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The Rise of Saphyte Amidst All CRM Providers in Dubai

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Dubai has the highest population in the United Arab Emirates. And in terms of economy, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. The government’s decision to diversify financial sources such as tourism and technology led them to this continued success. It is now home to service industries such as information technology and electronic commerce.

With the rise of technology and enterprise, CRM providers in Dubai have increased as well.  They provide reliable day to day business solutions for both small and large business. CRM has allowed companies of different industries to improve customer satisfaction, marketing campaigns, sales processes, and more. This is why more and more businesses seek the help of CRM providers. 

One of the notable CRM providers in Dubai nowadays is Saphyte by Loyica. Saphyte is the first locally made CRM software and has been the best among the others in the entire UAE. This year, despite the pandemic, Saphyte has risen amidst the other CRM Providers in Dubai and UAE through reliable and affordable products and services. 

Saphyte Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Saphyte was launched in 2017 with the goal of enabling businesses to gain more customer engagements to achieve their target growth and success. It is made and registered in the United Arab Emirates but is set to be a revolutionary technology for SMEs all over the globe – not just in Dubai or UAE alone.

The software is a cloud-based CRM that analyzes all customer interactions and automatically converts them into important data that can be stored and accessed anytime and anywhere. This is because Saphyte is also a centralized storage platform for all of your customer’s data. 

The centralized storage will allow you to access all of your customer’s information, manage all contact information, store certain data types like phone calls, and many more. All of these features are integrated within Saphyte’s CRM system to help you create more meaningful customer experiences.

What Makes Saphyte Better in Many Ways

Saphyte, compared to the other providers, is equipped with a lot of important tools sales, marketing, team management, customer service, and more. These tools will help in managing all of your business processes easily and with convenience.

The system is fit for all types of businesses but it is best for both growing and small businesses. This is because Saphyte provides a robust CRM solution with a lot of important tools at an impressively affordable price. Thus, growing businesses will have the means to compete with big and established businesses with the help of Saphyte. Plus, Saphyte is flexible and is able to accommodate you and your growing business needs. So as your company grows, Saphyte CRM grows with you. 

Saphyte is also designed to be user-friendly and equipped with drag-and-drop functionality to help those entrepreneurs who are a bit unfamiliar with the technology. It is also designed this way to give more convenience while using the product. With this, you can easily maneuver within the system and access all its tools.

These functions of Saphyte are already impressive. But to give you more reasons why Saphyte is better in many ways, here are some of its added features and functions that explain why Saphyte is a rising CRM provider amidst all CRM providers in Dubai.

Customization and Unlimited Dashboards

Aside from the previously mentioned features, Saphyte values your existing processes and thoughts on how a business solution should be able to be customized. Meaning, Saphyte provides a CRM solution that can be customized according to your own preferences or existing business processes. 

The system can adapt even if you have additional modules, processes, workflow, and more. It can be also personalized depending on the user’s preferences. And you can not find this level of customization in the other CRM providers, it is only found here in Saphyte. The best thing with customization is that it allows your team to see pertinent information relevant to the goals you’ve set. This will help them focus more on these goals, increasing the probability of success. Since different departments have different goals, these departments can also customize their dashboards according to their targets. This allows each of your departments to focus on their own tasks contributing to the success of your business as a whole.

Aside from that, Saphyte CRM tools enable you to have unlimited dashboards. So, you can put one, two, or even multiple dashboards to get all the analytics you need once you open your CRM. With the highest level of customization compared to other providers plus the provision of unlimited dashboards, you will have all you need to keep your business running by only using a single system.

Workflow Automation

The traditional way of running a business requires manual work. That is why employees of these companies are burdened with repetitive tasks that require a lot of time and effort, such as email marketing. But with Saphyte CRM, these tasks can be easily automated. With workflow automation, you will be able to increase your business’ productivity, efficiency, and stability.

Although the word “Automation” seems such a complicated task that only IT specialists can do, this is not true. Workflow Automation with Saphyte CRM system is easy. The system was built to be user-friendly. So once you’ve determined which task to automate, you can easily drag and drop, click and connect the nodes and elements in your workflow sheet. This will create a seamless workflow that connects one step of the task to another. 

