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Published on June 3, 2020
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4 min read

Businesses nowadays are going on a digital transformation since it tends to be more effective in achieving higher sales rates, increased brand awareness, and it also allows you to provide better customer experience. Almost every consumer is staying on the internet and digital marketers are leveraging on this advantage.

When you are already investing a lot with how you run your business in the digital marketing realm, having a grasp of advanced-technological tools will surely benefit your company. One of these tools is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

You might have heard or research what a CRM software is since it continually increases its popularity and its main goal is to help you increase your sales rate and help you have a higher rate of customer retention.

CRM tools consist of sales, marketing, and customer support functions. You can use all of these tools in just one platform. With that, it hastens your business processes and lessens your operational costs.

How does a CRM system work?

· It streamlines business processes.

· It gives better visualization of the customer’s journey.

· It provides a secure and centralized database.

· It improves team collaboration.

· It personalizes the customer experience.

Introducing Saphyte 

Saphyte was created way back in 2017 with the idea of being able to help businesses achieve their target sales and with that, customer retention is a must. Before it was launched, it underwent a lot of testing and adjustments until it was ready to be deployed.

It has sales and marketing tools that will help you manage customer data, create marketing strategies, and recognize opportunities in real-time. Saphyte focuses on helping you with your sales team and marketing efforts – giving you a boost in efficiency and productivity.

This CRM technology will also help you provide better customer interactions to enhance customer satisfaction. With its CRM tools, it will help you boost customer retention rates. 

Saphyte is empowered to be competitive in the global market. It can support almost all sectors since it is flexible and scalable. The system adapts to what kind of business you have – its duty is to make adjustments as to how you want the system to be.

Saphyte’s Unique Selling Proposition

Small businesses and even big companies are already putting their interest in Saphyte because of how it stands out from other CRM systems. Here are Saphyte’s USPs that will make you want to know Saphyte more:

It is scalable and flexible.

You do not have to worry if Saphyte can accommodate the day-to-day processes of your business.  The system is designed to adapt to you. If you want to have additional modules, functionalities, or custom processes, Saphyte can be customized according to your needs.

You do not have to change from one CRM platform to another thinking that new business processes can’t be accommodated in the system. Even if you started small and eventually grow, the system will grow along with you.

Saphyte is the first-ever locally-developed CRM solution in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is known for being always the first in creating disruptive technologies and having to develop the first-ever local CRM in the region will be eye-catching and makes you think how powerful it can be.

Saphyte is bound to help SMEs and even big companies. It can do great wonders and hasten up their growth and success in no time.

It has no set-up fees and hidden charges.

Saphyte aims to be transparent with its users. You do not have to pay for any set-up fees. All you have to do is sign up, select how many users will use the system, complete your purchase and you can start using the system right away. 

The take-away is that if you have paid five users and only four of them are actively using the system, Saphyte will only bill you for the four users. It will inform you who is actively using the system and who is not. This is how transparent Saphyte is.

Customizable Multiple Dashboards

This is a special feature of Saphyte that makes it stand out from other CRM platforms. You can create a one-page summary of all the information you want to know – may it be from your sales and marketing team efforts, marketing campaigns results, and support management.

With Saphyte’s drag and drop functionality, you can choose different widgets easily and create what is inside your dashboard.

Saphyte CRM Price

Saphyte has different types of business plans. You can choose either from the starter, basic, advanced, or enterprise plan depending on how many functionalities your company needs. It also offers a 30-day trial period so that you can navigate the system well without paying any fees.

  1. Starter

This plan is free but it has basic functionalities. It has client and sales management tools and some of the administrative tools.

2. Basic

With this business plan, you will be paying $15 per user per month. Same as the starter pack, you can have access to the functionalities of client and sales management and administrative tools. You can also use marketing campaigns.

This basic plan will also give you access to the team and workspace tools and predefined reports.

3. Advanced

In the advanced plan, you will be paying $50 per user per month. It has the same functionalities with the basic plan but there are more added tools with it. The administrative tools are on a complete set and you can use email marketing with it too.

4. Enterprise

With the enterprise plan, you will be paying $99 per user per month. All of the functionalities from client management, sales, and marketing management, administrative, team and workspace, reports, client portal, and PSP integrations are accessible.

Saphyte provides support from the basic up to the enterprise plan. Once you purchase from Saphyte, it will give you all the support until you can navigate the system very well.

Who can take advantage of Saphyte?

Since Saphyte is flexible and scalable, almost every sector can be supported by it. Here are five sectors that are proven to benefit from the said CRM solution:


Saphyte has multiple tools that help retail companies to operate seamlessly. It has sales, marketing, customer support, inventory, and quotation management that are essential in managing a retail company.

Real Estate

With Saphyte’s Lead and Client Management tools, any real estate company can enhance its customer relationships and deals management. 

Since those are the things that make up most of how to do business in the real estate sector, Saphyte provides the necessary tools that include lead scoring, timely follow-up using task management, email marketing, etc. that are important in doing the day-to-day processes of a real estate company.


Saphyte can generate standard workflows for a trading business especially in sales, marketing, and customer support areas. It also provides tools to measure the growth and success of a business through the usage of customer-related information that is readily available in the system.


Saphyte can accommodate a large amount of data and can adapt to the fast-growing database of an insurance company. It can organize different information and processes to minimize repetitive tasks. 

Form building, contact information management, lead management, policy management, commission structuring, custom reporting, and other insurance-related processes can be done automatically in Saphyte enabling insurance companies to focus on more important tasks.


Educational companies like training centers have thousands of different potential customers’ or information. Through Saphyte, you can categories each individual if they are potential enrollees or if they are already existing ones.

Saphyte can help in managing students and assign them to different instructors for specific courses or subjects. Saphyte can also help in managing the schedule of activities for each student.


You can invest with Saphyte and choose from one plan to another once your business will grow. The CRM price for this system is worth it and no single dollar from your resources will be wasted. Growth and success are an assurance with Saphyte and they are all about transparency with their users.

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