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Streamline your corporate activities into one platform

Streamline your corporate activities into one powerful platform. Maximize the synergy of your Sales, Marketing & Support teams.

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Get all the customer management tools you need in one platform.

Adopting the right technology is as important as choosing the right people to run the business.

Saphyte ecosystem is a full suite of advanced customer relationship management tools


Enjoy increased visibility among teams and better breakdown of tasks with our Team and Workspace tools. With Saphyte, you can promote team building while ensuring that tasks are done and projects are moving forward.

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Onboard, engage, and manage leads on their journey to becoming customers. Saphyte’s Sales Management tools are built and designed to make your sales processes faster, easier, and more convenient.

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Accelerate your marketing strategy to the next level with all the tools at your disposal — for your campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

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Improve your team collaboration and customer engagement using the platform's built-in communication tools.

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Modern, Advanced, Responsive Features

We make sure that we understand what our users need, and we recommend to them how to best use our software.

Custom Dashboard


Create as many dashboards as you want with its relevant metrics (e.g sales dashboard, client dashboard, etc.)

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

The intelligent workflows will allow you to set up and automate your business processes. Just drag and drop and connect the nodes to build your automated process.

User Management

User Management

Create user profiles for your team and manage each user's information by assigning them in their designated departments and setting their roles in the CRM.



MyDiary is a page where you can view your task dashboard and create tasks and associate it with your client or team members.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Choose from our intuitive and responsive templates to create landing pages that will help you drive traffic to your website and increase your online traction.

Form Builder

Form Builder

Forms are an essential tool for your onboarding process. It is where you create tailor-made specifications that capture only the important information of your client based on the created custom forms.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Increase your lead conversion rate faster using email design templates, bulk emails, workflows, scheduler, email tracking, and more.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Associate your deals and clients with a campaign so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts directed at your target audience.

Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline

Have a visual representation of your sales process by setting up the stages of your sales pipeline. This will help you track your deals and monitor their progress.

Deals Management

Deals Management

Have the visibility of the movement of all your deals and know your forecasted income through the Deals Management.

Quotes Management

Quotes Management

Generate error-free quotes by automatically filling out the right information in the right format and ensure that consistent pricing reflects your brand image as unified and reliable.

Client Management

Client Management

Store your contacts and manage all the information related to your client all in one repository.

Team Chat

Team Chat

The Team Chat fosters collaboration, promotes team engagement and faster and effective communication among your team members.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Provide an instant support to your website visitors by installing your Saphyte live chat widget.



Enhance your customer service by having a ticketing system that helps you organize your daily workload and prioritize the most important issues you need to work on.

Request Management


Deliver high-quality level of support to your customers by responding and fulfilling their requests through a help-desk portal accessible over the internet.



Integration for better user experience and usability


Push the limits of your business — add more tools and features that would further enhance your business performance.

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Solved by Saphyte


All teams can work together, finally

Cloud-based technology that allows teams to collaborate whenever, wherever.


No more switching apps

A centralized solution that has all the tools you need for business growth.


Know what everyone is working on

Coordinate with your teams with the aid of visuals, stats, and automated reporting.


Better company direction

No more second-guessing. With all the analytics available, making data-driven decisions is no longer impossible.


A 360-degree view of your business

Stay in control and don't miss anything. Keep track of all relevant data and changes related to your business.


Size does not matter

Scalable technology that adapts to your company's size — big or small.


More features, when needed

Integration options to add features to take your business to the next level.


One platform fits all

Customization options that fit your business requirements, regardless of your industry.

Dive deep into the Saphyte experience

Our Knowledge Center provides a comprehensive yet simplified information to help you get started with Saphyte. Explore Saphyte with the aid of videos, tutorials, and blogs.


Discover Saphyte and how to use it using our simplified tutorials.






Best Practice

This tool is designed by our experts to help you utilize our software correctly.


What our customers say

Dubai Creek

"Simple to use and a really fresh, clear interface. The ability to customise the CRM to meet our needs was a really great benefit as it felt we had a CRM which worked for us rather than working around existing software. Great value for money and wonderful service and support from the team."

Luke Manning, Sales Manager.
Hotels and Tourism
Panoptic Media

"Since we moved to Saphyte, CRM has been so simple yet effective in growing our sales. With our previous systems – two of the world's leading CRM brands – we were left wanting with little support for smaller businesses like us, as well as needing to change our processes to fit the CRM."

Greg Tickner, CEO.
Marketing & Advertising
Vision Consultancy

"Saphyte has helped us improve our data capturing and data security. In our business, we generate a lot of leads and the manual methods of spreadsheets can’t compare to the automated data protection we have now with Saphyte’s ecosystem. It is humanly impossible to manually manage the lead generation part of our business but with Saphyte’s CRM, the process has now been automated and we have noticed a massive change for the better."

Mr. Ram Satidasani, Managing Partner.
Legal Services & Consultancy
Mystica Advertising

"Saphyte has been the perfect tool for us to easily digitize the way we manage our customer relationships, moving away from manual processes as the business grows. Each person is now completely aligned during each project meaning we're able to effectively maintain a high level of customer experience when delivering our services."

Abdullah Gadit, Managing Director.
Marketing & Advertising
Rattan House

"Some problems such as the absence of centralised storage of data, difficulty in organising thousands of contacts, missed follow-ups of leads and deals, data is not being updated in real-time and double work because of duplicate information, can be permanently handled by Saphyte CRM."

Alya Kahwaji, Chief Marketing Officer.

"Prior to Saphyte, we were logging and tracking all of our sales opportunities in spreadsheets. However, due to manual error and poor data input, it was difficult to have accurate visibility on our sales performance."

Tariq Abudayeh, Area Manager.
Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
Nautilus Solutions

"Before Saphyte CRM we were using multiple tools for the management of our leads, prospects and customers. This was too difficult to manage and as a result we were losing leads and prospects."

Amit Nayyar, CFO.
Management Consulting
33 Voices

"One of the benefits of Saphyte is the fact that the support is local. The team has been great in suggesting ideas and ensuring that the system fits directly inline with my processes as a business. I now have a complete overview of our operations at the click of a button, which I can access anywhere on the road."

Stefan Biswick, Co-Founder.

"Saphyte enables us to have all our leads, customers and sales activities accessible in one centralized place. We now have full visibility on the sales teams activity and sales performance as we look to grow our sales going forward."

Steven Morris. Country Sales Manager.

"Saphyte directly gave us what we needed in the demo and for our business. It was a great experience for us. But what i specifically liked about it, was the ability to customize. It was really easy and our team is now able to do it on their own thanks to the support of the saphyte team."

Wassim Hariri, Co-Founder & CEO.
Industrial Automation and Utilities


Customize your Business via Saphyte

Saphyte Sync helps you search and capture LinkedIn contacts and add them into your Saphyte workspace.

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Saphyte Scan is also a prominent feature of the Saphyte CRM’s mobile version. All you need is to log-in to your Saphyte account, tap on Scan, get your prospect’s business card, and scan-and-store your info

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Al Homadi, Co-Founder & CEO.

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