Having this efficient workflow will allow your business to run smoothly. Since the automated process ensures all processes are performed identically, the output has no room for errors. This results in a higher quality of output. And on the other hand, your employees can focus on tasks that require human analysis, creativity, and intelligence. They will be able to focus on other important tasks instead of being stuck up with repetitive tasks. 

Sales and Marketing Tools

Saphyte CRM is not only concerned with how you organize tasks. It is all the more concerned with how you increase your sales, which is an important factor for the business’ success. Saphyte CRM is equipped with Sales and Marketing tools that are helpful for your sales reps and the rest of the sales team. 

To improve your sales, you must have good marketing strategies even in the field. This is why Saphyte CRM has developed its own mobile CRM. Having a mobile CRM allows your sales reps to have all the information they need in the palm of their hand. With the assistance of this CRM tool, they can get and provide accurate and efficient information from and with their clients.

Furthermore, this software solution allows you to establish a sales cycle that will help you convert potential clients to paying customers. This is important because it allows you to objectively evaluate your sales efforts. You will know if your sales reps or email marketing went well. With this evaluation, you can pinpoint which sales efforts you need to improve and which ones need to keep on doing. 


Having all these features made Saphyte the number one CRM provider not just in Dubai, but the entire United Arab Emirates. But in addition to all of these, Saphyte CRM has a very affordable price. Other CRM systems in the market would cost you a lot, but Saphyte has the best tools for a lower price. So if you haven’t tried using a CRM system and you are curious about it, you can try Saphyte because of its affordability. 

So, if you have not experienced what Saphyte can do for your business yet, contact us now and take advantage of its impressive tools. Our sales reps are available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Saphyte: The No. 1 CRM Solution Dubai

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What is CRM? In this article, not only will you know the answer but you will learn ways on how to use it to make your business more efficient and more profitable. 

Let’s face it, running a business is difficult and it has its set of challenges. Every day you have to make decisions that affect your employees— whether you’re deciding the equipment or supplies to buy for the office, how much you spend on advertisement, or which business software is best for your work processes. You wear a lot of hats and we’re sure that on top of all of that, managing your customer relationships is one of your major priorities.

If you don’t know what CRM stands for and how it is being used these days, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Based on studies, over 60% of businesses have no working knowledge or have an outdated understanding of CRM.

In this article, not only will you know exactly what a CRM is but you will learn how to use, in a few different ways, a CRM system so it can dramatically improve your business and boost your profits. So let us get to it.

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) but that’s is a way to manage leads—  people interested in your business — and your existing customers in the most efficient way possible to extract the most value. 

And by value, it means money. More specifically, it refers to the system a company uses to analyze customer interactions and measure data throughout the customer lifecycle.

The goal of CRM is to improve business relationships with customers through retention and acquisition. And when you’re able to effectively manage your leads and your customers, more leads end up being happy paying customers. You build a loyal customer base who will become your advocates and customers will enjoy a better experience with your company.

Whether you’re a small business looking for a place to store information and have it accessible across multiple devices or you’re a larger business wanting to manage customer interactions and focus on improving customer satisfaction, you will want a CRM software.

Ways a CRM Can Help Your Business

Many businesses try to solve issues in sales and marketing operations by using spreadsheets. But this is inefficient. Using a CRM system makes everything much easier.

Here are five ways how  you and your company can benefit by using a CRM:

You will have much better data organization 

Just import your list of leads, contacts, and customers into your CRM. With the software, you can start tracking sales and your levels of engagement with your leads and customers, so you know where to focus, which practices you need to continue, and which areas need to be improved.

You will have enhanced communication 

Make it easy for your sales team to follow up with outstanding proposals by scheduling automatic reminders and creating a set of email templates. CRMs can enhance your communication processes by making them fast, easy, and efficient. 

With a set of functionalities such as reminders, notes, and alarms, you will be able to keep your communication lines open and keep your leads and customers engaged and updated about the changes in your company — whether it be about a product on discount or new services you are offering.

You can easily share information 

By giving your sales team access to the same resources through selective data sharing, your teams can easily share much-needed information so they can be empowered to make data-driven decisions along the way. 

