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Published on November 7, 2020
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Customer satisfaction is the deal-making or deal-breaking factor for any type of business today. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, there’s no denying that everything is growing at a lightning-fast pace. And most people now have more than a few options that can fulfill their needs and wants.

So, for any business to gain and retain potential customers is also becoming a greater challenge. There are plenty of things to consider aside from email marketing campaigns, social media metrics monitoring, and other lead generation activities.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software now plays an important role in organizations. This doesn’t come as a surprise because CRM tools are not just great as a contact management tool. But they’re also helpful in segmenting contact information and streamlining your whole sales process.

Businesses can even integrate their emails, calendars, web forms to gather vital customer information, etc. to their respective CRM system. Another trend that seems to offer huge benefits if integrated with a CRM is the use of live chat apps.

What are Live Chat Apps?

Live chat allows customers to communicate with your customer service representatives in real-time. Rather than having to interact with your representative on the phone, your website visitors can have live customer interaction with your agents in a chat box within a browser.

Live chats are not only helpful in achieving great customer satisfaction but also in building long-term relationships with customers. Studies show that 63% of potential customers are more likely to revisit a website that has a live chat feature.

Why you need to integrate a Live Chat App for your Business

Integrating useful apps like a live chat with CRM systems results in two things: user happiness (your sales reps) and customer satisfaction. If neither of them is increased, the integration you implemented is worthless. A good live chat app that integrates with a great CRM can offer greater customer management.

Beyond that, there are still other benefits of integrating a live chat app into your CRM. Here are some of them.

Create Leads

Each time your customers reach you through your live chat app they might have plenty of different things they need. Some of these conversations involve clarification of a simple issue. There are some others who might request for a customized quote, and others may differ for different issues such as more questions about your product or service.

No matter what the concern of your customer is, the person is a valuable potential customer who you would like to contact later on. A prospect that could turn into a loyal customer for your business.

This is one of the most common benefits of your CRM and live chat integrations. In this case, you can save leverage the data you acquired to retain customers. With the data, you can use the details to provide better customer service that eventually leads to boosting your sales in the future.  

Reduce Customer Pain Points

Customers simply hate lengthy processes. Hence, another purpose to include a live chat on your website and be integrated into a CRM is to improve the customer experience. Chat support offers plenty of exclusive benefits that many phone supports simply can’t match.

Chats may have slight pauses during the conversation, but they never consist of a formal hold because reps have added time between replies to explore and prepare a solution. This can dramatically improve the customer experience because it basically eliminates holds all together.

Provide more Personalized Support

No longer will you need to go back and forth to look-up for important customer data and past interactions. With a good live chat integration integrated to your CRM of choice, everything will be kept and stored in one place. Logs like chat transcripts, offline messages, and customer expenditures. The CRM can store all your logs and provide you with accurate information for your sales and support teams.

Personalizing customer support includes instant recognition of your customer, their preferences, and other past interactions. This is where a CRM comes in. The system enables your support agents to provide swift, easy, and a more effective response leaving customers happier than before.

When you use your live chat CRM integration, you can have access to in-depth and real-time analytics from your sales pipeline. This information can give you valuable insights and information which you can later use to better set up your live chat widget and increase conversion.

Lower Costs

Integration between a live chat app and a CRM system has one common goal which is removing duplicate content and double work. As the primary function of integration is to translate information, you can expect that you can reduce costs of mitigation and work with higher productivity. Besides all this, integrating your live chat app with a CRM also plays an important role in your whole workflow.

Why Consider Saphyte as your CRM Partner for Live Chat App Integration?

On the topic of customer relationship management software, choosing from a plethora of choices can be confusing. With that, you might want to consider Saphyte as your CRM and live chat integration partner.

Saphyte is a Dubai-developed cloud-based CRM solution provider that allows you to streamline your corporate, and sales and marketing activities. From email marketing, social media campaigns, to other sales campaign activities, all within a single powerful software.

Saphyte is built with sales and marketing features that can improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. The system also has other helpful tools that can help you build and create better customer experiences through impressive customer interaction activities that result in customer satisfaction.

Saphyte’s software can help you manage vital customer information for easier customer interactions, conduct meaningful marketing tactics and strategies, and identify long-lasting business opportunities built for the long haul. Through its user-friendly interface, your sales reps can easily go through the system without the hassle.

Saphyte’s system is built for scalability and flexibility. Users can build automated workflows within the system, gather leads easily, and tailor the system according to your needs.  Hence, allowing growth and success to come easily for your business in the future. Saphyte simply adapts to you.

Saphyte’s pay-as-you-go subscription plans are also suitable for your budget. Furthermore, you won’t need to install the system to your local computer and access the platform anytime and anywhere. Your data is secured with Saphyte because the system automatically uploads your data in a secured cloud storage server dedicated to your business.

Saphyte’s subscription plans are complete with a free demo and one-to-one product training (video conference and onsite). No set-up fees, no maintenance fees, no hidden or extra charges, and 24/7 expert customer service availability.

Let us get you started with your integration today. Contact us for a free demo or start your trial period now.

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