Published on July 15, 2021
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The most crucial aspect of your business is your customers. With the abundance of availability of similar products in the market these days, it’s not an easy feat to stand out. That is why businesses offer customer service on top of their initial offerings to thrive and be on the customer’s good side.

Happy customers lead to more business growth and sustainability. That is why customer service matters apart from product, tech, design, marketing, sales, distribution, and manufacturing. That is why for businesses, having an excellent customer service strategy should be a significant priority.

What happens when you ignore customer service?

Many things might happen to your business when you ignore the value of customer service. Here are some of them:

Lose Customer Loyalty

According to New Voice Media, 51% of customers will never do business with a company after experiencing one adverse circumstance. Remember that customers will never forget the service than they remember the price and what they feel matters more than your product.

According to McKinsey, 70% of a customer’s journey is dictated by how they feel treated. Your customers base their loyalty on your ability to respond and resolve their complaints. The way you do customer service dictates the commitment of your customers towards your brand.

Decrease in your Bottom Line

Remember that we live in a hyper-connected world, and your brand image and your bottom line is at the mercy of your customers. A single bad rep about your business can cost your business a lot. According to Accenture, companies lose $1.6 trillion because customers switch to other companies due to poor customer service, and acquiring a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing one.

Fewer Sales Opportunities

Businesses that deliver better customer experiences obtain revenues between 4% and 8% above their market. A great company stands out amongst competition through service and can earn their customer’s business repeatedly. And good business creates a ripple effect.

If your customers have had a great experience with your company, 77% of them would recommend it to a friend. Excellent customer service opens plenty of opportunities for you to sell without having to spend more. Establishing a perfect customer service strategy in your business is an investment and not a cost.

How to Avoid the Wrath of Poor Customer Experience

Placing an excellent customer experience strategy can create a significant impact on all aspects of your business. So, how do you create one and eventually avoid the wrath of poor customer experience? Here are five helpful tips.

Create the team.

It is of utmost importance while placing a customer experience strategy to have the right people on the ground. Engaging with customers is not an easy task, as your representatives have to deal with difficult personalities and situations. Here are some of the traits to look out to:

Empathy. The ability to put oneself in the client’s shoes and sympathize with them when appropriate.

Conscientiousness. The ability to understand each project or issue’s priorities and the ability to complete them both thoroughly and on time.

Optimism. The ability to pick themselves up from a negative customer engagement and jump into the following conversation in good spirits.

Willingness to be a team player. The eagerness to extend advice and feedback to other reps can lead to more formal training and mentorship opportunities later on.

Make sure that all Goals are Aligned.

Misalignment between goals and strategies can arise, and your current system might have a hand at it. However, this is normal and common for the department’s within the organization to have goals that oppose the other, albeit unintentional. Nevertheless, misalignments in your goal can compromise customer experience quality.

That is why it is essential to create the necessary alignment around your customer-service goals and controls. Doing so can result in driving and upholding performance expectations and getting the results you want.

Schedule Consistent Training with your Team.

No matter how qualified and able they are in achieving these goals, your employees can’t deliver quality without the tools and skills to provide quality service. That is why it is essential to give them sufficient customer-service training, performance feedback, and other professional development and resources that will enable them to succeed.

With this, you can use customer feedback as a guide to choose and prioritize your training topics. Focusing on improving in areas that matter most to your clients can prevent bad customer service experiences and increase the rep’s resolution rate by as much as 31%.

Fast Response Time and Shorten the Process.

Sometimes, it’s not your agent’s fault, but it could be the system you have placed. Customers don’t like waiting, nor they want slower response times, and they loathe it when they’re passed from one touchpoint to another. 60% of customers don’t even want to stay on hold for one minute. Also, 77% of customers report that businesses giving value to their time are critical approaches to providing good customer service.

You need to avoid having problems with angry customers. To improve your customer journey is to implement other tools like a live chat feature on your social media or website. Implementing tools like live chatbots can assist your reps in freeing up their time and resolving more pressing matters.

Place Rewards and Incentives for your Team.

No matter how good your representatives are and how good your system placement is, it will eventually crumble into pieces if your customer experience representatives are not compensated well. Your reps will find it hard to find the motivation to go the extra mile for your customers and may decline in their performance.

Increasing your rep’s compensation to their performance is the logical way to deal with this problem. However, always remember to understand how your customers would want to be treated through a one-off survey. When you’re implementing a rewards and compensation system, remember to make sure that your employees are on board and aware of them.

Key Takeaway

Customer experience is perhaps the biggest priority and challenge for businesses in the coming decade. Preparing your company and your employees for the future is critical to your business’ success and sustainability in the future. Preparation means planning and executing with a tool that grows with you and your business.

With Saphyte, we can do that for you. Our ecosystem of tools is built and engineered to help you increase overall business efficiency without compromising scalability. We aim to help businesses drive digital transformation through local support, zero implementation fees, competitive subscription models, and an advanced CRM ecosystem technology.

Ready to leap towards the future? Call us today for a free demo, and our ecosystem experts will be right there with you.

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