Selective data sharing also ensures that some customer information is kept confidential and privacy rights are not violated — keeping your customers’ trust unbroken.

You will catch all leads

Just create a web to lead forms and embed them into your contact pages on your website. The information that is captured will automatically be pushed to your CRM and assign it to the appropriate salesperson which allows for a quick follow-up so you don’t lose sales.

The sales representative can engage the lead right away and take the needed actions to foster a growing relationship with potential customers.

You will know your numbers 

You can schedule weekly emailed reports so each of your sales team members knows how close they are to achieving their monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. In fact, in a recent survey of users who have a CRM system in place, 67% said using a CRM system helped them better follow up on opportunities and leads. And 56% also said it improved customer relationships because all customer interactions are accessible in one place.

So think of a CRM as a tool you need to manage business relationships, practices, and processes. It’s not a tactic— which is short term. It’s a strategy and it helps you manage more than just your business context but also your vendor relationships, internal sales activities, and marketing teams.

More Efficient Sales and Marketing Performance

An effective CRM helps you gain insights into your business sales performance so you can adjust your strategies based on trends. You’ll also help your sales team stay on task by setting up something called automatic workflow— which are basically automated actions and messages that are triggered by certain events or conditions that you set up using the CRM.

This ensures interactions with potential customers don’t fall through the cracks and saves you time from having to repeat the same steps over and over again. As you now see, there are a lot of benefits to implementing a CRM system in your business. 

If we take a look at some very common problems that having a CRM can help you solve such as: swimming in information and can’t keep track of your business data, or you’re losing business because leads are falling through the cracks, or you have no idea if your marketing dollars are helping or hurting your business, or you waste time trying to find emails from a customer, or you’re missing appointments and not following through on all of your tasks — all of these can be fixed by a CRM.

A CRM can also help if you have no idea if your business is growing or how it’s growing, or if your customers have to repeat themselves every time they call your business, or if each person on your sales team has a different sales process, or if you lost a hot lead or list of leads when an employee left your company, or if there’s no consistency in email messaging sent to your leads.

The business software can also come in handy if you have no idea if your Google AdWords campaigns are profitable because most sales are closed offline, or your sales team has no way of prioritizing their task list, or if you don’t have a way of collaborating as a team.

As you can see, a good CRM lends itself to solving several different problems in every business. Now that you know what a customer relationship management (CRM) is, how it helps, and why businesses should use it, start thinking about ways in which it can help your business. 

Certainly, you’ve already got a few ideas brewing.

Saphyte: The No. 1 CRM Solution in Dubai

For your CRM needs, choose Saphyte.

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM software solution that can help you with your day to day sales and marketing needs. With Saphyte, you can easily manage your customer data such as your customers’ contact information in a centralized platform. 

With the data, you can make phone calls, send emails, track your sales cycle, and manage your marketing campaigns. Saphyte has been proven by our clients to increase sales performance and grow the business over time.

To make it easy for you to integrate the technology into your business, Saphyte waives all the set-up fees, implementation fees, and customer support fees for its new users. You will also only be billed according to usage with its Pay-As-You-Go pricing plan.

Contact our support team now for a free demo.

Accelerate your Sales with Sales Hierarchy and a CRM System

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Sales hierarchy structures, or commonly known as sales structures, refer to the segmentation of your sales team into specialized groups or teams. These structures determine the regions of your service, the products and services that your business offers, the size of your sales teams, and the size and industry of your customers.

Having a definite sales structure for your business is important for your sales manager and sales reps. These structures set your sales team up for success. A solid sales structure will allow you to bank in on the individual capacities and experiences of your members, whilst ensuring the right sellers are targeting the right customers. 

How to Build a Solid Sales Hierarchy Structure

Before you launch your email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns, make sure that you have a basic grip on who your potential customers are, and a solid sales process to begin with. A solid sales structure can make your customer interaction productive and efficient. 

So how do you build a solid sales hierarchy structure? Here’s how.

Identify the Needs of your Team

The first thing to do when building a solid sales structure is to look at what work needs to be done. Identify what type of work that needs do be done, like what type of contact information you’re going to look at when gathering for leads, how you’re going to engage prospects in a conversation, and what kind of people, skills, and resources do you need to get these tasks done.

