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Do Old Techniques Drive New Sales?

Published on July 6, 2020
3 min read
Icon Saphyte Team
3 min read

Bringing in a new sale for the company is a tricky job as we don’t have an unlimited budget to market business, find new customers, and increase sales. Another factor to also consider that makes new sales tricky are changes (customer behavior, purchasing patterns, etc.)

With these two factors, one could only ask if old sales techniques will drive new sales in this day and age? The answer is: most of them are ineffective now.

Consumers of today are smarter and are better informed because of technology. They can see right through your “sales-y” methods and have plenty of other options to choose from. So here are some old techniques that are no longer effective to modern-day consumers, in the case your approach needs some tweaking.

Technique #1: Telling your Customers, not Asking

With old techniques, prospects have no choice but to listen to businesses. But this method is no longer the case for modern customers. Not if you’re wanting to achieve a sale, anyway.

Asking “yes” or “no” questions just won’t cut it. If you must explain your experiences and your side of the picture, don’t do so without understanding the situation of your prospects first. You also need to pull out the appropriate information and make sure you understand your prospect’s situation before making any type of recommendation. Serving over selling is the new approach.

Technique #2: Random Cold Calling

Nobody likes to be randomly cold called. Cold calling random prospects is dreary, hard, ineffective, and can create a negative impact on your brand’s image. Most of all, it is highly impersonal. However, you don’t have to abandon this method altogether.

Simply change your approach and stop cold calling RANDOM prospects. By random, we mean the ones who are not interested in the products or services you are offering. Stop using this method before it’s too late.

What you can do to improve is through warm calling. You can do this by doing some research, targeted leads, and social media. Gather contact information, get some insights, and pack your team with essential information before calling a lead or prospect. 

Technique #3: Treating Prospects the Same

Customers are unique. With that, they have unique needs and wants. Treating them the same would definitely be a buzzkill. You can’t expect your potential customer to react the same way to your sales tactics. That’s old-fashioned and unrealistic.

That’s why you need to be flexible in approaching your prospects and also adjust your tactics and method to every individual’s definite needs. One of the best ways to achieve this is by personalizing your content, curating your products and services, and don’t expect the same reaction. Personalization in all things, is key.

Technique #4:  Moving too quickly

Landing a one-call close is a difficult situation but it also brings a huge rush and a quick win for you. But, if you’re only paying attention to short term wins, you may end up missing the huge warning signs. It may end up that the prospect you’ve won won’t be a good customer, or even a repeat one.

In order to avoid this, you can slow the pace down. Take the time to dig deeper into your prospect’s circumstances. In that way, they’ll be completely informed about their decision and won’t agitate out of your customer base at the same time.

Technique #5: Ignoring the Effects of Digital Reputation and Rapport

Your digital reputation is as good as forever. If you choose to ignore this fact, then you are in dire danger. But, if you do acknowledge this fact, it can be most advantageous for you.

So, treat your prospects with the respect they deserve and don’t ever put your needs above theirs. Don’t just slam a deal in your prospect’s faces. Take time to get to know them, listen to their needs, and offer a solution to their problem. Remember, if you keep slamming a deal, it’ll come back to bite you.


Remember that in today’s consumer era, business is all about being customer-centric. And these spins on old sales techniques can help you drive in new leads and conversions.

In order to achieve a greater way to drive new sales to your business while being customer-centric, you need to refine your techniques and have a reliable tool with you. This is where CRM comes into the picture. 

A reliable, tailored CRM can help you reach your goal, refine your sales goals and techniques, and drive in new sales for your business. Despite the pandemic and the anxiety along with it, investing in a CRM can cause uncertainties if you don’t get it right the first time.

But with Saphyte, you can streamline all of your corporate activities and integrate them into one powerful platform. Have sales and marketing tools designed to improve your business’ efficiency and productivity. Allowing you to manage your customer data, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, and identify opportunities for the long haul.

With Saphyte, you can build long-term customer relationships, drive new sales, and cultivate a better brand. Now is the time to create a bounce-back plan by redefining outdated sales techniques and integrating them with a reliable CRM system like Saphyte. 

Looking forward to growing your business in the middle of this pandemic? Start investing with the proper CRM now, start it with Saphyte. We look forward to growing with you and your business.

July 6, 2020