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Published on March 10, 2021
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The world has changed its course and eventually changed the needs and wants of customers too. At a time when everything is volatile, things are made harder for businesses to plan their long-term goals. With the recent pandemic, not only has it shown that anything is possible with technology, but also enriched us with lessons as well.

What’s ahead for businesses

The pandemic introduced a number of challenges to marketers and business owners alike, of which many challenges will still persist this year. These lessons are hard-earned and will be persistent for this year, at least.  WARC states that there are five (5) key challenges marketers are going to face for 2021.  Before we share our tips on how to up your marketing game, we first need to understand where the challenges and gaps exist.

Responding to recession

Marketing strategies are now re-shaped to suit the new e-commerce reality. There will be cuts on media budgets and brand-building activities might be put on hold. Businesses can expect an accelerated shift in performance marketing toward digital channels, in order to cope and keep up in the post-pandemic marketplace.

Budget cuts will affect 70% of brand advertising, 67% of agency fees and 53% of sponsorships/partnerships.

2.  Staying relevant in the age of e-commerce

One of the many things COVID-19 has accelerated, is the global growth of e-commerce. Knowing how to respond to this trend is a top priority for 2021. This shift in distribution will have a knock-on effect on brand strategy and media investment.

“Habits formed over the last few months, such as familiarity with online shopping will heavily impact consumer preferences in the months and years to come. We’re only at the early stages of this growth. For brands and marketers, e-commerce, and in particular mobile commerce, is no longer a nice to have, but an essential touchpoint to tap into this opportunity.” Agatha Soh, Regional Head of Marketing, Shopee

3.  Engaging at-home consumers.

The ‘at home’ lifestyle will remain a driver of change this year and a great opportunity for businesses. The challenge for businesses here, is discovering where and how to become in-tune to your customer’s needs.

74% of respondents said post-pandemic changes in consumer behavior will significantly impact 2021 marketing strategies.

4. Succeeding in the closed web.

Context, personalization, and access to audience information will play a vital role for marketers this year. With digital advertising being dominated by a few media platforms, marketers will face the intimidating task of managing their content marketing activity across those garden walls.

81% of respondents agree that COVID-19 has only served to concentrate power in the hands of ‘big tech’, while 83% of respondents agree or strongly agree that those firms should be subject to “greater regulation” to help level the playing field.

5.  Structuring for volatility

Businesses will still feel disruption throughout 2021, however, there will be room to find opportunity. According to WARC, 49% of brand respondents and 44% of agency respondents admit that their company doesn’t have diversity and an inclusion policy at all or that it is not a priority.

Diversity and inclusion still lag behind. People need to step up and go beyond walls.”

How to Step Up your Marketing Campaign Game In 2021

The year ahead might be tough, but a bit of preparation and restructuring might do the trick. Here are some tips and tricks as to how you can step up your marketing campaign game this 2021.

Review and Know your target audience.

Your first step should always include defining your target audience as part of your content marketing strategy. Having a clear idea of whom you’re trying to reach can go a long way and can help you mitigate future losses. Make sure this target audience is clearly defined.

You need to ask yourself:

·        Where do they get their news?

·        What apps or digital channels do they use?

·        How can your business connect with them?

·        Is there anything you can do to improve how you’re reaching them?

How will this benefit your overall marketing strategy?

·        Maximizing your Time and Resources.

·        Your Competition Value Proposition.

·        Content Design and Social Media Marketing.

2. Embrace the Power of Nonlinear Journeys

Digital channels are now savvier, which means the days of linear click paths — or as we all know them – old customer journeys – are long gone. Gone are the days where a customer would see an ad, and head to the store, and buy that product as a result.

Today’s consumers are bombarded with ads that fit exactly what they’re looking for. This due to the fact that algorithms of our current technology have an explicit understanding of what consumers search for. Whether this is camping gear, apartments near them, or anything else they might need or want, 9 times out of 10, technology knows exactly who is looking for what!

Mind you, the internet isn’t a mind reader. It simply harnesses the power of data to gain an inkling or insight into your customers’ thoughts and behaviors.

In 2021, nonlinear journeys will go well beyond social media. Some other businesses will incorporate traditional TV and radio advertisements, alongside ads on voice-driven devices. To stay on top of your campaign marketing game, you should embrace the power of nonlinear journeys and everything that comes along with them.

How will this benefit your overall marketing strategy?

·    Have clear insight on customer pain points – both service and communication.

·    Increase customer engagement.

·    Reduce cost and increase in sales.

·    Encourages customer loyalty and better employee satisfaction.

3. Get up-close and personal with your engagement

Are you guilty of hiding behind your work as a service-based business owner? Or only featuring your physical products or services on your social media feeds? It’s time to get some of the most loveable features of your business, out in the open and create an empathetic approach towards your content marketing. 

Personalization will be the prime driver of marketing success for this year and the years to come. By embracing and harnessing the power of empathy and machine learning, you’ll gain the advantage of securing more customers in the future.

How will this benefit your overall marketing strategy?

·        Effectively target specific audiences.

·        Create better content.

·        Build deeper relationships with customers.

·        Gives a face to your business.

·        Make better recommendations.

·        Boost sales and conversions.

4. Create Content for Humans

Gone are the days where search engines looked for exact keywords and phrases, which frequently meant that the content found on websites are bland and hard to follow.

Key phrases often miss prepositions, or tend to place words that are not in tune to human readers. However, for 2021 those days will be gone. The search engines of the present are smart enough to understand what the searchers are looking for, and they can gather context clues from your write-ups even if you insert a preposition into a key phrase. That is why one of the key components to up your campaign game, is to write for humans, not bots.

How will this benefit your overall marketing strategy?

·        Increase audience retention.

·        Better social media traction.

·        Establish trust with your audience.

·        Generate leads.

·        Improve conversions.

5. Include Marketing Automation

A study conducted by Salesforce indicated that 67% of successful marketers were using a marketing automation platform or have a digital ecosystem like a CRM, while another 21% planned to use one in the coming years.

Some other businesses have already incorporated marketing automation strategies into their company’s strategy. If you’re a part of the few, you’re in a good space, because the coming year will bring even more technologies to which businesses will need to adapt.

These tools will enable you to create better personalization and customization in your advertising efforts. Allowing you to speak to your prospect’s interests or actions by using cost-effective, yet highly strategic and targeted messaging.

How will this benefit your overall marketing strategy?

·        Marketing and sales alignment.

·        Increase conversion rate.

·        Accurate reporting.

·        Personalized marketing strategy.

·        Lead scoring.

·        Data management.

·        Scalable processes.

·        Lead nurturing.


Getting ahead of your competitors means you have to up your game too. The year ahead is a road filled with uncertainties, but, with a good campaign strategy, you’re going to be just fine.

A business that wields a great marketing strategy with the proper tools, is like a double-edged sword. As you create strategies that work for your business, have a full-scale digital ecosystem like Saphyte to join your ranks.

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