channels, but this doesn’t mean that all of them can guarantee results. You need to know exactly which of your channels are the best option for your company in any given situation.

Having important knowledge of the effective channels you use in communicating and reaching out to your customer is an important catalyst in increasing sales performance. The knowledge you keep is important because of the efficiency of sales channels can change from time to time. A CRM can make it necessary for you to adapt your tactic occasionally.

A CRM software is not just another weapon in your arsenal, it’s also one of the most productive business sales drivers. The valuable features of the platform allow you to have a better understanding of your customers, thus helping you to improve your bottom line in the long run.

Train your Team to Use it

No matter how many features a certain CRM platform has, you won’t be able to maximize its potential effectively if your team doesn’t know how to use it.

Rather than hoping they can navigate the key features of the program on their own, make sure you include a systematic training of the CRM platform into your employee training program for new hires. Go over all the features of the platform in detail. Ask help from the CRM vendor. The training should be thorough, precise, and should give your employees plenty of time to get comfortable with the system. 

Additionally, having a training program can also help you focus on aiding your employees to stop turning to other tools that are already in the CRM. Use the training time to help educate your employees on the advantages of using every feature a CRM has to offer.

Incorporate your CRM into marketing

According to Entrepreneur, a good CRM will often come with features that can enable you to track and develop not just customer relations but also marketing campaigns and their reach as well. When you use your CRM to get immediate feedback on the deals and campaigns you launch with your business, you can figure out what customers are responding to and what are the factors why they aren’t interested.

When you have access to this kind of intel, you and your team can have easy relations with your customers. Building better relations with your customer can help with creating customer loyalty and customer retention. Always take note that customer loyalty and retention affect a company’s revenue and can result in increased profits for your business.

Why Choose Saphyte as your CRM Solution?

Choosing the right platform is always a critical step. With that, we urge you to look at Saphyte CRM.

Saphyte is a CRM Dubai-developed system that helps you streamline all of your sales and marketing activities and integrate them into one powerful platform. Saphyte comes with sales and marketing tools designed to improve your business efficiency and productivity. The system helps you manage your customer data, conduct marketing tactics, and strategies, and identify opportunities for the long haul. A system that scales and grows with your business.

Lastly, Saphyte CRM offers an inexpensive and non-complicated option for a CRM solution. Saphyte has pay-as-you-go subscription plans and is a cloud-based CRM. You don’t need to install the system into your local computer – all you need is a reliable Internet connection and a browser.

Each subscription plan is inclusive of free demo and free product training. With no set-up fees, no extra or hidden charges, and 24/7 expert customer support availability.

With Saphyte CRM, you can improve your business’s performance, accelerate your business process, increase sales, and improve your bottom line, and make work more seamless, effective, and efficient.

Contact us now for a free demo and start your trial period today for free.

Rising Need for Automation in Business

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The benefits of modern-day technology allow businesses to thrive despite the current circumstances they are facing. As the world continues its fight against the pandemic, businesses are adapting different strategies to make themselves relevant and stay on top of their game. 

Some reshaped their business model and processes just to have an online presence for their business. Some also struggled to cope with the current situation and were forced to close. For some lucky individuals, instead of being fired from their jobs, they were able to work remotely or work from the comfort of their homes.

According to statistics, having a team that works remotely led to less efficiency in terms of work productivity and an increase in repetitive tasks. This remains true, especially to those businesses that still use traditional methods like excel and spreadsheets in their business processes. Imagine having a team of workers scattered all across the globe – all with different responsibilities and departments. You need to have a robust system to maintain the smooth flow of your team’s activity.

That is why there is a rising need for business automation. Business automation will result in a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. It is essential in helping companies who seek to do more by doing less repetitive work. Automating your business will allow you to save a lot of time, increase overall productivity, and improve teamwork.

There are lots of different systems that offer great automation for your business, one of which is Saphyte. Saphyte is a cutting-edge system that will not just help your business growth, it also grows with you.

But what really makes Saphyte different from the other systems when it comes to business automation?

Adaptive Capability

Saphyte doesn’t have to change anything in your existing business model. Instead, it adapts to your business needs and enhances your business processes significantly. It will streamline all of your business activities and integrate them into one powerful platform.

The software has features that help you manage customer data, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, create team workflows, manage deals, and identify opportunities for further growth. In other words, Saphyte is an all-in-one system that is capable of automating your business without limits.

Saphyte’s adaptive capability allows you to add necessary modules, tools, or custom processes and can be tailored according to your business processes. It is built to make everything convenient for your business and teams. No matter where you and your teams are based, Saphyte makes your business flow smoothly and seamlessly.

Easier Digital Transformation

We know that Excel and spreadsheets are great tools and have helped many a business throughout the years. But if you want to undergo total digital transformation, it can be easily achieved with Saphyte.

Gone are the days when you need to manually input data and constantly inform your team of the changes that you have made. With Saphyte, you can close your deals faster and it can boost your sales in ways that you can’t achieve with traditional methods.

Saphyte efficiently manages all your data and business activities, whether it is customer’s data or your team’s activity. With Saphyte, you can digitally transform your business with ease.


All of these are some of the many wonders Saphyte can do to and for your business. The system is solely built to assist you in managing your business needs, easier and with purpose. Saphyte adapts and grows with your business. With that, your team can provision more focus on your clients and let Saphyte handle your business.

With the rising need for automation in businesses, Saphyte is the best partner for you.

Saphyte CRM New Features for Easier Task Management

4 min read

Managing a team may seem like a walk in the park, but, it’s actually quite the opposite. There are tons of factors for team leaders to consider before they even execute a plan or even delegate a task efficiently.