Focus more on what is important and what are the soft points of your sales process. Don’t forget to ask some key questions. Once you’ve identified the important matters and where your sales people are struggling, you can easily determine how to help them and direct them on how to get their job done right. 

Align and Define Roles

Creating an alignment and defining roles are imperative for a solid sales structure. This means you have to define the roles in your structure in a way that helps you move leads through your pipeline more effectively. When you outline specific roles, you can ensure that every part of the sales process is accounted for.

Make sure that every job goes right where you want it to go. If the division of structure is in the right place and the people in positions are aligned with their talents, you’re off a great start.

Define your Structure

Defining and aligning roles is one thing, defining your structure is another. Focus on the underlying factors and behaviors that can drive effective sales results. Factors like lead generation, qualifying opportunities, managing your pipeline, closing sales, and growing accounts. While you’re at it, make sure that you add a management oversight to it too.

When you don’t have people who oversee certain pieces of your structure and find certain steps along the sales process that has no one’s job, it becomes a big problem. Having a definite structure means that you have to consider putting people to manage your sales process and people in certain segments that you need.

Take Time

Just like any other small business, structuring your sales process is different from other businesses. You will encounter plenty of challenges along the way; one of the most difficult could be time. 

Your sales structure will be better as time goes by. However, during the whole process, you need to consider that it’ll take time to make your structure better. The result you need will not come overnight. Just give it time.

Use a CRM Software to Partner with your Sales Structure

In order to have a successful sales team structure, you must a wide-ranging strategy and a well-thought-out ground-level execution. You need a wide-ranging strategy to influence your ground level prospects. Afterward, you can back it up with smart execution to convert those prospects into actual customers.

You cannot do this all on your own without having the necessary tools to complete it. In order to successfully implement your sales structure, you must have a platform or tool that can give you easy access to communication and a collection of real-time insights. When you organize your sales team around a CRM ecosystem, you’ll gain better chances of setting up an effective sales structure.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are effective in improving customer relations which eventually leads to customer satisfaction. A CRM solution is more than just your typical contact management tool that stores, organizes, and streamlines customer data. This type of platform can enhance your whole sales cycle.

Through a CRM software, you can establish your whole sales team on an effective single organizational hierarchy. At the same time, you can integrate the needed flexibility and information sharing process that forms into an agile sales system. A CRM software also allows you to streamline your information and pass-on approvals without being subjected to extensive procedures.

Why Choose Saphyte?

In the software market, there are plenty of CRM platform providers. To avoid further confusion, you might want to consider Saphyte as your CRM partner in implementing your sales structure. Here are definite reasons why you should choose Saphyte. 

Saphyte is a Dubai developed cloud-based CRM solution that can help you streamline your corporate, sales, and marketing activities from email marketing to other sales campaign activities, phone call scrimmages, and put them into a single powerful software. 

Saphyte is built with sales and marketing tools and features to improve your business’s sales efficiency and productivity. The system also has other features built for you to easily create better customer experiences through impressive customer interaction activities that lead to building customer satisfaction and customer retention

Saphyte’s client management tool can help you eliminate some of your manual sales processes. From lead scoring, sales forecasting, sales pipeline, sales hierarchy, and other helpful tools just for you. 

Saphyte’s CRM software can help you manage essential customer information for easier phone calls scrimmage, conduct meaningful marketing tactics and strategies, and identify business opportunities built for the long haul. Through its user-friendly system, your sales reps can easily go through the system without breaking a sweat.

Saphyte’s features are built for scalability and flexibility. You can create automated workflows within the system, gather leads easily, and tailor the system to your needs.  This will make growth and success come easily for your business in the future. Saphyte is primarily built to grow with you and your business. 

Saphyte has pay-as-you-go subscription plans and is a SaaS cloud-based CRM. You don’t need to install the system on your local computer. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a browser. Your data is secured, too, because they are automatically uploaded to a secured cloud storage server dedicated to your business. 

Saphyte’s subscription plans are complete with a free demo and one-on-one product training. We waive set-up fees, installation fees, maintenance fees, no hidden or extra charges, and 24/7 expert customer support availability. We also offer on-site customer support for local businesses in Dubai. 

