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Saphyte is named after a gemstone; and comparable to a gem, it underwent a lot of polishing.

Before Saphyte came into its full operation, our team gathered all the insights from a variety of sales, marketing, operations, and support experts and listened to all of their challenges and needs in improving their business processes.

For our team, nothing is impossible. We rise up to the challenge to help businesses improve not only their sales and marketing but also the overall company growth by designing a system specifically made for their needs.

Hence, Saphyte was born. It is created through the heart, hard work, and dedication of our experienced team of system engineers.

Saphyte is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrated with useful sales and marketing tools to give your company a boost in efficiency and productivity. Our system is built to manage customer relations data, marketing, and opportunities for the long haul; eventually, this will help businesses achieve growth and success and build long-term customer relationships

Infused with the best and advanced technology, Saphyte becomes a powerhouse of a system that provides you all the necessary tools for the management of your lead and clients, sales, marketing, integrations, team, and Workspace management to deliver you the workable and actionable solutions to all your business challenges.

To sum up, Saphyte maximizes the synergy of your Sales, Marketing & Support team.

Our Mission

To reinvent the way companies execute their processes by eliminating manual actions and converting them into automation.

Our Vision

To be one of the elite leaders in the CRM industry worldwide that provides one-stop-shop solution for all your business process needs.

Our Values

User-friendly. Time-saver. Growth.

User Friendly

Using Saphyte is not rocket science. We care about our user experience that is why we made our system easily understandable, less complex, seamless, easy to navigate and use.


Time is of the essence. We care about the time you will save on executing business processes. Through automation, it will surely create a significant increase on your business productivity and profitability.


We grow together. Your ideas, we transform into actions. Your challenges, we accept and build solutions. By working together, we make this world a better place of innovation.

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