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Satisfied customers correlates with business success

Consumers now have higher expectations from businesses when it comes to service. To guarantee customer satisfaction, Saphyte helps sales reps provide a more straightforward and personalized service using the data gathered and organized from each customer.

The system’s functionalities also improve the overall sales experience for both the customer and the company’s sales representative.

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Satisfied customers correlates with business success

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With Saphyte, you can get a better understanding of the history and current status of each customer. This helps your staff anticipate your customer needs and problems and provide exceptional customer support which increases customer satisfaction.

Nurtured Customer Relationships

With Saphyte’s automation tools, you can focus more on interacting with your customers than spending time on manual activities. Moreover, Saphyte helps you gather and access your data in one place so you can have a more comprehensive understanding of who your customers are — helping you personalize your communications with your customers.

Increase first contact resolution rate

Saphyte provides you with all the information related to the full sales cycle of your customer. Having knowledge of customer interactions and history can help you solve their issues immediately compared to the slow and inefficient process of contacting your colleagues for answers and getting back to your customers while you look for solutions.

Build up customer loyalty

Measure your customer loyalty by customizing your own customer satisfaction survey with Saphyte. You can also promote your own products and services to new prospects, and deliver appreciation messages to your customers using the system’s built-in support and marketing tools.


Ticketing System

Enhance your customer service by having a ticketing system that helps you organize your daily workload and prioritize the most important issues you need to work on.

Ticketing System

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Your workspace is only accessible by you. We comply with the international standards to maintain the security of your data and our system is GDPR compliant and ISO certified ensuring that protocols on information security are strictly followed.

Your data is backed up daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly assuring that no data will be lost.

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