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Published on August 18, 2020
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3 min read

In a constantly advancing world, many people have become keener in using and applying technology in almost every aspect of their lives. From buying food and things online to communicating with our relatives and friends worldwide through social media, technology has influenced how we live our lives today.

Now that we are in a pandemic, businesses are thriving by launching their physical business and services to the online world. Through online marketing campaigns, they can now easily reach potential customers – those which they cannot reach in a traditional marketing strategy. 

Businesses engaging with customers online can also save a lot of time, and this will not just benefit them, but also their customers who will be enjoying speed and convenience. The growing commerce online has allowed businesses to easily achieve higher customer satisfaction and grow their business.

Growing Your Business

These days, there is a huge influx of potential customers all around the globe and your business needs to keep up in handling customer data, phone calls, sales lead, email marketing, contact management, and customer service. If you have a small business, startup, or even an eCommerce website, what you need for your continuous business growth is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Saphyte.

But before we introduce to you Saphyte, let us first define what customer relationship management (CRM) is.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management or CRM helps boost your business growth by gathering customer interactions and organizing the gathered data in one place. Customer relationship management software like Zoho, Saphyte, and Hubspot allows you to access the customer information you need to potentially grow your business. Whether you have a small business, startup, or an online shop, you need to integrate CRM into your website or social media platforms to maximize business growth.

What is Saphyte and why do you need it?

Saphyte, just like any other CRM software, keeps track of all the customer’s data and activities in your CRM integrated website, social media platforms, e-mails, and other channels and gathers them into one powerful platform. All of your customer’s interactions from different channels gathered in one place. It makes you handle your business easier without having to commission someone to manage all these things. Now if you are just starting with your business, this would tremendously help you both in managing finances and handling your business.

With all the customer data gathered in one place, it gives assistance to building a better workflow to skyrocket sales lead and customer retention. These CRM features can greatly help your business to increase customer satisfaction and build significant and lasting business relationships.

What gives Saphyte the upper hand?

We know that there are lots of other companies that offer customer relationship management (CRM) tools and promise great returns for your investment to them. But what gives Saphyte a few steps ahead?

Here are some reasons why Saphyte is the right customer relationship management system for you.

Saphyte Grows with You

Saphyte is designed to go beyond the limits of software and systems. It was carefully developed to adapt to the unique needs of businesses in several industries. So as your business grows, Saphyte grows with you. 

It can also easily be customized to adapt according to your business needs so you can take care of yourself while Saphyte takes care of your business.

Awesome Scalability

Talk about maximizing potential. Saphyte offers scalability and flexibility that not only fits your business needs but also takes your business to greater heights. As your business grows, you can comfortably customize Saphyte using third-party integration or even unique customization to perfectly fit your unique business processes and operations.

So, it’s not just customer data gathering, you can also do contact management, customer support, sales team management, and so much more. Unleash the full potential of this CRM system. It is an all-in-one user-friendly system that can be used in almost every sector. 

No set-up fees

Yes, you heard that right! This is the sign that you have been looking for. Unlike other platforms, Saphyte doesn’t have any hidden charges. So, you can now stop doubting if this is the right CRM solutions partner or CRM software for your business.

With Saphyte, you can simply sign-up, select the number of users, complete your purchase, and use the system right away. Your investment in Saphyte will never go in vain, it will go back to you manifolds.

Unlimited Data Storage

Nowadays, having a large amount of storage is paramount. With the influx of consumers in the virtual world, businesses need to establish a large amount of storage to store their business procedures, contact information, and other necessary data to keep up with the ever-expanding number of consumers. But you don’t need to worry because, with Saphyte, you have access to unlimited data storage. Your data storage is also processed in real-time.

Customizable multiple dashboards

Saphyte’s user-friendly dashboard gives you an overview of all the information of your customers and your business. And with Saphyte, you can also add in your dashboard other necessary information that you need like marketing, sales pipeline, customer interaction history, and many more so you can have a one-page overview of your business.

You can do this customization by using Saphyte’s drag-and-drop functionality to move the widgets according to your preferences. This way, the information that you will see will perfectly fit your preferences.


If you want to establish a good customer-business relationship and if you want to integrate Saphyte in all of your social media platforms or have an integrated CRM website, you can never go wrong with Saphyte.

By using Saphyte, we are confident that your business will grow and you can easily reach your business goals to achieve the best customer management reputation.

Saphyte is not just a system or software. It is your friend, your business partner, and your adviser as you continue to seek greatness in your business.

Sign up for a free trial today or you may contact our experts to have a free product demo. Start your journey with us by choosing Saphyte as your CRM partner.

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