These are the sample census of users for this industry-based case scenario. The below table shows the computation of the subscription fee for each user per month and also the total billing.

DesignationsUsersSaphyte PlanAmount
Immigration Consultant Manager4 UsersEnterprise – $99/mo$396.00 /mon
Immigration Sales Consultant12 UsersEnterprise – $99/mo$1,188.00 /mon
Finance Manager1 UserEnterprise – $99/mo$99.0 /mon
CEO1 UserEnterprise – $99/mo$99.0 /mon
Back Office Manager1 UserEnterprise – $99/mo$99.0 /mon
Back Office Administrator3 UsersEnterprise – $99/mo$297.0 /mon
Legal Manager1 UserEnterprise – $99/mo$99.0 /mon
Legal Assistant1 UserEnterprise – $99/mo$99.0 /mon
Marketing Executive3 UsersEnterprise – $99/mo$99.0 /mon
IT/Information Security Head3 UserEnterprise – $99/mo$297.0 /mon
 26 UsersSub Total$ 2,574.00/mo.