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Sales management crm

Enhanced sales experience

Saphyte's system is designed to gather customer data and information with less manual work. It does this by automating workflows that businesses run on. Saphyte also provides accurate forecasts to help its users make informed, strategic decisions, without the need for manual calculations.

The sales management software can also boost the effectiveness of an organization's sales techniques and speed up its operations with proper use. This results in increased overall profit.

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Centralized Data

By having all the data stored in one place, your Sales Team will have a deeper understanding of each customer profile and what product they are interested in. This will shorten the duration of calls and enable sales reps to serve customers using a more personalized approach.

Sales Forecasting

Saphyte provides you with real-time data about your sales performance. Using the tools for sales forecasting, you can analyze sales trends and make adjustments based on expectations.

More efficient sales process

Saphyte helps streamline your entire sales cycle, which results in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helping everyone in the team to reach targets faster. Since sales processes can be automated with Saphyte, sales teams will be able to reduce production costs and increase sales revenue.

Show up in time for the new sale

Having all communication with your customer centralized in Saphyte will help your sales rep to know exactly when your customers need to be contacted such as for contract renewal or when upselling a new product or service — this all increases the chance to close deals and gain more sales.


Quotes Management

Generate error-free quotes by automatically filling out the right information in the right format and ensure that consistent pricing reflects your brand image as unified and reliable.

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Saphyte allows you to create and manage customized sales processes through the deals tab using pipelines. You can add in each stage of the sales, right from when a lead comes into the system from your website for example, all the way until the deal is closed. At each stage, sales reps can add notes, reminders, and activity to the deal to ensure that the sales process is being followed efficiently which will increase the chances of the deal closing, improving overall sales performance whilst offering the ultimate customer experience.

There is no definitive way to calculate the ROI of using Saphyte. However, what Saphyte can do is ensure that your company has complete visibility on the A-Z of your operations and internal processes to ensure that you are doing everything you can to improve your sales performance such as setting reminders for sales follow-ups, setting up sales pipelines and capturing leads automatically into your CRM from external channels.

There are many ways you can manage your staff better through Saphyte and here are some of them: Saphyte provides you the visibility of your team's performance using the dashboard, sales pipeline visuals, and activity feed. Moreover, you can review all the logs of the activities such as the number of appointments made, deals made, closed sales, etc. performed by every team member through the activity feed. You can also monitor their sales stats and how many deals have they brought in real-time using the visual sales pipeline and dashboard. You can also enable role-based access to your users so that they can only access permitted information in the system.

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