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The Importance of CRM in Marketing Management

Published on July 5, 2020
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3 min read

Marketing plays a vital role for every business, most especially for SME’s. Without marketing, the scope of your business is extraordinarily limited. Your brand gets tossed around once or twice between friends, and then you begin to disappear in the air between them. Without marketing, your business cannot have a lasting impact.

That is the reason why you need to get the word out there with regards to your business. Marketing gets the word out about your business and builds an impact as it goes along.

Proper marketing allows you to connect with your potential customers and inform them of all the sale products you offer. Marketing builds brand recognition and fosters customer loyalty. Marketing can also boost your sales and increase your bottom line, helps you construct consistent customer information, and helps you leave an impact on your customers.

What is the importance of CRM in Marketing Management?

CRM systems help businesses build a relationship with their customers. Which in turn creates loyalty and customer retention. By design, a customer relationship management (CRM) is all of the activities, strategies and technologies that your business uses to manage your interactions with your existing and potential customers.

At the same time, a CRM creates a simplified user interface to collect important customer data that will help your business recognize and communicate with your potential or existing customer in a scalable way.

By hindsight, CRM is simple but can be implemented in various ways. There are websites, social media, live chat, email, phone calls, customer service, and several marketing materials can all be integrated into a cloud-based CRM solution.

How does CRM align with your Marketing Strategies?

Alignment can be a lot of things. However, this does not limit to developing common definitions, sharing goals and metrics, lead nurturing efforts, lead management, lead evaluation, and employing streamlined processes.

Implementing the right CRM tool can improve your business’ marketing and sales alignment. The software is basically designed to manage and analyze your customer interactions during the sale cycle.

As a result, you can enhance your customer relations, convert leads, nurture sales, and build customer loyalty. On top of that, here are some other ways a CRM can align your marketing and sales.

Improved and Seamless Communication

You can now bid goodbye to wasteful meetings and excessive emails. CRM has a shared work management interface that allows your marketing and sales team to enjoy collaboration on a day to day basis.

On top of that, CRM can help your team focus on generating focused tracking reports and contact records. Plus, the software can also help your business track which of the marketing or sales outreach strategies are most effective.

On the spot Insights

Data and information are the two most essential things for a marketing and sales team. A shared CRM software enables your team to have access to all of your lead’s contact information. These contact information (company background, competitors, and interaction with brands) in return can be useful for both your sales and marketing department.

Shared Goals and Expectations

When your sales and marketing teams are collaborating to define the lead generation, sales nurturing, and scoring strategies, everything will be seamless. Because instead of working on different goals and unrealistic expectations of one another, they can now work on ideas, reduce bottlenecks and understand the customer base better.

Farewell to Duplicated Efforts

With the automation features of a CRM, both your marketing and sales see the same picture. When your team sees and shares the same information, they can tailor their content efforts while enabling sales to focus on reaching out interested customers.

Turn Leads into Opportunities by Improving Lead Quality

Marketing professionals will turn leads into opportunities by using marketing automation, progressive profiling, and lead scoring. They do all of these efforts to improve their data gathering and assessment efforts.

Failure of doing so can lead to low quality of leads and may fall through the cracks. Wasted opportunity leads to wasted effort, and wasted effort leads to waste of resources.

Gain Upsell Opportunities and Increase Deal Sizes

With the right CRM tool, you can give your sales team more useful data that you can use to evaluate, pitch, and support sales leads. Through the use of marketing automation by a CRM, leads may gradually deliver more information about themselves and their interests over time. This data in return will be useful throughout the sales process.

Strategy and Prospecting

When you have the right information in your hands, you and your team will have improved targeting. Not only that you have bridged the gap but also gained lead quality, improved nurturing efforts, and streamlined your management of leads.

In return, you can have a more customer-focused strategy and prospecting. When you have more customer-focused strategy and prospecting you can encourage more loyalty and customer referrals.

Why is Saphyte the Ideal CRM Marketing Tool for your Business?

Saphyte is built to make everything convenient for businesses. It has features designed and made to make sales and marketing campaigns easier, as well as make things smooth and seamless for people with administrative roles.

This cloud-based CRM is built to help you manage your customer data, conduct marketing tactics and strategies, and identify lead opportunities for the long haul. Here are some of Saphyte’s prominent features that you might want to look into.

Customizable multiple dashboards

Saphyte is built with customizable dashboards with drag-and-drop functionality to move the widgets around. The dashboard gives you a one-page overview of all the information you want to know regarding your client, sales, marketing, and support management. You can also create multiple dashboards with different widgets and name them according to your preferences.

Client Management

Effectively and efficiently manage your contacts database through our Client Management tab: automate your processes, organize your data, manage your tasks, generate your reports, and more valuable features.

Sales Management

Saphyte provides you with the tools you need to manage your sales. Knowing where they are in your sales process using the visual pipeline, closing your deals faster through the Deals Management, managing your associated companies, and forecasting your sales to increase your revenue and mitigate any potential losses.

You can also have access to real time reports with regards to your clients and sales pipelines through Sales Forecasting and Sales Intelligence.

Marketing Management

Marketing plays a big part in every business cycle. We want to accelerate your marketing strategy to the next epic level by providing you all the necessary tools for your campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing, form builders, and more.


Lastly, another great thing about Saphyte is our pay-as-you-go monthly fees that fits like a tee with your budget. No set-up fees, inclusive of a free demo, and a 24/7 customer support readily available in every subscription plan. 

Whether you have a small business or you own an enterprise, you need a technology that scales with your business. Saphyte is built to adjust and grow with you. Contact us for a free demo or start your free trial now. Start growing your business, start it with Saphyte.

July 5, 2020