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How a CRM App can Help you Stay Productive

Published on May 21, 2020
4 min read
Icon Saphyte Team
4 min read

Efficiency and productivity are some of the biggest obstacles businesses face daily. This does not come as a surprise, as there are customer demands and competitions in every direction. So, how do you keep up with the intensity of competition around you? 

Why not try Saphyte’s CRM App? 

Saphyte is a CRM system that helps businesses streamline corporate activities and integrate these activities into one platform.

The system helps your sales and marketing team manage customer data, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, and identify the right opportunities. 

Saphyte is built with management tools to improve your business efficiency and productivity. Most especially when it comes to the sales process. 

So, how can Saphyte help you in streamlining your sales process? Here are some of the best features of this revolutionary CRM tool. 

Saphyte’s Sales Management Feature 

As a business, your sales reps are already loaded with tasks daily. They have to do contact records, sales pipeline entries, lead entries, cold calls, and customer support. Adding more to their plate can compromise the goal of streamlining your business. 

Every sales rep’s dream is to have the best information about a lead or a client. The more information you hold, the more aces up your sales rep’s sleeve. Here are some of Saphyte’s sales management features.

Sales Pipeline

This feature allows you and your team members to set up the

stages of your sales process and tailor them to your business’s needs. Saphyte made the design of this feature simple without leaving any important information field behind. 

The information about the sales pipeline is centralized at the same time. The moment you track and monitor the progress of your deals, everybody sees the same information. No overcrowding and no redundancy. 

Lead Scoring

You and your team can say goodbye to manual lead scoring. Saphyte’s automatic lead scoring feature helps you prioritize your leads. How? Through the scoring conditions that are built within the app. All you need to do is identify the leads and score them by its potential progress to close a sale. 

Sales Forecasting

Calculating for a sales forecast takes plenty of time. However, with Saphyte’s data processing feature and centralized data, sales forecasting is now easier. The system processes real-time data and provides you with accurate and realistic forecasting. This is most helpful when you’re attempting to make intelligent sales decisions or assessing risk management.

Sales Intelligence

The client is the center of the universe – from a business perspective. With Saphyte’s sales intelligence feature, you are able to get every relevant information regarding a client on your database. With that information comes with the advantage of knowing the right action to take in improving your sales. 

Multiple Dashboards for Easier Monitoring

This feature is an advantage because you can have a one-page overview of every information you need. Whether it is regarding your client, sales, marketing, and support management. Plus, you can customize your dashboard by dragging and dropping the widgets you need to view information. 

The app also allows each user to build multiple dashboards. This eliminates the problem of multiple accounts and margin of errors in your sales team. 

Saphyte’s Contact Management On Point

A scattered contact record spells disaster and waste of opportunity. Saphyte recognizes the need for a better contact management tool within a system. This is where the contact management feature of this CRM tool comes into play. Here are some of the features you will enjoy when you use Saphyte in your sales process.

Information is Categorized

Each information is easily categorized by status and updates. They are grouped into custom categories such as leads, prospects, or clients. Within those categories, users can see the status of every contact. Whether they are New, Contacted, Working, Waiting for Response, Not Interested, and more. 

Client Notes

Saphyte acknowledges the importance of records. Within the app, you can have access to all your client interactions. You can check the history of all your client’s interactions with your team, too. All in one place under the Notes tab.

This feature will save you time and effort. Also, this feature will slowly eliminate accountability voids within your sales team.

Companies Under One Tab

This is more efficient for companies that handle B2B businesses on a daily grind. Saphyte users can fill up and complete a profile of their B2B clients under the Companies tab. You can also link your clients or prospects to a specific campaign, manager, and so much more. 

Say goodbye to creating a separate spreadsheet or using another tracker for your contacts. This feature can do your contact management for you.

Flexible and Scalable to your Needs

Every business is unique and so does its processes. Businesses have a genuine way of creating solutions for consumers. This is not a surprising truth, because consumers are skeptical and are always seeking for genuine and authentic business. 

Authenticity brings deeper relations and builds trust easily. Businesses are always trying to meet the needs of consumers. Adapting and changing processes along the way. This why Saphyte built a mobile app version of this CRM tool. So you can have access to your data and progress, anytime.

Also, change can either be expensive or a momentum killer for business. This is where the purpose of Saphyte comes in. 

Saphyte is built to grow with your business. The developers behind the technology acknowledge the need for flexibility and scalability. This CRM tool is tailored to meet every sales team’s need to build and automate certain business processes. 

The app is straight-forward and easy to use, too because creating a process shouldn’t be complicated. Saphyte adapts to your business’s needs, you don’t need to adapt to the technology. The easier and faster you build your process, the more effective and productive your sales team will be. 

Saphyte’s Workflow Automation Saves Time

Do you ever wonder why turnaround time is slow? Perhaps your processes are still in manual mode. You’re still using separate spreadsheets, separate tools, and email accounts. These practices are stealing precious time your team has. 

In business, time is a controversial matter. If you want to avoid further hiccups in your workflow and accountability voids, you need a reliable app with you. An app with a reliable reputation about workflows, automations, and accuracy. 

With Saphyte, you can remove the repetitive tasks from your process by automating them using the Workflows features. The system has built-in intelligent workflows that allow you to set up, automate, and run your business processes by themselves. 

The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to drag and drop the elements you need. All you need to do is click and connect the nodes and elements in your workflow sheet. After you have done so, the system will build your process seamlessly.

For example, you have an order form on your website that is integrated into Saphyte. You can set the conditions for that form. If an order comes through, the system will then send a confirmation letter to the customer.

At the same time, the condition can send an automatic email to your ground staff, to receive and fulfill the order. This is most beneficial for retail businesses. 

Task Management is Easier

Saphyte’s “My Diary” feature helps keep your team organized and effective. Users can add a task for each entity. Whether scheduling a call, adding a reminder, or doing other admin tasks, this feature can help you.


Most businesses today have a highly competitive business landscape. Arming your sales force with the right CRM tool is a wise stance. The CRM tool will help your business to stand out from the crowd.

Also, CRM apps like Base CRM, Zoho CRM, Hubspot CRM, allows you to deliver a more personalized way of doing business. Not only that you are addressing the trend among modern prospects and customers but also building value to your brand.

Choosing the right CRM system, enables business owners to pinpoint the sales team in that direction. Whether your business is up-selling or cross-selling. Through a good CRM system, you will be able to identify new opportunities and improve your sales and marketing strategies. 

Aside from identifying the right opportunities, the right CRM will you gain the ability to transform the way you deal with customers. By knowing how to deal with clients you can always you can win them over. 

When businesses gain the ability to transform by what the consumers need, there is room for authenticity. Authenticity brings value and opportunity for growth. 

Above all, a good CRM tool is a valuable investment. This CRM app keeps your sales team productive, organized, and effective with their post. The system helps you build your customer base, and at the same time, cut any unnecessary movement along your sales process. 

Are you interested in investing in the future of your business? Saphyte’s CRM mobile app will help along the way. Contact us to know more about this revolutionary product.

May 21, 2020