Delegating tasks is an essential part of making your team work. Delegation empowers your team, it builds trust, and greatly contributes to professional development. There’s no denying that delegation is a powerful contribution for a small business.

That is why it is essential to have a productivity and task management tool to help you and your team to be even more effective in their roles.

The Role of CRM Systems for Effective Task Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Sales Force Automation, Hubspot, or Saphyte are built with tools that best suits your sales and marketing teams. These tools play an important role to make your sales process effective and seamless.

From contact management, organizing contact information, lead scoring, email marketing, marketing campaigns, and social media campaigns – a CRM can be of great help for you. When you are managing customer information, customer interactions, and do marketing automation on the fly, there are cloud-based CRM solution providers that can help you with that too.

On top of that, CRM’s can help you derive smart and data-driven business decisions through its built-in sales intelligence and sales forecasting features. These features will help you and your team grow further and be more proactive in the market.

How Organizations can Greatly Benefit from CRM

Having a CRM for your organization empowers your team and departments to work effectively and will have a better and efficient way for data management and reporting. The right CRM will not only ensure that the sales and various marketing tasks are managed and completed properly but will also avoid any mishaps in the future.

Furthermore, a CRM software can improve communication and coordination amongst your team members and collaboration amongst your sales representatives.

Most CRM platforms can easily manage your everyday business tasks and help you in saving time for manual data entry for timesheets and Excel files. Most CRM tools have automation features built in the system too.

Features like automating your event reminders, sales pipelines, company and deals management, email senders, workflow automation, and email notifications.

When your team has lesser admin work to do, they can spend more time in interacting with your customers and eventually increase their sales performance. The better your sales and marketing team are performing, the better value it brings to your business.

Calendars are used to manage and schedule your appointments – another great benefit of CRM for your business. CRM systems can also help your team in scheduling appointments without having to go to another software.

 Each person in your team has their unique sets of tasks and unique sets of customers. CRM allows you to customize tasks and clients by priority. These priority assignments of tasks in return give way to proper management of workload.

An effective CRM tool can help you increase your productivity rate, and the visibility and awareness of your organization or business.

Most CRM’s are built with a call back reminder features to help your sales team sustain regular contact and update your existing or potential customers with the latest offers or information. If you can successfully uphold your customer relation, it will surely help you in growing your business and its network.

When you have a proper CRM management tool, you can effectively manage your whole team, plus increase sales productivity efficiently and effectively.

How Saphyte CRM New Features Help you to Effectively Manage your Sales and Marketing Tasks

Saphyte is a CRM system built with features to help you streamline all of your corporate, sales and marketing activities, and integrate them into one powerful platform.

Saphyte has sales and marketing tools intended to progress your business efficiency and productivity. The system helps you manage your customer data, conduct data-driven marketing tactics and strategies, and identify opportunities for your business and its growth.

Overall, Saphyte is built with the intention to help businesses achieve growth and build long-term customer relationships, at the same time give business the scalability and flexibility it needs.

Saphyte is known for its customization features that fits right into any business’s needs. The system is designed to grow along with your business and can be tailored according to your business processes.

With that intention, Saphyte is proud to introduce some of its newest features that can greatly benefit you and your sales and marketing team in handling and managing your tasks.

Sales Hierarchy

With this feature, you can easily organize your sales according to your personal preference and accordance to your business process. This feature is flexible that you can use it to categorize your deals according to sectors, team hierarchy, timeline, milestones, and many more.

How will the Sales Hierarchy feature greatly benefit your team?

The Sales Hierarchy feature will greatly be helpful for your sales marketing and support team as you can divide your salesperson’s tasks and prevent overlapping over pipelines. It’ll also be easier to monitor the performance of your team, since the feature allows you to assign certain functions or tasks to each salesperson.

Email Calendar Integration

Every employee would want to minimize going from one software to another. Like from CRM to emails, or emails to calendar software. With Saphyte, your team members no longer have to switch from one software to another.

Saphyte lets you sync your tasks to your email calendars such as Google, Outlook, and Yahoo. This integration can greatly help you ensure that your tasks due dates are aligned with your priorities and you can manage your tasks conveniently using the scheduling tool that you are most familiar with.

How will the Email Calendar Integration be beneficial for your team?

Your team won’t have to switch from one tab or software most of the time. This will enable them to have plenty of time to do more on crucial and essential tasks. On top of that, it minimizes confusion and keeps your team on schedule.

Add Tasks

Task management is a crucial component to the success of your team. With Saphyte, Task Management has been easy for businesses and organizations.

MyDiary is where you can view your task dashboard and create tasks and associate it with your client or team members all in a single page. This feature makes sure that your team is always in the know about and will never miss any tasks, meetings, and other important events through Saphyte’s built-in notification system.

How can Add Tasks help your team?

Delegating tasks may seem easy but they’re not. You have to make it right the first time and be able to maintain and monitor activities along the way. With Saphyte, team leaders can effectively manage their team members without having to exert too much effort.

Having effective team leaders can produce effective team members. Hence, making your business more effective and efficient for the long haul.

In finding a CRM that can help you streamline your sales processes and task management activities, consider Saphyte.

Saphyte is not only built to make your business more scalable and flexible, but it’s also made to give your business a shot at success. Saphyte has its pay-as-you-go monthly fees, with no extra or hidden charges, and no set-up fees. Every subscription plan is inclusive of a free demo, and a 24/7 customer support readily available for you and your business.

Choose a CRM that adapts to you. Choose Saphyte.