How to Get Your Leads to Promote Your Brand for You

Published on July 25, 2021
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2 min read

Your leads can be your business’s biggest asset. What steps should you take to get your leads to promote your brand for you?

Any business needs to identify potential customers (also called leads) and walk them through a planned sales process to get them to make their first purchase (and make repeat purchases over time). But while the process isn’t that fast and easy, there’s actually a way to get your leads to promote your brand, spread the word, and help you get more leads— all without even making that lead buy first.

Let’s cut to the chase. The secret is in creating clear call-to-actions (CTAs) in all your content and making it easier for leads to share your content.

What are CTAs?

CTAs are images or lines of text that encourage your website visitors and email recipients (or in general, leads and customers) to take action. A “Share” button can be a CTA. Other examples are:

Buy Now

Download Now

Sign Up

Learn More


CTAs help compel target readers to act in a specific way in accordance with the sales and marketing goals of a business.

4 Tips to Get Your Leads to Share Your Content

Where should you put your CTAs? How do you encourage leads to promote your business? Below are four major tips you should take note of:

1. Put your CTAs in areas of the sales process where your leads feel good the most

You need to identify areas of your sales process where your leads feel enthusiastic about your business. 

For example:

when a lead receives a one-time marketing offer that gives them a huge discount

when a website visitor subscribes to your newsletter

when a website visitor receives the offer from your lead magnet (such as a free PDF report or a sales template in exchange for signing up).

Putting your CTAs in these areas makes it easier to encourage leads to click on these CTAs, eventually helping you achieve sales goals as a result.

2. Make clear “Share” CTAs when following up

Sometimes it takes time for leads to make a decision— especially a major one. So it’s important for sales teams to perform follow-ups.

But follow-ups shouldn’t be perfunctory. They should offer a better value than the previous engagement— better information or a better sales offer that would encourage leads to take the next step and perform the next desired action.

When this is done and your lead gets a better offer, they’re highly likely to share your content with friends, family, and colleagues. Not only did the follow-up make them feel better but it also makes them feel obligated to share it with people who might benefit from it the most.

3. Reward referrals

While leads, technically, haven’t made a purchase yet, they can still act as brand ambassadors if you reward them with marketing offers after making referrals.

For example, clicking on a “Share with Friends on Facebook” CTA button can get leads a 10% discount voucher which they can use when making a purchase. You can also add another 10% discount if they share it on a different social media platform. And another 10% discount if their friends make a purchase. 

You get the idea. Leads can promote your products and services even without making a purchase first.

4. Measure your results

While this may sound unrelated to leads promoting your brand, it’s still important to highlight how critical measuring results is in making this strategy work.

Generating analytics and analyzing results help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of this strategy. It also helps you tweak it for the better, so that the next time a lead sees a CTA button, they’re guaranteed to click on it, promote your brand, and improve your sales output.

Don’t forget to include a tracking URL so you can track how much traffic your CTA buttons generate. And remember to use sales tools that can help you track the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

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