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Getting a car is an important life decision and one that many customers want to get right. With Saphyte, automotive companies can proactively offer relevant information to leads and customers, which helps speed up the buying process. Saphyte can also help companies keep track of customers’ issues, provide responsive support, and analyze trends in the market.

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Case 1

Attracting Leads Using Online Channels

Case Study


Attracting leads online is a must, especially when the pandemic accelerated customers’ use of online channels.


here is a prevailing lack of connection between automotive companies and customers. According to reports, the interaction between an auto company and a customer occurs only 1.2 times on average per year. That interaction makes it hard to determine “who” should get “what” offer on “which” product at “what time?”

One client in the automotive industry, for example, wanted to attract and generate more leads using their websites and on social media.This is because the pandemic has made it virtually impossible for customers to check their products in-store.


By blogging and providing engaging content that directly addresses the needs and interests of prospects or leads, we used Saphyte to design their landing pages to prompt website visitors to fill out a form with important data.

The information in these forms has then been used by our automotive partner’s sales team to further deepen the conversation with the prospect and supply them with more information that they need and content that they prefer. All of these stem from the data we’ve gathered using Saphyte from our partner’s previous interactions with the prospect.

Case Study

Case 2

Providing Customer Support

Case Study


Automotive companies need to enhance their engagement with customers through online communication, Otherwise they will be left with a bad taste in their mouth for the lackluster customer support.


One of our clients specifically asked to have a system that can organize customer data and retrieve this data with ease. This is needed for our partners’ sales teams to successfully engage prospects or customers (especially those with specific queries) and provide correct solutions.

They also need to manage the scheduled tasks and appointments with customers and schedule test drive requests from potential clients.


Right from the start, all the customer’s essential information and any additional information is added to the customer’s records in the CRM using Saphyte.

Our client’s sales team also used Saphyte’s features like Notes to add important details about the customer so that anyone who has access to the database is informed of the customer’s requirements, needs, and queries during their previous interaction with the company.

This made the transitions between the team members and departments seamless, making customers feel as if they’re interacting with a friend who knows all their needs already. The sales team also scheduled tasks and appointments using Saphyte, knowing that the CRM would alert them through push notifications for important appointments and deals events.

Case Study

Case 3

Analyzing Trends and Customer Feedback

Case Study


Many of our automotive partners used to ignore data. To them, it’s all about shotgun marketing— campaigning to whoever and wherever, wishing someone will be persuaded to make a purchase at the end of the day.

Our automotive partners requested a system that can gather customer feedback fast and analyze trends in consumer behavior. They needed a system that can perform tasks automatically, without requiring the staff to do manual, repetitive work.

They said that this can help them match their services with prospects’ and customers’ styles and preferences and take advantage of identified opportunities.


With Saphyte, a customer feedback loop mechanism can be established using its automated workflows.

For leads, they can leave their feedback on forms upon visiting the company’s website. For customers, the system can automatically send them feedback forms through email upon making their first online (or even in-store) purchase.

Sales insights can also be generated automatically and displayed on Saphyte’s dashboard using helpful visual representations (charts, pies, lines, and all other metrics).

These insights have so far helped our automotive partners get a quick glimpse of the performance of their teams and the overall company performance. They also helped managers make data-driven decisions based on trends and the customer feedback that Saphyte collected.

Few of our key features which are
helping automotive firms to grow

Organized product inventory

Keeping track of the products can be a tedious task when using manual spreadsheets. Saphyte provides an efficient solution to automotive companies using the Product Catalog where they can create multiple price listings, add master products and sub-products, attach images and files to each product, and manage them in a single place.

Analyzing consumer preferences

Most of the automotive companies we have dealt with only have spreadsheets to list their customer contacts but never a record of the customer interaction and preferences. With the use of our Client Management tools, it helped automotive companies track their customer preferences, history and interaction, and provide a more personalized offer.

Product promotions using targeted email marketing

In the automotive industry, cars are always upgrading and models keep on changing.It is important to promote new products to customers and encourage repeat purchase behaviors by continuously establishing presence among your clients through Saphyte’s drip email marketing functionality.

Professional and seamless transactions

It is important for automotive companies to represent themselves professionally. Right from automatic generation and emailing of professional quotes to maintaining billing and shipping details, Saphyte’s quote and invoice management tools help automotive businesses keep it together, win clients and bring in revenue.

Making informed decisions with sales forecast

Saphyte’s Deals Management helps automotive companies position their businesses to become active instead of reactive. If there is a trend that is predicted to take over the market, or data is showing changes in consumer behaviour it is important to readjust to the market overall and optimize resources to stand out from the competition.

Don’t just take our word for it


Dubai Creek
Luke Manning, Sales Manager

"Simple to use and a really fresh, clear interface. The ability to customise the CRM to meet our needs was a really great benefit as it felt we had a CRM which worked for us rather than working around existing software. Great value for money and wonderful service and support from the team."


Panoptic Media
Greg Tickner, CEO

"Since we moved to Saphyte, CRM has been so simple yet effective in growing our sales. With our previous systems – two of the world's leading CRM brands – we were left wanting with little support for smaller businesses like us, as well as needing to change our processes to fit the CRM."


Vision Consultancy
Mr. Ram Satidasani, Managing Partner

"Saphyte has helped us improve our data capturing and data security. In our business, we generate a lot of leads and the manual methods of spreadsheets can’t compare to the automated data protection we have now with Saphyte’s ecosystem. It is humanly impossible to manually manage the lead generation part of our business but with Saphyte’s CRM, the process has now been automated and we have noticed a massive change for the better."


Mystica Advertising
Abdullah Gadit, Managing Director

"Saphyte has been the perfect tool for us to easily digitize the way we manage our customer relationships, moving away from manual processes as the business grows. Each person is now completely aligned during each project meaning we're able to effectively maintain a high level of customer experience when delivering our services."


Rattan House
Alya Kahwaji, Chief Marketing Officer

"Some problems such as the absence of centralised storage of data, difficulty in organising thousands of contacts, missed follow-ups of leads and deals, data is not being updated in real-time and double work because of duplicate information, can be permanently handled by Saphyte CRM."


Tariq Abudayeh, Area Manager

"Prior to Saphyte, we were logging and tracking all of our sales opportunities in spreadsheets. However, due to manual error and poor data input, it was difficult to have accurate visibility on our sales performance."


Nautilus Solutions
Amit Nayyar, CFO

"Before Saphyte CRM we were using multiple tools for the management of our leads, prospects and customers. This was too difficult to manage and as a result we were losing leads and prospects."


33 Voices
Stefan Biswick, Co-Founder

"One of the benefits of Saphyte is the fact that the support is local. The team has been great in suggesting ideas and ensuring that the system fits directly inline with my processes as a business. I now have a complete overview of our operations at the click of a button, which I can access anywhere on the road."


Steven Morris. Country Sales Manager

"Saphyte enables us to have all our leads, customers and sales activities accessible in one centralized place. We now have full visibility on the sales teams activity and sales performance as we look to grow our sales going forward."

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