The Importance of an Online Team Workspace CRM

Published on November 29, 2020
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We have entered a new era of dealing with business. With the ongoing pandemic that forced us to stay at home and limited our physical and social interactions, we have come to adapt to the changes it has brought. Some, however, still struggle with their day-to-day business transactions — especially small businesses that rely heavily on social customer interactions to gain sales. 

Many companies are beginning to switch to remote work. According to a recent survey, 85% of businesses confirmed that their productivity has increased and 77% said that having a team of remote workers led to a lower cost

But handling a remote team(s) requires a reliable and powerful online platform.

That is why online team workspace platforms in the form of CRM solutions are developed to help businesses manage their remote working teams. Now, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Saphyte are becoming important— most leading companies need them to stay ahead of the game. 

So how does an online team workspace CRM help companies gain a better edge?

Better Collaboration

From the beginning, collaborating with others has always made work better and easier. As proven by the saying that two heads are always better than one. But collaborating with other team members is very challenging for those who remotely because of the limited communication outlets available. With the help of CRM, your remote working teams will be able to collaborate just as how they were in the office.

One of the main reasons is that cloud-based CRM tools show real-time data flow and customer information like inquiries, phone calls, emails, and etc. Now your team can effectively perform their roles and collaborate with one another because of the smooth, continuous, and consistent data flow. 

Aside from this, all the data related to your business and customers are both stored in its own centralized system. This will enable your team to have immediate access to important and relevant data. Thus, in spite of working alone in their respective places, they will be able to work with the other team members as if they are working together inside the office.

Efficient Contact Management 

As mentioned earlier, CRM has tools that collect all data related to your customers. With this, the system automatically creates a profile of everyone that interacts with all of your sales channels. Aside from this, systems like Saphyte only allow one unique data from each and every customer profile. This means that the system can automatically identify whether your customer is a lead, prospect, or existing customer.

Taking that into consideration, the system will give you thorough and precise analytical data from every customer interaction. Now leads management will be made easy — giving more time to do other developmental tasks.

Aside from this, the system aids in increasing your customer retention rate since it can easily connect your customers to your business. This will make your customers feel that you value them and give them importance even after they purchased your product or service.

Furthermore, CRM allows teams to execute seamless customer support and service. While in this process, the system will automatically prompt you with queries and feedback from your customers on your products and services. You will then be able to address all important customer-related issues in a timely manner. 

All of these will enable your team to focus on having better engagements with your customers that help improve customer satisfaction.

Integrated Features Means Higher Productivity

Marketing and sales teams are able to connect with potential customers with the help of CRM platforms. This modern technology allows you to integrate different channels into the system. It can integrate multiple sales channels such as social media, website, emails, and more. With this integration, your team will only need CRM to handle all of your different platforms.

This integrated feature also allows you to trace and analyze all your marketing campaigns directly from the system. In addition to that, every customer that will respond to your campaigns will automatically be added to the system no matter what sales channel they come from. All these make tasks faster and simpler to do, and boost in your teams’ effectiveness. 

A certain study states that teams that use CRM have increased their productivity by 26.4%. Meaning more companies and their teams are able to enjoy the perks of CRM. This is significant evidence that CRM platforms are legitimate business solutions that increase team productivity and decrease their workload. 

Traditionally, CRM is a software that helps businesses with specific features for specific processes. But nowadays, it is also an effective online team workspace platform that promotes collaboration between teams no matter where they are located in the world.

Why You Need Saphyte for Your Online Team Workspace

We know that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are not new in the market. But an all-around system packed with both management software features and an online team workspace like Saphyte is one of its kind.

As mentioned above, all the functionalities and features of a typical CRM are in Saphyte.  But Saphyte has more to offer compared to other CRM software providers. This is because Saphyte has made these features more powerful – all at an affordable price. Because Saphyte aims to provide small businesses with the tools that many well-known establishments use. These tools are both powerful and affordable – giving you the ability to compete with top and established brands in the market.

So, if you want to have a CRM that is both an affordable and effective online team workspace platform for your business, choosing Saphyte will be the best course of action. It has the best tools, best usability, and the best solution for having your much-needed convenience.  

For many years, Saphyte has proven to be effective in helping businesses from different sectors achieve growth and success. So, start smart and choose Saphyte as your official online team workspace CRM platform. Talk to us today and our awesome customer service team will gladly accommodate you. 

December 24, 2020