Let us help you build a solid sales hierarchy through an effective CRM system. Contact us for a free demo or you can start your trial period now.

Saphyte: The Best Among All CRM Providers in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the best cities equipped with the most advanced technologies. In fact, Dubai is considered as the smart city of the future. It has autonomous police cars, a mega solar plant, a real-life robocop, 3D-printed buildings, and more. It also has made proper use of the technologies available to the public, to its police force, businesses, and in almost every aspect of life.

Dubai is also home to different CRM software providers dedicated to helping with the day to day processes of the big, medium, and small businesses in Dubai. These software providers offer a business solution that helps in automating marketing, sales, and other business processes.

While there are a lot of different CRM providers in the UAE, Saphyte by Loyica is the first locally made CRM software in Dubai. 

In this article, you will know some of the reasons why Saphyte is the best among all CRM providers in Dubai aside from being the first homegrown CRM software in the UAE.

But before we go to that, let us first know and understand what Saphyte is and what it can offer.

What is Saphyte

As previously mentioned, Saphyte is the first locally made Customer Relationship Management software that is registered in the United Arab Emirates. It is a cloud-based CRM that is set to be a disruptive technology that will help SMEs in Dubai, UAE, and all over the globe.

It was first brought to life in 2017 to help businesses achieve their target sales easier. It has tools designed for more efficiency in terms of sales, marketing, and team management. These tools will help you in managing contact information, conducting marketing strategies, and identifying opportunities for the long haul.

With the features that Saphyte can offer, the system is best for growing businesses that need a helpful and reliable business solution that will not be a burden on their budget. And not only is Saphyte best for growing businesses, but it is also made to be flexible so that it can be applied and integrated into almost every sector.

And if you are one of those entrepreneurs who are a bit unfamiliar with this technology, you do not need to worry because Saphyte is designed to be user-friendly so that you can realize the full potential of your own business.

Saphyte CRM Tools

Saphyte, just like any other business solution, has the appropriate tools to raise your business to a much higher level. What makes Saphyte different from the others is its unique features and functionalities that can be tailored according to your business processes. With this, you will not need to adjust to the system, but the system will adapt to you. So, without further ado, here are Saphyte’s powerful features and functionalities.

Better Contact Management

We know that managing customers’ information is an integral part of any business process. Especially nowadays that lockdowns, due to the pandemic, are being imposed anywhere in the world. This circumstance forced businesses, teams, and workers to do remote work. But with Saphyte’s contact management feature, you do not need to worry about any inconsistency in your data flow.

Saphyte turns all customer interactions across all of your platforms into important data and helps build customer profiles. This means that the system automates your process to help you manage and organize your client data. It acts as your client manager and storage to all information related to your clients. This is beneficial to your teams because it lessens their workload and makes them focus more on improving customer satisfaction.

You can also organize the gathered information by grouping your clients, potential customers, and leads into custom categories. To help you, even more, onboarding your client with complete documentation is made easier. You can easily add important documents such as proof of identity, proof of residence, and others into your CRM. And you do not need to worry about duplicates because Saphyte CRM only allows one unique data per client.

This contact management feature enables you to store and access all important data in the system in real-time. Whether you have social media, email, your own website, or even an eCommerce store as your source of data, adding them into the system will not be a burden on your shoulders.

Sales Automation

Not only is Saphyte efficient in client and contact management, but it is also the best partner software in easing your sales process. It has special tools made to help you increase sales and revenue. These tools manage your sales, deals, and even associated companies so that you will have the convenience that you need.

The system is equipped with intelligence that collates all information related to all of your clients. This feature goes side by side with the Sales forecast tool that provides you accurate and realistic forecasting. Both of these tools are beneficial as it helps you create intelligent business decisions to improve your sales and avoid any business pitfalls.

Aside from that, the system enables you to build and set-up the stages of your sales tailored to your current or existing sales process. This allows you and your sales team to track and monitor the progress of all of your deals easily. Not only that, but the system also helps you manage your deals and prioritize what needs to be prioritized.

