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Centralized Platform For All Your Customer and Leads Data

Be at ease knowing all your customers’ information is securely stored in Saphyte’s system. You can now get rid of cluttered data, switching from one file to another, without losing data.

With Saphyte, you can be assured that there is no data wasted and no opportunities are taken for granted.

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Built With Automation and Customization

Reduce manual, administrative, and repetitive tasks through the power of automation. Saphyte is designed to let you focus on sales-driven tasks and keep your ROI rate higher.

Saphyte is also created to adapt to you; not the other way around. Enjoy the platform without making too many adjustments. Customize the system according to your needs, modules, tools, or business processes.

Budget-friendly Monthly Fees and All-out Customer Support

CRM software shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg. Saphyte understands that there are plenty of important things you should be spending on.

That is why Saphyte offers pay-as-you-go monthly rates, with no set-up fees, free demo, and 24/7 customer support readily available in every subscription plan.

No hidden or extra fees. Plus, a free trial for a month.

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We Share the same love for ease of business.

For every client referred by Virtuzone, they'll enjoy a 5% referral discount when they sign up for Saphyte CRM.
Only for our beloved Virtuzone clients. Read the terms.

Choose a CRM that grows along with you. Choose Saphyte now.

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