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2021 is the year to move past manual methods and embrace an efficient and effective process of building lasting customer relations.

Introducing Drip Email Marketing!

Drip email campaigns allow you to engage your prospects and customers better and more efficiently than before.


Emails that are triggered based on a certain action give you a better chance of getting an interactive and genuine response from your prospects.


Because they’re triggered from a prospects behaviour and interest, making them relevant to your customer overall.

Re-Engage Inactive

Re-engage inactive prospects and customers.

Perfectly Schedule

Perfectly schedule, set boundaries and responses within email campaigns.

Automate Welcome

Automate welcome email marketing series in one workflow.

Automate Customer

Automate customer journeys and create seamless customer experiences.

Setup Delay

Setup delay intervals between emails for auto-responders and marketing emails.

Boost Email

Boost email marketing campaign open rates without breaking a sweat!

Customer Dubai Creek

"Simple to use and a really fresh, clear interface. The ability to customise the CRM to meet our needs was a really great benefit as it felt we had a CRM which worked for us rather than working around existing software. Great value for money and wonderful service and support from the team."

Luke Manning, Sales Manager.
Hotels and Tourism
Customer Panoptic Media

"Since we moved to Saphyte, CRM has been so simple yet effective in growing our sales. With our previous systems – two of the world's leading CRM brands – we were left wanting with little support for smaller businesses like us, as well as needing to change our processes to fit the CRM."

Greg Tickner, CEO.
Marketing & Advertising
Customer Vision Consultancy

"Saphyte has helped us improve our data capturing and data security. In our business, we generate a lot of leads and the manual methods of spreadsheets can’t compare to the automated data protection we have now with Saphyte’s ecosystem. It is humanly impossible to manually manage the lead generation part of our business but with Saphyte’s CRM, the process has now been automated and we have noticed a massive change for the better."

Mr. Ram Satidasani, Managing Partner.
Legal Services & Consultancy
Customer Mystica Advertising

"Saphyte has been the perfect tool for us to easily digitize the way we manage our customer relationships, moving away from manual processes as the business grows. Each person is now completely aligned during each project meaning we're able to effectively maintain a high level of customer experience when delivering our services."

Abdullah Gadit, Managing Director.
Marketing & Advertising
Customer Rattan House

"Some problems such as the absence of centralised storage of data, difficulty in organising thousands of contacts, missed follow-ups of leads and deals, data is not being updated in real-time and double work because of duplicate information, can be permanently handled by Saphyte CRM."

Alya Kahwaji, Chief Marketing Officer.
Customer Stalwart

"Prior to Saphyte, we were logging and tracking all of our sales opportunities in spreadsheets. However, due to manual error and poor data input, it was difficult to have accurate visibility on our sales performance."

Tariq Abudayeh, Area Manager.
Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
Customer Nautilus Solutions

"Before Saphyte CRM we were using multiple tools for the management of our leads, prospects and customers. This was too difficult to manage and as a result we were losing leads and prospects."

Amit Nayyar, CFO.
Management Consulting
Customer 33 Voices

"One of the benefits of Saphyte is the fact that the support is local. The team has been great in suggesting ideas and ensuring that the system fits directly inline with my processes as a business. I now have a complete overview of our operations at the click of a button, which I can access anywhere on the road."

Stefan Biswick, Co-Founder.
Customer RSS

"Saphyte enables us to have all our leads, customers and sales activities accessible in one centralized place. We now have full visibility on the sales teams activity and sales performance as we look to grow our sales going forward."

Steven Morris. Country Sales Manager.
Customer Revotonix

"Saphyte directly gave us what we needed in the demo and for our business. It was a great experience for us. But what i specifically liked about it, was the ability to customize. It was really easy and our team is now able to do it on their own thanks to the support of the saphyte team."

Wassim Hariri, Co-Founder & CEO.
Industrial Automation and Utilities

Crunch-down on those email open rates with Saphyte.

Saphyte Sync

Spend less time capturing leads and prospects with Saphyte Sync. The feature is easy: capture your lead, edit credentials, and save quality lead data with less effort.

Saphyte Scan

Scan-and-store, this is the entire concept of Saphyte’s new mobile feature. Easily scan your prospects business card, edit as you go, and store the info to the system.

Quotes & Invoices

Create quotes and invoices fast, easy and accurate with Saphyte’s newest feature. Store, create, edit, and send the file to your contacts without switching platforms.

Landing Pages

Drive site traffic and increase online traction with Saphyte’s trendy feature. All you have to do is choose from our array of landing page templates, edit and deploy.


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