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Published on November 27, 2020
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If there is one thing that has made a significant mark in 2020 it’s the acceleration of how work is done in the future. In light of the pandemic, to keep everyone safe without interrupting the economic state of the country, businesses turned to remote work.

According to Slack, there has been a surge of 45% of knowledge workers who worked remotely during the pandemic. Another research has shown that remote work will probably stay even after COVID-19.

However, even way before the pandemic, remote work has always been there. The opportunity just wasn’t recognizable. The pandemic only made remote work’s potential more obvious to companies.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 60% of companies have restricted remote work in some capacity. They would either not allow employees to work from home and limit the days, or only approve requests when given a good reason.

However, now, half of the business leaders anticipate the increase of the number of their employees working permanently remote over the next 2 years. It’s estimated that this trend will continue, with 81% reporting that C-19 has their confidence up when it comes to going remote on a long-term basis.

The Challenges of Remote Work

Despite the abundance of benefits, remote work has its own fair share of challenges too. Though the day-to-day experience of your sales reps will be the same, the way you work will be different. With that, here are some challenges you might face when shifting to remote work.

Remote Processes

According to reports, 37% of organizations lack a centralized way of managing remote processes of their organizations. Remote work is not the same as working in the office, and having to create and adjust processes can be challenging for some businesses.

That is why you need a proper sales process that can work both for your sales team and overall sales cycle. Business leaders need to find a way to manage their sales cycle, organize customer data, and make work seamless.

Remote Work Culture

The remote work culture is different from traditional work culture. Your employees won’t be enjoying the human interaction they used to enjoy in a workplace. It can also be a solitary experience for some.

If it can be challenging for the employees, the same goes for sales managers and business owners. Maintaining good communication, tracking employee performance, seamless data transfer, etc. are some of the challenges in creating a remote work culture within an organization.

Automation Technologies

Automation is not new. A lot of businesses have started digitally transforming their business for the better. In fact, 39% of businesses adopted automation at a functional level in their organization.

However, like any other new technology, there will be plenty of factors that can hold companies back from complete deployment. One of the top factors is data privacy and security concerns. The rest includes lack of relevant talent and skills, deployment of technology, and employee resistance.

How a Mobile CRM System can help You

Over the last years, sales teams across the world share one technology in common, the customer relationship management (CRM) software. Traditionally, a CRM is used to store vital customer information, set follow-up reminders, and map out the sales pipeline.

The demand for bigger data and computing power has evolved since, which pushed CRMs to increase their capacities in solving complex business problems. Now, a CRM tool is built with features able to optimize your sales funnel and give business managements valuable analytical information of what’s happening in the field.

However, despite the power of a desktop CRM (or on-premise CRM), it has its own set of flaws too. One perhaps is that it’s stuck inside your office. This flaw disconnects your field sales reps from gaining access to vital customer information. Hence, they are limited when it comes to improving customer experiences and convincing potential customers to make their first purchase.

This is where a mobile CRM comes into place.

A mobile CRM is any form of CRM software that you can have access to through your mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and take you anywhere. This type of software functions just as the same as its desktop counterpart.

Your sales team does not only need information but also provides flexibility and autonomy over their leads and prospects. That is why a mobile CRM app like Saphyte is the best way to go. Here are the greatest benefits of mobile CRM for the modern sales team.

Improved Data Collection

A mobile CRM makes it faster to collect vital consumer information as a start. As a manager, the CRM delivers awareness into what is happening on the field and how you can allocate resources.

When you allow sales reps to use a CRM on the field to update contacts, and input important notes, management will always have access to real-time customer data, further increasing the return on the CRM investment.

Improvement on Sales

A mobile CRM can help you increase sales. When you give your sales rep direct access to their account history, product information, pricing, monitor marketing campaigns and promotional materials while they’re on the field, you are also helping them close more deals and increase the overall deal value.

By placing all the necessary information on the CRM, sales reps won’t have to waste time looking up contact information or sifting through sticky notes to remember their last interaction or conversation with a prospect. Further, removing the clutter opens more doors for fostering genuine relationships, building great customer satisfaction, and ultimately closing more deals.

Always Up-to-Date

Traditional CRM applications mostly require constant upgrades on hardware and software. Why have it the traditional way when you can have a cloud-based CRM like Saphyte that waives upgrade fees?

Since the software is on the cloud, you won’t have to upgrade on both hardware and software. Furthermore, any upgrade made by the provider, will automatically be deployed and ready to use. All you need to do is to wait for new feature releases, ask Saphyte about these features, and Saphyte will be more than willing to give you a demo.  

Better Sales Productivity

Using a mobile CRM opens more opportunities for maximizing productivity by utilizing core technologies on mobile devices. Having your calendar and contact management applications integrated into the CRM can be a massive time-saver for your sales reps.

If there’s an upcoming meeting, your sales rep will not only receive an alert notification, but also sees the contact information and the recent notes for that prospect without having to navigate through separate applications.

Furthermore, with the help of well-defined sales pipelines, your sales reps can enhance their route planning and make more client conversations.

Stronger Customer Service

Sales and customer service are frequently mentioned in the same sentence, and for good reason. Closing that sale and hitting your sales quota are not the final goals.

Your main goal is to gain long-lasting and loyal customers. Satisfied customers that are constantly impressed by the level of commitment you make when it comes to customer service and value your organization can offer them.

Therefore, it’s vital for your sales and customer service teams to be aligned and have quick access to the same up-to-date information. When you adopt and adapt to a mobile sales CRM, your business will become very fast at finding, communicating and responding to queries, complaints and other potential problems facing your current and potential customers.

Choosing Saphyte is a Great Investment

Choosing the best mobile CRM is not easy. 

Saphyte can help you get started with your digital transformation and your transition to remote work.

Saphyte’s pay-as-you-go subscription plan basis can fit with any business’s budget. You won’t have to install the system into your local computer, too. As the system is a cloud-based CRM, all you need is a stable Internet connection and a browser or download the app on your tablet or mobile phones.

Saphyte’s subscription plans are inclusive of free demo and one-on-one product training. No set-up fees, and no extra or hidden charges. Saphyte offers 24/7 local customer support availability for businesses.

Make the step now and reap the benefits of mobile CRM like Saphyte today. Book a free demo with us or start your free trial now.

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