And to top it all off, you do not need to use traditional methods and manually calculate your lead scores. The system’s Automated Lead Scoring will automatically apply score conditions to all of your leads so that you can identify which leads have the most potential to progress into a closed deal.

This way, you will have all the means to close deals easier and maximize your revenue.

Enhances Marketing Effectiveness

Upgrade your marketing strategies to the next epic level by using the powerful tools provided by Saphyte for your marketing campaigns such as email marketing, social media marketing, and many more. 

And now that most people are using social media in their daily lives, Saphyte enables you to mobilize and drive your marketing through the integration of your social media platforms in the system. This allows you to execute and track your social media campaigns using only your Saphyte CRM. Through this integration, you can also easily add your leads, sourced from social media, into the system.

Saphyte’s marketing tools also provide you strategic approaches in terms of Email Marketing through the use of email templates, bulk emails, email sender, and email tracking. The Bulk Email enables you to send a single email to thousands of recipients from your client database and sync all of your different emails to the system. By using Saphyte, you can select which of your email will be the sender to your recipients.


None of the previously stated features matter if the system is costly. But luckily for you, Saphyte’s tools and features are available at an exceptionally affordable price. The subscription starts at only $15 per month. And if that is not enough, Saphyte is generous enough that it gives a whole month of free-trial and a free product demo without any hidden charges. 

So, do not waste this opportunity and try the best CRM in Dubai and UAE. Connect with us today and our team of experts will gladly take care of your needs. With Saphyte, your business will have the best CRM among other CRM providers in Dubai.

Rising Need for Automation in Business

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The benefits of modern-day technology allow businesses to thrive despite the current circumstances they are facing. As the world continues its fight against the pandemic, businesses are adapting different strategies to make themselves relevant and stay on top of their game. 

Some reshaped their business model and processes just to have an online presence for their business. Some also struggled to cope with the current situation and were forced to close. For some lucky individuals, instead of being fired from their jobs, they were able to work remotely or work from the comfort of their homes.

According to statistics, having a team that works remotely led to less efficiency in terms of work productivity and an increase in repetitive tasks. This remains true, especially to those businesses that still use traditional methods like excel and spreadsheets in their business processes. Imagine having a team of workers scattered all across the globe – all with different responsibilities and departments. You need to have a robust system to maintain the smooth flow of your team’s activity.

That is why there is a rising need for business automation. Business automation will result in a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. It is essential in helping companies who seek to do more by doing less repetitive work. Automating your business will allow you to save a lot of time, increase overall productivity, and improve teamwork.

There are lots of different systems that offer great automation for your business, one of which is Saphyte. Saphyte is a cutting-edge system that will not just help your business growth, it also grows with you.

But what really makes Saphyte different from the other systems when it comes to business automation?

Adaptive Capability

Saphyte doesn’t have to change anything in your existing business model. Instead, it adapts to your business needs and enhances your business processes significantly. It will streamline all of your business activities and integrate them into one powerful platform.

The software has features that help you manage customer data, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, create team workflows, manage deals, and identify opportunities for further growth. In other words, Saphyte is an all-in-one system that is capable of automating your business without limits.

Saphyte’s adaptive capability allows you to add necessary modules, tools, or custom processes and can be tailored according to your business processes. It is built to make everything convenient for your business and teams. No matter where you and your teams are based, Saphyte makes your business flow smoothly and seamlessly.

Easier Digital Transformation

We know that Excel and spreadsheets are great tools and have helped many a business throughout the years. But if you want to undergo total digital transformation, it can be easily achieved with Saphyte.

Gone are the days when you need to manually input data and constantly inform your team of the changes that you have made. With Saphyte, you can close your deals faster and it can boost your sales in ways that you can’t achieve with traditional methods.

Saphyte efficiently manages all your data and business activities, whether it is customer’s data or your team’s activity. With Saphyte, you can digitally transform your business with ease.


All of these are some of the many wonders Saphyte can do to and for your business. The system is solely built to assist you in managing your business needs, easier and with purpose. Saphyte adapts and grows with your business. With that, your team can provision more focus on your clients and let Saphyte handle your business.

With the rising need for automation in businesses, Saphyte is the best partner for you.