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Published on September 2, 2021
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One thing is sure in this world; human failures are universal and inevitable. And there are plenty of underlying factors that catalyze errors – and going through each one is a total waste of time. And for business owners, time equates to money, and for businesses, money is a luxury that should not be wasted. 

So to set things straight and not waste time – what causes errors in business? Manual processes

Why are manual processes dangerous?

Manual processes may look harmless in hindsight, but they can cause more damage than do good in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why manual processes are dangerous for your business and your employee’s productivity. 

Requires human intervention to arrange every step of a procedure.

It relies on employees to share data and send notifications – more wasted time.

Requires you to classify physical and digital forms instead of combining information.

Manually complete every product field and description – every single time.

Require employees to locate items personally – every single time.

Easier to falsify data, missteps, and let fraudulent activity go unattended.

Do not allow communication to take place within a single process. Instead, all communication must happen externally (messaging, email, or in-person).

Despite technological advances, manual processes still permeate most business practices—for example, the use or misuse of spreadsheets. No matter how much businesses streamline their operations, managing large amounts of data without error or consequence is complicated because spreadsheets are designed to be modeling and reporting tools – not a business system.

Yes, spreadsheets are excellent use for your business, and they’re cheap. But, there’s only one catch – you have to do things manually. And when you do things manually, data errors and businesses mishaps will eventually happen. Consequently, these mishaps can also result from hiring more staff, lengthen business processes, and create more financial burdens. 

What your business need is not additional staffing to process more of your spreadsheets – you need a business system that understands your needs for data management, data security, and automated processes needs. 

Saphyte – The Digital Ecosystem for your Automation Needs

Saphyte is a locally developed digital ecosystem that caters to the MENA region. This cloud-based, centralized platform is engineered to be profoundly scalable and flexible, adapting to the unique needs of its users and their businesses as they progress and grow. Saphyte’s system is built with functions and features that reduce business risks and data errors, lower business and operation costs, support sales and marketing activities through automation and innovative tools, and boost overall employee productivity. 

With Saphyte’s cutting-edge technology, your business can now take a holistic method to creative and proactive marketing and sales strategies to future-proof your business. And one of these tools is its newest Product Catalogue feature. 

With the Product Catalogue feature, you can create a repository of your product details and specifications that you can predefine and automatically populate codes for the future. With this feature, you can save precious time and eventually make it easier for you to create quotes and invoices in the future. 

But, wait, this feature doesn’t just end there! Here are some of the benefits you can gain from this feature. 

Makes it easier for your employees to identify between product and service objectives.

You can attach media, visuals, and other documents to best promote your product or services.

Eliminates the hassle of manual entries when creating quotes and invoices.

Ensures your quote and invoice generation accuracy. No room for fraudulent activities. 

Single repository for all your product listings. No more manually locating where everything is placed. 

Nifty and convenient, eh? Suppose your business relies on products and services to generate quotes and invoices and bring in revenue for your business. In that case, the best way to ensure accuracy and efficiency is by being as productive and on the pulse as possible.

With 24 hours on the clock and all the day’s demands, there’s no other way but to rely on the wonders of automation to help us all the way. Take your business to a different level today and turn your product catalogs into an automated process to save you more time and eventually save you on costs with Saphyte’s competitive packages, pay-as-you-go, 24/7 customer support, and free implementation. 

Your business should be moving forward, and manual processes are not helping you. Partner with Saphyte today by booking a free demo or starting your free trial with us! Change the way you do your business. Make that change with Saphyte now!

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