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social media marketing, email marketing and more.

Email Tracking

Be alerted the moment your client opens an email, clicks a link, or download an attachment you have sent. Knowing this information can provide your staff with the opportunity to follow up with your leads, prospects, and customers in a timely manner.

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Social Media Integration

Mobilize and drive your marketing through the integration of social media platforms in the system. You can track the progress of your social media campaigns directly from your CRM and easily add your leads to the system through this integration.

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Campaign Management

Create a remarkable result. Fulfill successful selling and brand communication through our Campaign Management. This tool allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts directed at your target audience. Saphyte’s Campaign Management provides the real-time statistics of the parameters you set for your ongoing campaigns like the number of clicks, emails, opened emails, leads, deals, and more.

Email Marketing

Increase your lead conversion rate fast with Email Marketing. Saphyte provides you a strategic approach in Email Marketing through the use of email design templates, bulk emails, workflows, scheduler, email tracking, and more.

Bulk Email

Ramp up your efficiency in sending emails to your clients with Bulk Emails. There is no need to send an email one by one to your clients because Saphyte allows you to send a single email to thousands of recipient from your client database all at once at a specified time.

Product Catalogue

Product Catalog Management allows you to consolidate all your products in one catalog. You can easily categorize, organize, and standardize all your product information across all sales channels through this feature. This is a helpful tool in setting your customer’s expectations and making sure that your customers will receive rich and consistent information about your products.

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