How to Automate Your Work From Home Processes

Published on February 12, 2021
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Remote working has never been easier thanks to work from home (WFH) process automation. The goal of utilizing WFH automation is to promote the worker’s productivity as well as aiding in organizing their meticulous task processes.

In a McKinsey report, around 45% of current paid activities can now be automated by today’s technology, which makes automation a necessity.

During these trying times, there is nothing else you would want other than to make your work go a lot smoother than it can ever be. Bear in mind that when you automate work from home processes, you are given the extra freedom that you need to do work in your best condition.

What you should know:

Working from home can boost worker productivity

It can reduce stress for employees

WFH automation helps you save time

It helps in reducing the cost of living expenses

It also helps with promoting work-life balance

How to Automate Your Work From Home Processes

For automation to work, you will need reliable and user-friendly automation platforms that will allow you to set up work processes and automate them. Softwares like Saphyte can be helpful.

Automating your work from home processes can start by choosing a software that has automation features. Software like Saphyte, for example, can send emails for you on schedule or based on trigger conditions. All you have to do is set up the workflow nodes.

Here, a workflow for the automatic sending of forms via email is set up by the user in the Saphyte Ecosystem.

There are a lot more things you can do using the automated workflow feature of Saphyte such as sending a welcome email upon registration in the CRM or sending marketing or promotional emails on a schedule. You can also use Saphyte’s Landing Page builder to automatically register leads in the CRM after they fill out a form.

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WFH Processes And Their Benefits

Automating work processes can result in faster data transmission, reduction of human errors, and a more organized work process.

Here below are some pointers that might help you in automating your WFH processes:

Connecting Disparate Platforms

Automation allows for quick and easy transmission of data across different platforms and enterprises. What makes this important is that the faster you transmit your data, the faster the money rolls in. You should also consider that being able to transmit work-related data as fast as possible will help prevent mistakes from occurring.

Setting Up Your Home Work Station

Aside from being able to connect different platforms, employees working from home also gives them the convenience of building their own work station. Having a work station is important because work productivity is improved if you have all the necessities that you need in one space. You should also consider putting up VPN protection to help avoid any data leakage since most home internet services don’t have pre-installed data encryption.

Reducing Minimal Tasks

This simply means to get rid of minimal tasks that are unseemingly time-consuming. From an employer or manager’s standpoint, using automation will allow you to easily track the progress of your employees. All of the data such as varying projects, submissions, and calendar-sensitive ones are going to be stored and organized into one place.

Aside from that, you are also given the ease of having fully automated logging attendance, as well as how the number of hours that you have worked in a day. Such automation also have features like reminders and notes, which are important if you aren’t able to manage your workload by yourself.

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Decreasing Risks

Considering that you and your team would be working remotely, you should understand that automating your WFH will help aid in preventing any inconsistencies as well as ensuring that the work you have submitted is done on time. Another thing to consider is that there are a lot of automation out in the market that is capable of automating rule-based tasks—a feature that helps decrease the chances of submitting work loaded with human mistakes.


Knowing how to automate WFH processes is now considered to be a necessity. A lot of successful employees are only what they are today thanks to the help of optimizing their WFH experience. So, what’s stopping you? Find success now by taking your WFH automation to the next level.

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