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Enjoy increased visibility among teams and better breakdown of tasks with Saphyte’s Team and Workspace tools.

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Team Coordination translates to better Customer Experience

With Saphyte, teams can easily track and monitor each customer’s journey using the system’s visual representations.

They will be able to provide the service required at each stage of the journey, enhancing the customer’s experience at the end of the day.

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Effective internal communication

Saphyte fosters a positive team culture through role-based access that allows different departments to share data with each other remotely. Teams can also have a better understanding of the other areas in the organization and seamlessly collaborate together using the data displayed in the system.

Scales over time

Need to input more customer data? No problem. Saphyte accommodates your growing database by letting you add an unlimited number of data and keep track of your contacts and customer interactions over time.

Improved productivity

Optimize your daily schedule with Saphyte’s built-in MyDiary where you can track and prioritize your tasks and get reminder notifications so you would never miss important transactions and appointments.

Do business anywhere

Since Saphyte is cloud-based, all you need is internet access and you can get your work done anywhere. Whether it is on the web or on mobile, Saphyte ensures that all the tools you need to foster meaningful business relationships with your clients are available.



MyDiary is a page where you can view your task dashboard and create tasks and associate it with your client or team members.

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You can control and limit your users’ access to your workspace by creating and setting roles for them.

To provide your team visibility and insight into your progress and KPIs, you can start by sharing your customized dashboard with them as a common reference.

Absolutely. Saphyte gives you the bird’s eye view of your organization’s performance. We have activity feeds and logs that provide you details of all your team members’ activities at any specific location, time, and date.

Yes, there is a limit to the number of custom fields you can add into your workspace depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Please refer to our Pricing page to check the limit.

No worries at all. For real-time updates from your workspace, you can enable push notifications in the desktop or mobile version of Saphyte or even choose to be alerted via email for all the activities performed in your workspace.

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