Sales Management

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Sales Management

Sales Management

Saphyte’s Sales Management's overall functionality reduces company workload by creating a visual system that lets sales
teams manage their sales pipelines and current and future deals in just a few clicks. This shortens the sales cycle so that the company
can secure clients as soon as possible, reducing the threat of competition.

Sales Pipeline

Know where you stand. The sales pipeline allows you to set up the stages of your sales tailored to your business processes. You can track and monitor the progress of your deals throughout the simplified sales pipeline.

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Deals Management

Celebrate success in winning each sales opportunity. Deals Management is a systematic approach to managing your deals in one place. It provides you the visibility of the movement of your current deals and your forecasted income.

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Sales Intelligence

The system intelligently collates all information related to a client. With this collected information, you can come up with your next best action to improve your sales. You can also add custom fields to capture relevant information about your client.

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Sales Forecast

Sales Forecast is an essential tool to estimate future sales and also to avoid any business pitfalls. Our system provides you accurate and realistic forecasting that can help you make intelligent business decisions.

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Lead Scoring

Ditch the manual calculation of lead scores. Saphyte’s Automated Lead Scoring helps you prioritize your leads by applying score conditions to identify which leads have the most potential to progress into a closed sale.

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Quotes Management

This built-in feature enables you to create, edit, send, track, and receive confirmation of quotes directly from Saphyte. This helps speed up your transactional sales processes and reduce the chances of a lost customer who changes their mind or buys elsewhere.

Sales Hierarchy
Sales Hierarchy

Organize your sales according to your personal preference. It is flexible that you can use it to categorize your deals according to sectors, team hierarchy, timeline, milestones, and many more - of course, to suit your business process!

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