Benefits of Personalized CRM Email Automation

Published on July 22, 2020
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4 min read

CRM marketing automation has been known to foster better relationships and fuel growth more efficiently for businesses. According to Gartner, it has predicted that by 2020, 85% of customers will manage their relationships without talking to a human. 

This is not an impossible prediction or unrealistic. With the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the prediction is not too far off from fruition. 

However, for most businesses “CRM marketing automation” can be a bit foreign. Your first thought or worry is the lack of a personal touch that comes along with it. However, there’s no need to worry about personalization. With a good customer relationship management (CRM) software you can be able to automate your email marketing without losing the human touch. 

Do you find this statement impossible? Here are some of the prominent benefits of CRM email automation. 

Automatic System Reduces Manual Interference

One of the foremost advantages of the relationship between marketing automation and CRM is reducing the amount of manual interference. There is no need for any physical labor because the CRM will do it for you. With less interference you can have 

Making Foster Leads More Responsive

Automated email campaigns nurture the potential leads with necessary information and services that coincides your potential customers specific needs and interests. This can only be achieved if you have a good customer data. A bonus point if your emails are appropriate and captivating, it will keep your customers engaged and responsive.

Assisting Sales Teams

The sales teams of every business can directly benefit from CRM email automation platforms like Saphyte, Sales Force Automation, and Agile CRM to foster your potential leads. Your sales personnel can spot on specific emails and optimized contents you’ve sent out to engage your potential leads, and enhance any business prospects.

Hence, making work easier, efficient, and effective for everyone. 

Enhance the Brand Awareness

Email marketing automation does not only make things easier and efficient for everyone but can also enhance brand awareness. The system his built with features that creates an optimized and responsive workflow for businesses. 

Along this workflow, prospective customers can gain an awareness and understanding of your business’s products or services. And when clients have a great understanding of what you can offer, conversion from prospect to customer will be seamless and more effective. 

Improved Customization for Prospective Clients

Most CRM solution is built with personalized email workflow processes. This feature is extensively used to keep more prospective customers. Some email correspondences provide additional and exclusive information, such as a particular location of the leads, and the specific firms they are employed. 

The more unique customer information, you have, the more you can enhance the relationship with your prospects.

Mitigating any Chances of Errors

Before you send out an email to your prospects and target audience, you have to ensure that there are no apparent or incriminating issues present in the body of the email. 

With the right CRM, not only that you have a reliable contact management tool but also an effective email marketing tool. Tools like process automation, email marketing templates, workflow automation and a whole lot of other tools to mitigate errors.  

Minimize Operational and Marketing Cost

Automated email marketing minimizes your need to add more staff on your marketing and sales team. Since most of the sales pipeline and process are going to be automated, you don’t need an extra employee. 

With the right CRM solution, you can be able to realign your expenses to more important and serious matters. 

How can the Right CRM Help you Personalize Customer Interaction? 

Customers want to feel that they’re special. Which is rightfully so. However, there are times that managing customer expectations can be hard, most especially if you’re doing it manually. This is where a CRM software like Saphyte comes into play.

The right CRM will help you personalize not only your customers service and interaction, but also their journey. So here are some of the ways a CRM can personalize your customer’s overall journey. 

Smarter Insights

A CRM can help your sales team identify which of your potential or existing consumers are potential targets for offers months in advance of their next purchase. A CRM can analyze like-minded target audiences for past purchases, purchasing behaviors, and timing. A CRM can do this without the feel of being too invasive to consumers. 

Each stage of a consumer’s journey will be evident on the CRM. From the email campaigns, phone calls, etc. Users will see data points like which sites users are visiting from, and which campaigns are generating interactions from each specific consumer. 

With this relevant data, campaigns and insights can be dynamically personalized to bring more appropriate and related messaging, along with some helpful information, to your consumers.

Customizing Buying Experience

Remember, that modern consumers don’t like to be dictated of what they should or shouldn’t buy. However, with the right CRM, you can be able to tailor your customer’s buying experience. 

CRM collects and collates relevant information that can be helpful for your sales team to easily convert your prospects to consumers. Your sales team need reliable data on the mindset of the potential customer, their journey and experiences, and the factors that may or may not trigger them to take the pivotal step of making a purchase. 

When you equip your sales team with this contact information, they will be empowered to connect on a deeper level with the customer. Hence, creating a more personalized experience that can encourage repeat sales. 

Changing the Game of Human Touch and Interaction

CRM systems are introducing a new way of digital automation into customer relations. However, they’re more than just a piece of automation software. 

CRM software can also offer numerous ways to make your customer’s experience feel more human. This is perhaps a significant strategic advantage that is unlocked by CRM technologies. CRM tools raise small business or enterprise owners an understanding of their buyer’s expectations and their customer’s needs at each touch point of the purchase process.

With these insights, you can be able to develop a more appropriate and personal strategy over your competitors.


If you’re looking for a good CRM that can help you personalize your services for your customers, then Saphyte is the best option for you. 

Saphyte is a CRM software built to support your sales, marketing, and customer service departments. With tools that can help you automate your tasks, create workflows that works around your processes, email templates that can help you with your campaigns, and more tools to come.

Saphyte is built with algorithms to allow your team to have an efficient and effective process that leads to proactive business decisions. With tools like Sales Intelligence and Sales Forecasting, your team can be able to make proactive decisions that can help you personalize your customer’s journey.

On top of that, Saphyte has a pay-as-you-go monthly fee scheme that fits like a tee with your budget. No set-up fees, inclusive of a free demo, and a 24/7 customer support readily available in every subscription plan. 

Make an investment with a reliable CRM software today. Start it by choosing Saphyte as your CRM partner. Contact us for a free demo or start your free trial now.

July 22, 2020