Published on November 4, 2020
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Sales empowers your business and is the main reason why you’re still in the game.

Whether we agree on it or not, sales are the lifeline of every business. Every day, you have to deal with different problems along the way. One of the common problems salespeople face, is running into a brick wall or a sales rut.

It’s an inevitable situation in the sales niche. Whether their sales pipeline is brimming full of prospects or dry as a desert, there will always be a time when they can’t seem to close a sale. So before you go throwing your whole sales process down the drain, here are 2020’s top 5 sales tips, perfected for you.  

Focus on Building Relationships with your Customers

Being part of a sales team means focusing on building relationships. If you focus on building a relationship with your customer first, you’ll not only end up selling them what you planned to sell them, but you’ll also end up selling your product or services to their friends and family. Bonus!

You’ll also gain a loyal customer, who’ll be buying more in the future because they know their needs are understood and they will be looked after. There’s nothing wrong with solely focusing on the sale, but you’ll miss the opportunity to build a dynamic relationship with your customer. By ignoring this process, it will cost you in the long run.

The relationships you build today will determine the future of your business. Investing in the right tools that allow you to do just this, is the first step in taking back the power.

Understanding Who Your Business Is through Personal Branding

Personal branding is a journey of understanding who you are, what is important to your business, what you specialize in, what you have to offer to your customers, and how you want to make people feel.

When you’ve established that, people will see why they should work with you. They will take note of how you’re able to help them and improve their lives, as well as anything that could eventually benefit them. This is what makes loyal customers, a brand that not only caters to their needs but also to their emotions.

Having a rough idea of what personal branding is, provides an edge for your sales team and your business. You don’t need to create viral campaigns, but not knowing what your values are won’t work in your favor in the long run. So have a look at the bigger picture. Perfect the basics first. 

Let your Sales Team See that they are the X Factor in the Sales Process

Sales people mostly see the product. They see the process and other matters, but they always forget to put their own ‘X Factor’ in and tend to forget that they’re the differentiator. Of course, competition is infinite, and people are able to buy elsewhere, but what makes you unique? What is your ‘X Factor’?

You may have the same product, the same service, the same face, but you are different in a lot of ways because successful sales are linked to individuality and personalization. It is vital for sales reps to understand and appreciate that they’re the X Factor of the sales process. Once your sales reps begin to embrace this fact, the better they’ll be motivated to make a home run.

Bring Sustainable Branding onto the Table

The trend nowadays is all about sustainability. Customers appreciate it when brands and businesses are genuinely concerned with their needs. To be able to achieve authenticity, you need to find out who you are and get to know the real and empathetic version of your brand.

Empathy drives sustainability. Knowing the who, they why and the how will drive waves of change. Try to incorporate sustainable branding into your business, lay it all out on the table, discuss it thoroughly, and implement it vigorously. 

Money is just an Echo of Value

Your customers won’t buy from you because you have a quota to meet, or because you need the money, nor because you’re a really nice person. Your customers will buy from you because they believe that your product holds value for them. And in a free market where competition is stiff and access is everywhere, that’s the only reason that they should.

Money is only an echo of your business’s value. It’s not the final goal. Your final goal should always be about value and sustainability. Sure, money can take your business higher, but can it sustain you further? With a sustainable brand, money will follow.


So, feeling a little more inspired? Try these 5 sales tips to help you get out of the 2020 sales rut you’re facing now. However, as you strive to become better at your sales game, it is also vital to have the right tool to go with it. With that you might want to consider having Saphyte CRM as your partner for growth and sustainability.

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November 4, 2020