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Insurance companies often find it a challenge to organize data, making it hard to provide quality services. That’s why we designed Saphyte to let them access needed data at their fingertips. We also let them do more— provide automated responses to clients and tracking links for referrers.

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Case 1

Personalized Policyholder Journey

Case Study


Many of our clients had a problem providing a personalized journey to policyholders.


In the case of an insurance company we worked with, they want to track their customers’ journey so they can identify sales opportunities early and act on them fast.

They said that a lot of these sales opportunities were left undetected ​​or have gone to waste simply because they were unable to keep an eye on their customers each step of the way. Some of their customer would leave unnoticed and some provided feedback that they felt the insurance product or plans given to them did not match their preferences.


We solved the lack of personalized service with Saphyte. The first thing we did is we empowered our partner to utilize the lead and client management features of our software.

With Saphyte, they can add the necessary policyholder information, upload files and documents in the system (like contracts), add notes per client from previous engagements, and add schedules that would prompt the system to notify teams whenever a client qualifies for cross-selling, upselling, or renewal.

Case Study

Case 2

Capturing Qualified Leads

Case Study


Capturing leads is a challenge to many businesses. Capturing sales-ready leads is another challenge.


A partner of ours in the insurance industry needed to capture sales-ready leads, so they didn’t have to waste money on campaigns that don’t convert. They’ve been running email marketing campaigns, but they find it very hard to track.

What’s worse is that they’ve been sending emails to leads and clients manually. And it’s taking a toll on their sales team.


What we did was provide a roadmap that would help our partner achieve the marketing goal of capturing sales-ready leads using our CRM’s features.

First, we used a fully integrated email management system and “Bulk-and-Drip” email sequencing to attract leads that expressed their interests in our partners’ products and indicated that they’re ready to make a purchase.

Second, using Saphyte, we designed the landing pages to prompt website visitors to fill out a form whenever they’re interested in downloading our partner’s lead magnets.

Lastly, we used Saphyte to keep track of these campaigns’ performances and make decisions based on the analytics generated by the system.


Case 3

Automated Response and Tracking Links

Case Study


One insurance partner we had wanted a system that provides automated responses to their customers. To them, this is important as it helps create a positive experience for their customers online. ​​But providing continuous marketing without hiring more people seems impossible.

Moreover, our partner also wanted to capture and identify unique referrals. It’s a needed action, especially for many insurance companies, so they can reward referrers accordingly.


To avoid putting more pressure on their support team, we used Saphyte to send automated reply messages so their customers stay fully informed.

Important updates, answers to FAQs, or even responding to requests are a few of the automated replies we built using Saphyte.

To address our partner’s request of tracking referrers, we used Saphyte’s form builder where referrals and tracking codes can be typed in and automatically captured in the CRM. The database then showed who referred who, letting our insurance partner provide benefits and incentives to those who deserved them.

Few of our key features which are
helping insurance firms to grow

Automatic capture and identification of unique referrals

Referrals is a cost-effective way to grow the business. Insurance companies need to identify who refers to who, and incentivize them accordingly. Using Saphyte’s form builder, referrers can input their referrals through the form and it will be automatically captured inside Saphyte CRM. Also, with the use of tracking codes, the insurance company will be able to identify the referrer.

Automated email responses

Insurance companies receive multiple inquiries daily and by building workflows in Saphyte to send automated reply messages, it will help them maintain transparent communication with their customers and keep them informed in terms of managing their queries.

Streamlined member management

Insurance companies have a huge amount of customer data and Saphyte is capable of scaling up with them. With Saphyte, insurance companies can be assured that their data is secure in one central place and they can keep track of their customer’s information, have a 360-degree view of their customer journey, and have greater control of data by revealing duplicates.

Better connections with clients

Saphyte provides a Client Portal under the Enterprise plan to help insurance companies have a better connection with their customers. The Client Portal enables customers to locate information anywhere and anytime and it reduces the demands on your customer service personnel who otherwise would be spending their valuable time on responding to requests from clients.

Timely follow up on renewals

To stay ahead of the competition, insurance agents need to be aware of when a policy is expiring and when it is due for renewal for a timely sales follow-up and upselling. With Saphyte, you can set up automated alerts where your sales will receive a notification when a contract is up for renewal months or days before and see them in a glance on your calendar.

Don’t just take our word for it


Dubai Creek
Luke Manning, Sales Manager

"Simple to use and a really fresh, clear interface. The ability to customise the CRM to meet our needs was a really great benefit as it felt we had a CRM which worked for us rather than working around existing software. Great value for money and wonderful service and support from the team."


Panoptic Media
Greg Tickner, CEO

"Since we moved to Saphyte, CRM has been so simple yet effective in growing our sales. With our previous systems – two of the world's leading CRM brands – we were left wanting with little support for smaller businesses like us, as well as needing to change our processes to fit the CRM."


Vision Consultancy
Mr. Ram Satidasani, Managing Partner

"Saphyte has helped us improve our data capturing and data security. In our business, we generate a lot of leads and the manual methods of spreadsheets can’t compare to the automated data protection we have now with Saphyte’s ecosystem. It is humanly impossible to manually manage the lead generation part of our business but with Saphyte’s CRM, the process has now been automated and we have noticed a massive change for the better."


Mystica Advertising
Abdullah Gadit, Managing Director

"Saphyte has been the perfect tool for us to easily digitize the way we manage our customer relationships, moving away from manual processes as the business grows. Each person is now completely aligned during each project meaning we're able to effectively maintain a high level of customer experience when delivering our services."


Rattan House
Alya Kahwaji, Chief Marketing Officer

"Some problems such as the absence of centralised storage of data, difficulty in organising thousands of contacts, missed follow-ups of leads and deals, data is not being updated in real-time and double work because of duplicate information, can be permanently handled by Saphyte CRM."


Tariq Abudayeh, Area Manager

"Prior to Saphyte, we were logging and tracking all of our sales opportunities in spreadsheets. However, due to manual error and poor data input, it was difficult to have accurate visibility on our sales performance."


Nautilus Solutions
Amit Nayyar, CFO

"Before Saphyte CRM we were using multiple tools for the management of our leads, prospects and customers. This was too difficult to manage and as a result we were losing leads and prospects."


33 Voices
Stefan Biswick, Co-Founder

"One of the benefits of Saphyte is the fact that the support is local. The team has been great in suggesting ideas and ensuring that the system fits directly inline with my processes as a business. I now have a complete overview of our operations at the click of a button, which I can access anywhere on the road."


Steven Morris. Country Sales Manager

"Saphyte enables us to have all our leads, customers and sales activities accessible in one centralized place. We now have full visibility on the sales teams activity and sales performance as we look to grow our sales going forward."

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