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Lead Generation Strategies and Best Practices for 2020

Published on May 6, 2020
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Lead generation is very important for your business since it gives you a higher rate of gaining sales especially when you gather high-quality leads. As consumers change and evolve, they have become immune to traditional ways of some marketers’ lead generation techniques. About 61% of marketers say that lead generation has been their top challenge in their job. 

If you want to step up your game in generating leads for your business, here are some practices which you can use to upgrade your strategies this 2020:

Reduce your form fields.

Customers do not like to answer forms that are too long or too many to fill up with. As much as possible, reduce your form fields and capture relevant information only. This way, your lead generation forms can convert finely.

Promote content to various channels.

You do not wait for your customers to come to you, you need to go where they usually are. Your customers are always on social media channels so you need to promote your content there. Make engaging content and maximize your exposure to make consumers become interested in your brand.

Add CTAs and make it descriptive.

What will your consumers do next after landing on your website? How will you turn them into a lead? This is where call-to-action is needed. You need to create CTAs for them to know which action to take next. Make it as clear and descriptive as possible so that they will click it. With a descriptive CTA, you can entice and persuade your customers to click it.

Encourage online reviews.

Let your customers leave you with comments about their experience with your products and services. In a 2017 survey, about 85% of respondents say they trust online recommendations as much as personal ones.  Encourage your customers to make online reviews and capitalize on this to boost your brand reputation which in turn can attract new customers. 

When you are able to accumulate leads and turn them into customers of your brand, you need to have a solution that can manage all these data from them being leads up to being customers that will close deals. Learn how with Saphyte now.

May 6, 2020