Top 5 Benefits of Workplace Automation

Published on January 18, 2021
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Imagine getting leads without having to do anything. Imagine getting sales and marketing tasks done with just a few clicks. That’s the power of automation. And there are so many things automation can do for you beyond your imagination.

What you should know:

Workplace automation uses technologies like CRMs to cut expenses, have better team communication, and more productive employees.

More and more employers are using automation to improve company operations and reduce employee turnover.

Automation contributes to better team chemistry which improves customer service, sales productivity, and overall faster business growth.

What is Workplace Automation?

Workflow automation is the process of using technology to automate time-consuming, energy-draining manual tasks (e.g. sending emails, data entry, creating sales reports).

The usual end result of automating the workplace is an improved product quality and a faster accomplishment of everyday business tasks with the elimination or reduction of human error.

How Does Automation Work?

Automation isn’t just about robotics. It could be using a software that can gather leads for you, a software that can automatically generate sales and marketing reports, or a software that can automatically send emails for you.

Usually this can be done using artificial intelligence, a CRM software, or an ecosystem of sales, marketing, support, and team workspace products.

Workflow automation also allows for better team collaboration, sharing of files, documents, and data between team members or departments, and the streamlining of important business tasks such as lead conversion and client onboarding.

What are the benefits of automated processes in your workplace and how will it make your business grow? Let’s delve deeper into some of the benefits of automation in the workplace.

CRMs like Saphyte can automate tasks such as sending of emails throughout the customer journey
Benefits of Workplace Automation

Here are the ways automation in the workplace can help your company:

Less Expenses

One of the commonly known benefits of work automation is the replacement of manually accomplished tasks with that done by automation technology. That means whatever human workers do gets done by the automation software faster, more precisely, and more efficiently.

This leads to better results in terms of output. This also eliminates the need to hire more to perform a task that can be automated. According to statistics, 24% of employers would automate repetitive tasks to reduce operating costs.

Better Workplace Communication

A lot of companies fail because of bad communication. In fact, 57% of employees report that the directions given to them are often unclear and 69% of managers report being not comfortable communicating with employees in general, according to statistics.

What workplace automation does is reduce the friction between employees and managers by allowing them to visualize their goals with automated reports on dashboards. It also improves communication when members are automatically reminded of important tasks using the software. As a result, everyone’s always in the loop.

CRMs can automate sales and marketing reports to keep everyone in the loop
More Productive Employees

Because boring jobs that require human work can now be replaced with automation, employees can now have the time to focus on more important tasks that are yet to be automated.

This leads to a better employee experience which overall contributes to more productivity. According to statistics, 57% of employers want to use automation to improve employee performance and productivity.

In addition, about 70% of workers believe that automation will bring them opportunities to study more important skills and qualify for higher skilled work.

Improved Employee Retention

Automation can improve employees work performance and overall experience. When you allow employees to focus on the less mundane tasks, their job satisfaction will increase. As a result, this reduces employee turnover and improves employee retention.

Why is this important? According to research, it is more expensive to hire and train new employees than doing all you can to retain them. Employees that are satisfied with their workplace are also 31% more productive than those who aren’t.

Faster Business Growth

With all the efficiency, increase in productivity and output, and a decrease in operational costs, your business will experience a faster growth because of automation.

It helps you retain more employees which may be necessary for workplace harmony to occur: allowing for a smoother transition in ideas and seamless collaboration between team members.

Workplace chemistry leads to faster business growth, an increase in profit margin, and a better service to customers.


Enjoy a better workplace with automation using Saphyte. Contact our support team now for more information.

May 18, 2022