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Teams & Workspace

Manage your own team by creating users and assigning them
into different departments. You can authorize your users with roles to grant
them permission or restriction in the system.


Set the analytics you would like to see at the first glance. Saphyte lets you personalize and design your own dashboard by dragging and dropping widgets that will suit your monitoring preferences.

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We understand that reports are essential in each company to study the progress of each and every business activity. With Saphyte, reporting becomes easy through its Report Wizard that will guide you in creating your own customized report or in creating reports using the pre-defined templates in the system.

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Remove the repetitive tasks from your process by automating them using the Workflows. The intelligent workflows will allow you to set up, automate, and run your business processes. With a user-friendly interface, just drag and drop, click and connect the nodes and elements in your workflow sheet and build your process seamlessly.

Role-based Access Control

Create the roles of your team by managing the predefined roles in the system. Implement authorization and restriction for each role and apply it to each user depending on their department. For example, only the Superadmin role can read the logs and change the password for each user.

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Get your engine started by building your team. Create user profiles for your team and manage each user's information by assigning them in their designated departments and setting their roles in the CRM.

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Media Library

The Media Library is a repository for all media files uploaded to the CRM such as photos, documents, PDF, and other files.

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Form Builder

The Form Builder helps you create intelligent web forms. It has different form fields such as text fields, multiple-choice, drop-down choices, radio buttons, and more that are useful for capturing any type of data. Plus, the drag and drop functionality of the Form Builder enhances the user experience, allowing you to layout your forms with ease.

Custom Field

Do not miss out on any information! Create an extensive and detailed database with Custom Fields. Custom Fields are used to capture relevant information from your client which are not captured in the system by default.

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Track everything that happens in the system through the Logs. The logs are categorized into System Logs, Workflow Logs, Email Logs and many more. All the information about a certain activity that was performed in the system is fully detailed in the log.

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Recycle Bin

We keep all actions reversible using the Recycle Bin. Everything that is deleted from the CRM is archived in the Recycle Bin. You can search and filter, and restore deleted items.


Group your employees according to departments. Create your Departments and assign roles and users under it.

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