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Why You Need to Re-evaluate Your CRM

Published on April 19, 2020
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Shifting to a CRM solution might have been a leap of faith for your business and maintaining it might be challenging for you. You need to assess if is it helping your business grow or is it just dragging you from reaching your goals. A CRM should be a solution to your problems, not the other way around.
A report by Merkle Group Inc. stated that about 63% of CRM projects are likely to fail. If you don’t want to be a part of those statistics, then you need to reconsider the CRM you are using today. Here are signs that you need to re-evaluate your CRM platforms.

1. Absence of your CRM vendor.

Your monthly subscription for the CRM software you have purchased should not only be the connection you and your CRM vendor have. Your CRM vendor must help you in every step to maximize the CRM solution you have bought from them. They must help you grow with it. Their silence between these times is not a good sign.

2. Low adoption rate.

You need to oversee your employees if everyone is using the CRM platform that you have acquired. Observe how many active and non-active users are in your company. Some of your employees might avoid using your CRM platforms because of how hard the user interface might be for them. Some might even say that it is dragging their client engagement. If this happens, they might avoid using the platform leading to low adoption rate.

3. Not scalable and flexible.

Three or five years from now, your business will grow. You need to re-evaluate your CRM solutions if it can grow with you. You cannot afford to purchased another product once your business rises. Check your CRM platforms if it is scalable and can catch up to every processes you make.

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April 19, 2020