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Saphyte video center helps our users with the support of customizing in order to get the maximize the benefits automating your sales and marketing team.

Share a Dashboard with your team
Share a Dashboard with your Team – Video Guide
Let your team know what the current situations are in your company by sharing a dashboard with them... Read Article
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Associate Deals with Pipeline
Associate Deals with Pipeline – Video Guide
The sales pipeline allows you to set up the stages of your sales tailored to your business processes... Read Article
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Sales Pipeline Edit Existing Sales Pipeline
Edit Existing Sales Pipeline – Video Guide
You can easily edit an existing sales pipeline in Saphyte CRM. Just follow this video tutorial where... Read Article
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Lead Scoring - Configure Lead Scoring
Configure Lead Scoring – Video Guide
Saphyte’s Automated Lead Scoring helps you prioritize your leads by applying score conditions to i... Read Article
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Lead Scoring - Set Rules For Lead Scoring
Set Rules for Lead Scoring – Video Guide
Lead scoring is a helpful tactic to know where your leads are in your sales process. In this video t... Read Article
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Dashboard - Create A Dashboard From Template
Create a Dashboard from Template – Video Guide
There are different templates to choose from Saphyte CRM if you want a ready-made dashboard. In this... Read Article
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Dashboard - Duplicate The Dashboard
Duplicate a Dashboard – Video Guide
You can easily duplicate a dashboard in Saphyte CRM system. You can edit, delete, or create other wi... Read Article
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Set Default Dashboard
Set Default Dashboard – Video Guide
Once you set a specific dashboard as your default, it will be the first and default view every time ... Read Article
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Moving deals along the sales pipeline
Moving Deals along the Sales Pipeline – Video Guide
There are different stages where your deals move in your sales pipeline. In this video tutorial, yo... Read Article
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What are logs?
Logs are important data that validates the security of all the information stored in your Saphyte wo... Read Article
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