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Published on October 1, 2020
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Since the pandemic started, almost everyone around the globe is forced to stay in their homes. With the lockdown being imposed everywhere, most businesses, particularly small businesses are greatly affected. Some struggled with handling business processes, with their teams forced to do remote work.

That is why nowadays, businesses need to innovate and provide means for their teams to function in spite of the hindrances caused by these unforeseen events. Fortunately, with the help of modern-day technology, we now have a business solution that will help teams stay functional no matter where they are.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an online platform that helps businesses with all of their processes. It automates business activities such as marketing campaigns, sales processes, customer interactions, and team handling. These days, CRM solutions are a must-have online team workspace platform for teams to stay on top of their game.

Improves Collaboration

Collaboration is a necessity for any business, regardless of the industry or sector they belong to. And with team members forced to stay in their houses, team collaboration might not be as effective as before. By using a customer relationship management system, remote teams can collaborate with one another just like when they were still in a single office.

This is because CRM provides real-time data flow and customers’ information such as inquiries, phone calls, contact information, and many more. With a steady and consistent data flow, your team will be able to execute their functions and collaborate with other members seamlessly.

Furthermore, cloud-based CRM stores both your business and customers’ data in its own centralized system. This way, teams can access their needed data anytime, anywhere. This will cause your team to be more productive and helps develop teamwork in spite of being away from each other.

More Efficient Contact Management

According to Capterra, 47% of CRM users had a significant impact on customer retention and customer satisfaction. This is because CRM tools enable your team to manage customers effectively by providing you all the necessary tools.

CRM features tools that aggregate leads and automatically build profiles of existing and potential customers that interact with your sales channels. With this in mind, the system will provide you detailed and accurate analytical data from every customer interaction. This way, leads management will finally become less of a burden to your teams.

This feature also helps in increasing customer retention as it connects your customers to your business. With everything going virtual, your sales reps won’t need to worry about the geographical barriers that might hinder them in connecting to your customers. 

This is because CRM allows teams to do seamless customer support and service while the system takes care of your contact management. While doing so, the system automatically prompts you of important customer queries and feedback on your products and services. This way, you will be able to immediately address the issues that need to be resolved.

With CRM’s awesome contact management, your sales reps will be connected to your customers; and customers will be connected to your business. Thus, customers will feel that they are given great importance even after they are done purchasing your products and services.

Increase in Productivity

CRM platforms also enable your marketing and sales team to reach out to potential customers effectively. How? By integrating all of your different sales channels such as social media, website, emails, and more, into its system. With this integration, your team will only need and use CRM to handle all of your different platforms.

This integration enables you and your team to track and monitor your marketing campaigns directly from your CRM. It also gives you the ability to add all of your leads to your CRM platform through this integration. These features make team tasks easier to execute and provides a significant increase in your teams’ effectiveness.

Nucleus Research said that CRM shortens sales cycles by 8-14% and increases team productivity by 26.4%. This means that more businesses that use CRM enjoy the benefits that it gives them and their teams. This is an undeniable truth that CRM platforms are really business solutions that increase team productivity while lessening their workload.

So, CRM is not only a software that provides tools for businesses, it is also an online workspace that improves teamwork and productivity.

We know that there are a lot of different CRM platforms in the market; all with different functionalities and services. But a CRM solution like Saphyte is both a management software and an online team workspace that can be availed at a cheaper price.

Saphyte CRM

The previously mentioned features and functionalities of a CRM are found in other platforms and also with Saphyte. Yes, it is true that what Saphyte has to offer are also with other platforms; but Saphyte makes these features more powerful at an affordable price.

That is because Saphyte is a CRM specially made to provide small businesses with the tools that are being used by big and established businesses. With Saphyte, you can keep up with the leading businesses and your team will be more effective in handling your corporate activities.

Saphyte Team Organization

Saphyte lets you organize your teams’ roles by providing you pre-defined roles in the system. You can also assign your employees to their designated roles and departments. This will give authority or restriction to what your team can access in your business. This way, you will be free from worrying about the sensitive and important data in your business.

The system also eliminates repetitive team tasks and automates them using the Workflow feature. You can simply do this by doing a drag-and-drop in your workflow sheet according to your own processes. This feature is intentionally made to be user-friendly to allow businesses to manage their teams efficiently.


If you want to have an affordable but powerful online team workspace platform for your business, Saphyte is the perfect partner for you. It is user-friendly, can be used anywhere, provides team workspace, and impressively affordable. 

Through the years, it has been proven effective in helping different businesses achieve growth and target sales. So, start having a proper online team workspace platform like Saphyte today. Contact us and our awesome team will gladly cater to your needs and queries. We are excited to help your business grow.

October 1, 2020